Life in the Orela House

By Armand Banooni, Dana Terry, Katy Cargill

Shi lounged on the Bantha leather couch reading in the living room of
their home reading something that looked like a book.

Bell walked in. "What are you up to today, Shi?"

"Oh nothing. Just to let you know.. I did what you said and I have one
less supplier. But that's okay. I'm sure I can find another to replace
her." She kept reading as if it was nothing.

"It's for the best. What did your father say?"

"I haven't talked to him yet, but I will. I'll need his help on locating
a new supplier that is just as good as smuggling as the last." Turn of
the book to a different page. Not looking up, straight face.

"How did you take care of the problem?"

"Exactly how you told me to. Not do anything. So I let her deal with the
problem herself. Didn't work out, now dead.. and now I'm short a

"That happens. What was she supplying to you?"

"False identifications and little toys for me to do my jobs. She was so
good at it, oh well. I guess I can work with the old identifications for

"We taught you better than that."

"Sorry." Puts the book down.

"Don't you have backup in place?"

"Backup? No.. that would be one to many people who could easily sell me
out. That's why I only have enough for my needs and when they die or
whatever.. I get a new one."

"And you haven't thought of who you would go to next?" Bell questions.
 "That is what I'm referring to as backup."

"Not really.. I'll just wait a while before getting someone else.
 Besides.. I don't have a job any time soon." Shi got up to stretch some.

Bell crosses the room and picks up a datapad to go through.  "When is
your next job scheduled for?"

"Three weeks I guess. I'm not really sure.. the person hasn't contacted
me on further info yet. It should be a rather easy job from what they
have told me. Just picking up a jewel from some museum. My easiest jobs."

Bell turns to pin her daughter with a look.  "Don't say that."

"Say what?" Looks to her mother with a confused look.

"Never call any job 'easy'," she said, dropping gracefully into an
armchair.  "You'll get sloppy and you'll get hurt.  I don't want that to
happen to you."

 "Mom.. I'll be fine. You know perfectly well my best subject is cracking
security codes as well as picking locks. It shouldn't be that hard for
me. But I'll be careful if I get the job. I promise."


Shi looked around her for her small pocket sized tool kit. "Umm.. mom..
do you know where my lock pick kit is? I could have sworn it was on the
table.. "

Bell sighed.  "No, Shi.  I haven't seen it."

"I bet dad took it again! I told him to get his own!" She grumbled a bit
and sat back down on the couch glaring at the table. "He knows perfectly
well that the kit is my favorite."

Bell chuckled quietly.  "You and your father and that kit will be the
death of me.  I don't know why the two of you argue over it so."

"Well it's mine! I don't see why he can't go out and get his own... I
bought that thing with my own money!"  

"Watch your tone, young lady."

"Yes ma'am.. mom.. can't you talk to him and tell him to stop taking my
tool kit?"

"I'll talk to him," she promised.

"Thanks." She stretched out again with a yawn. "What about you? Don't you
have a job some time soon?"

"In a few days," she said with a nod, gesturing at the datapad in her
hand.  "That's what I'm reviewing now."

"Cool. What's the job?" Shi was always interested in the jobs that her
parents get.

"It looks like I'll be smuggling a living being this time," she said.

"Cool." The only smuggling Shi ever did was of books or planets or the
small things.. she was more of the break in and grab things. Sometimes a
drug here or there.

Bell smiled.  "It's always easier when the cargo doesn't want to sit and

"True.. remember that pet thing someone got me to smuggle.. dear gods.. I
thought I would never be rid of that thing!" Shudders at the memory of
the hairy beast.

That made Bell laugh.  "Then a pet thing for your birthday is something
Dad and I should avoid?"

"As long as its tongue isn't about a foot and a half long and hair
constantly falling out. A cat would be nice." She looked to her mother,
hoping she was kidding.

"A cat?  Why a cat?"

"They are small and cute and they don't shed as much.. depending on the

"And who would take care of it?" Bell asked.

"Me.. mom. I am 17 years old."

"And when you're away?"

"I'll take the cat with me." Shi stated.

"We'll think about it."

 "So.. that's a possible maybe on a cat?" An eyebrow rose as did Shi's
hopes for a cat.

Later that afternoon.....

"Dad!" Shi called as she rooted around the living room for her tool kit.

Takber sits reading a paper, he doesn't look up "yes?"

"Where is my tool kit?"

"Which tool kit?"

"My lock pick tool kit. You know.. the one you take all the time..." Shi

"If I did have your toolkit....which I'm not saying I would I
have gotten my hands on it?"

"Because I left it out on the table earlier cause I was going to use it.
And now its gone.. and it was gone while you were gone." She looked to
her father with an accusing look.

"So you left it lying around.  Is that a good way to take care of
something you value?" He still hasn't looked up from his paper.

"Dad... where is the kit?" Typical teenager, hands placed on hips and
accusing glance towards the obvious guilty.

"First my question then yours."

"Well when its in our home then yes.. I'm a teenager, I'm suppose to
leave things around that I use later. Now my question."

"Maybe I do. But you should know that I don't stand for excuses like
that.  You are not a typical teenager and I am far from a typical

"Daddy.. please.. I need the kit.. please..." Well there she goes into
the sweet little girl begging phase. Smile and softer tone.

"That doesn't work anymore honey."

"Daddy.. please.." More begging.

Putting paper down.  Serious but caring tone, "Shi if you leave it lying
around might do it when you're not at home and that can get
you in serious trouble.  Please be more careful?"

"I will.. I promise, daddy." Sweet smile.

He flicks his wrist and the tool kit appears in his hand.

Shi smiled before reaching a hand out to take it, soon replacing it with
some of Takber's job papers. "The same should go for you Daddy.. don't
leave contracts lying around."

"Yes but are you sure they're real papers?"

"Yes. Cause I do thorough work when looking people up. Also comes with
floor plans and instructions."

"Good.  At least you learned that much."

"You did teach me well."

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