One Little Favor

By Amanda Wilcoxen,Ginna Wilcoxen

Octavia looked around her surroundings it didn't' take her long to recognize 
the briefing room of the Electra. Medenna was sitting next to her and Roc 
was sitting at the head of the table as he always did when he briefed the 

"I'm not asking you to stay Octavia, but I could use your skills this one 
time." Roc flashed a big smile. 

Octavia found herself rolling her eyes. "Roc, we discussed this at dinner. 
You have a wonderful new engineer and I'm sure she will be able to help you 
in anyway you need." Octavia nodded to the engineer and gave a slight smile. 

Roc leaned back and took a drink. "You don't understand, I need your 
expertise Octavia, your abilities. Come on, this job could do a lot of me, 
for my business." Roc leaned forward lowering is voice. "You know my 
gambling habits." 

"Who doesn't." Ad'Hin commented. 

Roc shot him a glance. Medenna looked around the room and then back at 
Octavia. "Something is wrong here." she whispered. 

"The child is right, there is something wrong here." Roc continued. I saved 
your life when you were going to be sold for a mistake, now you will let me 
die for mine?" 

"Roc, you won't die, you always get out of your debts." Octavia looked at 
Ad'Hin then to Medenna. "I have another life now." 

"Octavia, why won't you help him?" Medenna asked. 

Octavia looked at the young Jedi student and sighed. "How long will this job 
take Roc?" 

Roc smiled. "Only a day. It will be old times." 

Octavia let out a sigh. "Alright a day no more. I will not keep Medenna away 
from her studies." 

Medenna tired to hide a smile a trip on a ship, wonderful. She was excited at 
the prospect.. 

"Wonderful," Roc smiled. "You'll make some money too Octavia to add to your 
retirement fund." 

"I will help you Roc, as for the money it can be turned over to the Alliance." 

Roc rose and patted Medenna on the back. "YOU are a good luck charm child. 
She would have refused me if it wasn't for you." 

Medenna glanced shyly at Octavia. "She would have helped anyway, she's like 

"I'm sure she is." Roc chuckled. "You don't realize how helpful. she has 

Ah'Hin smiled. "You should get some rest, after all we'll be leaving within 
the hour." 

Octavia rose as did Medenna. Roc waved his hand. "Of course, of course. Your 
old quarters have been made ready for you. You'll find more suitable clothing 
as well." 

Octavia rolled her eyes as she looked at Ah'Hin. "Don't tell me navy 
jumpsuits so we blend in with the shadows." 

"Told you Ah'Hin, she would remember procedure. Once a smuggler always a 

Octavia shook her head as she led Medenna out of the briefing room 

"What was that about?" Medenna asked. 

"Old history." Octavia answered. 

They could hear their footsteps as they walked down the hall.. "You mentioned 
earlier that something wasn't right Medenna, what did you mean by that? 

"I don't know, its just ... there's a disturbance and we're not alone. I feel 
like we're being watched." 

"You're on a ship Medenna of course people are watching." 

Medenna shook her head. "It's not that, it's .... its like something is out 
of place." She paused. "It's not real nothing of this is really real. I feel 
like we're giving away parts of ourselves. 

Octavia stopped and looked around, everything was as she remembered, nothing 
had changed since she had left last year. Opening the door to her quarter. 

Medenna entered and looked around. "THIS is bigger than what we have at 

Octavia chuckled. "Well to you maybe. To me it was a way to function. The 
engine room isn't far from here and I could hear them if anything went wrong." 

"And you left this?" Medenna sat down on the bed. "I wouldn't have left." 

Octavia sat down behind her terminal and watched Medenna. Something didn't 
feel right here 

Medenna looked at Octavia and frowned. "Octavia, do you feel like this is too 
good to be true?" 

"What do you mean?" 

"I saw you die in a fight." Medenna said finally. 

"So you have glimpses of the future?" Octavia asked. 

"NO.." Medenna shook her head. "You die in the gladiatorial games" Medenna 
yelled. "How can you be alive?" 

Octavia stared at Medenna sharply. "What are you talking about?" 

Medenna got up and walked around the room. THINK ...I don't know how to 
explain it. It just doesn't make sense. I saw two Jedi that I don't even 

Octavia watched as Medenna walked around the room she could tell she was 
upset. "If this isn't real then why don't we wake up?" 

"I DON"T KNOW!" Medenna yelled. "I don't think it matters what we do, or 
where we go, if it doesn't go the way they want it they change it." Medenna 
sat back down. "I don't think we can wake up." 

"Medenna you aren't making any sense. What they are you referring to?" 

"I DON"T KNOW!" Medenna yelled. walking around the room "I ... dont' know why 
she's doing this." 

Octavia rose and walked over to Medenna. "You need to get some rest. This has 
been a very exciting day for you. 

Medenna looked at Octavia. "You don't believe me." 

"I don't know what to believe Medenna. There are times that the Force doesn't 
feel right," Octavia paused. "We need to find our center. I too have seen 
you hurt, and I have had passed memories come back " 

"I know that's what they teach us at the academy." Medenna agreed. 

Octavia smiled. "Yes, and those lessons don't go away. We've got to hang on 
to them. It's what gives us strength." Octavia watched as Medenna laid down. 
"Now get some rest. As Roc says it will be a busy day tomorrow." 

"Don't leave me while I sleep okay?" Medenna asked. 

"I won't leave." Octavia promised. She walked over and took her seat again 
she thought on Medennas' words. From the short time she knew the girl she had 
known her to be very centered, but now she seemed to be bothered. She tried 
to reach out with the Force but it didn't feel right, she didn't feel the 
peace she usually did. What if Medenna was right what if they were being 

Relaxing her mind Octavia reached out again this time she knew where the crew 
was and how they felt. Maybe she should send Medenna back to Yavin before 
they left. She had to think about her medical well being then Octavia 
remember they would be well on their way by then. 

Octavia opened her eyes and looked at her once safe quarters and the form of 
the sleeping girl on her bed. "Grandfather, I could use your guidance right 
now." Octavia said to the empty air when she didn't see anything she lowered 
her head on her desk. "Didn't think so. What would a Jedi do in this 
situation?" she asked herself. 

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