One Fish, Two Fish

Courtney Kraft

Allyn Wingates leaned back in her seat and exhaled heavily. Another flood, this time on Arridor. A broken dam...thousands dead. It was almost exactly the same.

She started chuckling beyond her control. So many dead, yet she had nearly tripled the body count on Seyruun. But after a thousand, who was counting?

Allyn took several deep breaths to calm herself down. Was someone copying her? Did someone know what happened two years ago? It was unlikely, but certainly not impossible.

Water...water everywhere. It gives life, and it can take it away.

"Leviathan," she muttered, pulling out a black cigarette. "How dare they mock me."

She lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply. Still, those responsible for the Arridor distaster had been caught, and she was still free. She slowly exhaled, controlling the flow of the smoke. "Heh...amateurs."

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