Dropping in on an Old Friend By Geri Kittrell

Lady Kirienne sat by the cozy fire that was blazing in the circular fire pit of the bedchambers of the Tower Suite of rooms in Castle Lonach, that she shared with her lord husband, Tylen BardanSidhe. She had just sent a transmission to an old friend she feared dead, an thought never to see again, she had been filled with joy when she intercepted the transmission Dral Warthen had sent to the Alliance, now called the Republic.

She sat musing about the past when an idea sprang into her mind; she and ‘her lads’ would surprise the Colonel with a visit aboard his ship.

She sent her idea to her husband by way of mind-speak and sent s wood-sprite to fetch her warriors, many of whom were former members of her old unit, SilverFlight, the few she had been allowed to " bring across the veil" after their last mortal battle, Once everyone was gathered, she told them of her plans. They would take her ship, the StarChaser and enough extra ‘cousins’ t man it while she and the ‘lads’ would visit Dral. She would leave before dawn of the coming morn —when she got an idea for mischief, she acted on it immediately.

About an hour before dawn of the next day, everyone who was going met outside her ship. The travelers included her father, Jarek Conlir, whom Dral had never met, as well as Leith and Torin Dakale, the former commander and Doctor of SilverFlight

Their flight took only a few short hours, as the Sidhe count time. When Dral’s ship was within her line of sight, the StarChaser hid itself, so as to not be seen by eye or instrument; that was one of the benefits to having a Sidhe made ship, it was built with many magical attributes.

Dral was sitting in the lounge of his ship when she sprang the surprise; suddenly, they were there, in the lounge with him. She and Tylen were dressed in fine nubby silk tunics, hers a bright crimson, his deep rich green. They wore close fitting trews and ankle length suede boots of a deep brown color. Over the top, they wore cloaks of misty grey wool.

"Slainte Mhor Laddie", she exclaimed, nearly scaring the wits out of Dral. Tylen took a flask of well-aged Corellian brandy from a pocket in his cloak and began to pour the amber colored liquid into fine crystal glasses, which appeared at Kiri’s command.

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