DESTINY'S CHILDREN: "Out of the Past" Part I of III

by Courtney L. Kraft

Once again: this story is really important in understanding what's happening to Psylocke. PLUS it gives a big chunk of her backstory! Please read "The Revelation" first. If you don't have time to read this now, hopefully, it'll be in the next BBTF. I've worked long and hard on this one.

	Red a splash of red in a field of white.

	Red velvet over flesh.  Engulfing.

	Billowing around her.

	She turned, red following her motions.

	He was already standing there, his red and gold eyes burning
into her soul.  She could feel his power, even while he was standing
still.  Clad in black, the strength emulated beneath cloth.

	She felt small insignificant.

	Then he spoke to her, his red and black tattooed face not
moving.  In neither question nor statement he said, "You are my

	In neither question nor answer, she replied, "You're my

	Slowly, his arms opened.  "Come to me, child."

	She stepped forward until she was only inches away.  His arms
closed around her, pulling her closer till her head rested against
his chest.  She felt strange.  It was not love she felt, but it was
as if a void in her heart was being filled, even if it was only with
a few drops of what had been missing for so long.  Carefully, she
slid her arms around his waist.  Finally, a piece of her heritage.  A
root.  Something.

	"Why don't I look like you?" she asked.

	"We may not bear great resemblance on the outside, but on the
inside, we are very much alike."

	"You are the only glimpse of family I have ever seen."

	He stroked her back in a soothing rhythm.  "And you, child,
are the only family I have ever known...."  His one hand slid down
her back, as the other stroked upward and came to rest on the back of
her neck.

	He looked down at her.  "And she is a disgrace."


	She gasped suddenly as his hands clenched tightly around her
spine, sending stinging pain through her neck and back.  A falling
sensation rushed through her body.  It was so slow, and the white
cyclorama made it impossible for her to tell which direction she was

	He was falling with her, the bodies fused into one another,
the red of her cape flying around them.  Finally, the ground came and
sank with their weight.  White foam swallowed part of her body while
the other half floated.

	"You are not worthy of being a Sith," he hissed.

	She felt his weight on her, crushing and immobile.  The red
velvet robe floated upward around them, then started to crumble,
floating into the air like embers from a dying fire.  His black robes
grew around them, smothering.  She tried to pull her head away from
his chest for air, but the white engulfed her, pulling her
down sinking.

	Her arms flailed through the white foam, then pushed against
him to loosen the weight.  Pieces of red velvet disintegrated against
her skin as she struggled, fluttering away into the foam like autumn
leaves into mud.

	"You are not worthy to be the sovereign of silence."

	Her strangled scream vibrated off his chest as a searing pain
stabbed through her lower abdomen and coursed through her entire
body.  She trembled in pain, unable to move by her own will.  The
foam pulled her arms down into it, and his body smothered her from

	Her body wracked from side to side and darkness enveloped
her.  The weight started to lighten as his body faded away until all
she could feel was cloth against her fingertips, but she could still
feel the suffocating grip over her mouth.

	Slowly, her world started to refocus itself.  His clothes
transformed into blankets, and the white cyclorama turned into her
own bedroom.  She could still feel pressing weight on her mouth, the
pressing weight of a hand, she realized, trying to keep her from

	Instinctively, she rapped the back of the stifling hand with
her knuckles, but it did not jerk away.  Instead, it pushed her head
harder down against her pillow.

	"Psylocke!" a voice hissed.

	She looked up, and recognition dawned on her.  She hardly had
a breath to let out a muffled cry of surprise.

	"Promise me you won't scream."

	Her struggles ceased, and she quickly nodded.

	The hand slowly lifted from her mouth.  Her eyes regarded the
face of the man standing over her, the shock in her eyes
overwhelmingly apparent.

	"What are you doing here?"


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