Not on Your Life pt 2

Courtney Kraft and Armand Banooni

Two hours later, Psylocke was still walking. She had picked up a branch to use as a walking stick, wary of the forest between her and civilization. She was getting hungry, but she willed the pangs away. The thought of skewering an animal and cooking it over an open flame didn’t appeal to her, but she certainly wouldn’t dismiss it.

Crackling to her right made her pause. She listened for a moment, hearing faint rustling. She looked in the general direction and relaxed when she saw a small mammal emerge from a bush. 'Harmle ..'

Something heavy knocked her down from behind, landing on top of her with crushing weight. Pain surged through her chest. Instantly, she knew her clavicle had cracked under the weight.

She gathered the Force around her and pushed the creature off her. She looked over her shoulder to find a rodent twice her size recovering from her Force push. Seriously regretting not taking her lightsaber off the ship with her, she Force pushed the creature back another several feet and scrambled away from it.

Claws tore into her left leg, dragging her down. Psylocke cried out in pain as the claws ripped into flesh and muscle. She kicked back with her free leg, hitting the beast’s head several times. It whimpered, but didn’t back off. She looked around for something, anything, to use as a weapon.

Her eyes fell upon a broken twig, about the length of her forearm. She started to crawl for it, as the creature clawed at her back. She had nearly reached the stick, when the creature bit down into her hip. Psylocke screamed in agony. The creature dragged her back from the stick, teeth digging deeper into her mid-section. She reached back desperately, and used the Force to pull the stick into her hand.

Psylocke took a split second to look over the creature’s head before driving the twig through its eye and into its brain. The creature shrieked with an ear-piercing screech and fell over dead.

Tears stung her eyes, and Psylocke struggled to keep focused through her pain. She pried the creature’s jaw open and rolled away. She gasped heavily. It had been a long time since she had felt this much pain.

No wait. It was only eight months ago when her Master tossed her about the throne room.

She sat up and ripped off the bottom on her tunic. She glanced down at the hole over her left hip and cursed softly. Wine colored blood flowed too easily from the wound. She wrapped the fabric around her waist and tied a tight knot. She grunted in pain and slowly tried to raise her arm, but an expected ache coursed through her shoulder and arm. She had broken bones before. This wasn’t too bad. Probably just a slight crack.

It was the bleeding that concerned her.

Gingerly, she pushed herself to her feet and limped deeper into the woods, blood dripping down her torn leg. She certainly didn’t want to stick around if any of the beast’s friends decided to show up.

"This is bad," she muttered, pressing the blood soaked cloth to her side. "This is really really bad."

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