Padawan Musings

By Rebecca Miller

Padawan Kaliandra Daroa shifted on seat of the transport and glanced 
out the transparasteel window beside her. The thrill of just looking out 
and seeing the blank void still thrilled her as much as it had since that first 
time when they had left Almas. She felt a pang of homesickness for the 
world she had grown up on. Almas, with its inhospitable atmosphere was 
devoid of any other human life, but it had been home for her for nearly 
seventeen years.

She glanced over her shoulder at her Master. There was much they needed 
to discuss. Much. Their stop at Port Lansing had been interesting. There 
were more Jedi ! They were not the last of their kind in the galaxy! But as 
thrilling that had been, the power she had felt in the Darksiders they had 
encountered had been frightening. Such darkness. 

One thing that stood out most in her mind was meeting Octavia Syn Jinn. 
Granddaughter of the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Perhaps her own grandfather, 
Master Aaro Koya, had known him.

She sighed and crossed her arms leaning back to watch as they pulled away 
from the station. A small smile crossed her face. She would have loved to have 
seen the Emperor’s face when he had viewed Nic-Vie 
Windu’s holocube. 


The girl looked over at Alida D’med. “Yes, Master?”

“Come, we should meditate while we have a quiet moment. It is 
hard to tell when we will have the chance again.” The older woman 
got to her feet, heading back in the direction of their small cabin.

Kaliandra gave one last look out the port and quickly followed her. 


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