Old Meets New . The dreams take on a new meaning

By Ginna Wilcoxen and Rebecca Miller

Octavia was walking the forests of Yavin. It had been so long since she had 
felt the air against her skin and the sun on her face. She wasn't sure why 
it felt like it had been so long after all Port Lansing wasn't that long. 
Maybe she was ill? Pushing all negative thoughts of reason away from her 
mind nothing was going to ruin this day. 

Giving into the sensation Octavia resisted the temptation to remove her 
boots. She had classes soon and there was that game of murderball that was 
scheduled not to mention she promised to meet with Medenna to answer some of 
her questions. 


Octavia watched as the new Jedi arrived. She wasn't sure if she should 
approach them or not....but since they were now separated she cautiously 
approached the one she remembered being introduced as Kali as well as her 
master at Port Lansing. Walking up to the Jedi Octavia smiled. "Hello." 

The girl turned and a smile lit her face. "Hello, Octavia, wasn't it?" 

Octavia bowed slightly. "Yes it is. And if I remember, you are Kali .... I'm 
sorry," she apologized. "I don't remember your full name." Octavia seemed 
embarrassed by this lack of courtesy. 

"Kaliandra Daroa," she supplied, returning the bow. Her eyes went back to the 
trees. "This place is amazing. You can just feel the Force hum here." 

Octavia glanced around them. "Yes, Yavin is full of life. Unlike other 
places," Octavia replied, thinking of Myrkr. Glancing around she spoke again, 
"Would you like to see more of the forest?" 

"Could I?" Kaliandra asked, her golden eyes sparkled. "I've never really been 
in a 'forest' before. We had hydroponic bays on Almas but after the Jedi 
academy had been destroyed, much of the planet lay in ruins and the 
atmosphere kills any big plant life." 

There was something about Kali's eyes that bothered Octavia . No, that 
wasn't the right word. Intrigued her. Yes, that was it. Then Octavia had it 
they reminded her of her grandmothers' eyes, orange striped in gold. "I would 
be honored to show you there's a place where a small brook flows, also. I 
find it quite peaceful there." Octavia turned and led Kali into the forest. 
"How was the academy destroyed?" 

"During the Purge. Most of the planet was destroyed," girl said, following 
her. She paused to admire a flower hanging down from a vining plant. 

"What a loss of beauty and of life." Octavia watched Kali and smiled. "You 
have a natural love of plants and what they have to offer." 

"The Living Force is so strong here. That's where my affinity with the Force 
lies," she explained. "I've always been drawn to living things, to what 
happening here and now." 

"Yes, the Living Force is always so important, though the other Masters here 
also speak of thinking about the effects of the future. I don't fully agree 
with that, but I have much to learn, I guess." 

"My Master is always reminding me of that, too," she sighed. "Not my strong 

Octavia found herself smiling. "Keep your concentration on the here and now." 
She paused briefly. "How long have you been training?" 

"All my life," Kaliandra answered. "My parent were killed in a crash when I 
was a baby and Master Alida found me. She raised me." 

Octavia stopped by the brook and sat down. She looked at the water, yet it 
was as if she was looking past it. "You're quite a lucky person. This is all 
still quite new to me." Her voice took on a distant tone. 

Kali turned to study her. "How long have you been training?" 

Octavia stared out over the water to the trees that lined the bank on the 
other side. She hadn't been really trained compared to this Jedi student. 
Octavia remained silent for a while before she spoke. "I started last year." 

"You have a remarkable degree of control for only having trained for year," 
Kali said, watching her. 

"Thank you... It seems to have come at a price. It doesn't seem like I have 
much control at all at times." Octavia's voice hid a trace of bitterness. She 
had failed in the gladiatorial games, failed Victoria - was that the legacy 
of the Jedi, to fail? 

"Everything comes with a price," Kali said softly. "As does control." 

Octavia nodded slowly. "Yes, a Jedi's life isn't easy and it takes the 
deepest commitment." 

"Now you sound like my Master," the Padawan grinned. 

Octavia blushed. "Sorry. There are just times I sense .... guess it's from 
memories of my father and words of wisdom from Qui-Gon, as well as Kiri." She 
set a small leaf on the water and watched as it floated down the small 
current. "You've only had one Master?" 

The girl nodded. "My Master and I were the only ones on the planet and we 
were trapped there until we got the shuttle working last year." 

"I understand the old Order of Jedi before the Purge only had one Master to 
one student." She turned and looked at Kali. "Do you think it could work like 
that again?" 

Kaliandra frowned. "I don't know. Your way with the Praxium is so new to me. 
It makes sense of a sort, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but it 
seems haphazard. I sat in a couple of the lesson groups and--" she frowned. 
"This is very new to me." 

Octavia chuckled and nodded in agreement. "Yes, it is confusing at times. I 
was lucky to have my father for eight years  with his early guidance it's 
easier for me to grasp, I think ... mind you, I said I think." 

"Your father was a Jedi?" 

Octavia nodded. "Yes, he was. His name was Wai-Cha Jinn, son of Qui-Gon Jinn 
and Jedi Knight Tahl. " Octavia watched Kali with interest, this was starting 
to become a habit, talking to people about her life. Maybe it was a way to 
understand it... Only the Force knew. 

"And you remember him?" 

"I remember his face and some of his wisdom. I was only eight when he left to 
go back to Telos to get my grandmother Tahl. He never came back." Octavia 
lowered her head. "My mother did the best she could to erase him from my 
memory. I always thought he'd return and we'd leave Mykr." Octavia paused. 
"Sorry ... I do  I didn't mean to become so depressing." 

"No, that's fine. I'm sorry for you," Kali said quickly. "I have no memories 
of my father, or my mother, for that matter. At least you have the ones you 
do, be thankful for them." The girl stood and brushed off the leaves that 
clung to her pants. "I saw a waterfall not far from here when I was up on top 
of the Temple, do you think we could go there?" 

Octavia rose as well, brushing the loose soil from her hands. "I don't see 
why not. No one has said we couldn't. As long as you know how to swim." 

Kaliandra flashed her a grin. "One of my favorite thing to do was exploring 
the vast network of underground waterways that linked the Academy to the 
city. The only way to get to them was to swim." 

"Then we are covered. I swim a little, not as good as others, never had a 
need for it. Living most of your life on a ship doesn't require swimming." 
Octavia led the way to the waterfall, enjoying Kali's company. "Do you know 
how long you and your Master will be here?" 

"I don't know. As long as we are needed, I guess," she answered. 

"Then I hope your stay is a long one." Octavia stated softly. "I would like 
to hear more of your training and the old ways." What was stirring inside 
her? Octavia couldn't place it. 

Kaliandra smiled. "It would be nice. It's nice just being with people and 
especially since they are Jedi." 

"I agree  it seems we have so much to learn from each other. At least I know 
I have much to learn from you." 

"And I," Kali said quickly. "This whole idea of a Praxium. I really don't 
understand it." 

"That makes two of us. But there are so few Masters and so many students. I'm 
sure they are doing what they feel is best for everyone. But don't worry, I 
feel truth and a possible joining of old and new is coming. It is the way of 
things. The Emperor has to be stopped." 

Octavia stood over the waterfall. "Listen to the sound it makes, isn't it 
breathtaking?" Octavia turned when Kali didn't answer. The other girl had her 
eyes shut and a look of pure rapture on her face. Octavia smiled. Yes, 
Kaliandra was attuned to the living Force and she was a credit to her 
ability. A time of change was coming, of that Octavia had no doubt. Octavia 
closed her eyes and let the Force flow through her filling her with engery. 

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