DESTINY'S CHILDREN:"Out of the Past" Part II of III

by Courtney Kraft

	She slowly sat up, her jaw hanging in shock at the sight of
the man before her.  He was very large.  Old too, or at least he
looked a lot older than when she had last seen him.  His hair was as
long and straight as her own, and jet back with silver strands.  His
skin was a deep golden brown, and starting to show the signs of
aging.  His steel gray eyes studied her as they had always done in
the days when she was growing up.

	"I've come to stop you."

 	 Psylocke stared at him, puzzled.  "Stop me from what?"

	"From becoming the same monster as your father."

	"My father is this about Darth Maul?"

	"Maul is not your father."

	She pulled the blankets back and got out of the bed.  She
fanned herself as she crossed over to the window and opened it.
"Um you look well."

	"Yes you too."

	She looked around awkwardly.  "Would you like something to

	"No, there's no time."  The large man looked to his left, and
walked toward her.  She noticed he was walking with a cane now.  He
sat down in a chair near the window.

	She turned away and sat back down on her bed.  "Master Annan,
why have you come to see me after all this time?  I mean, it's been
what^five, six years now?"

	"It has been a while."

	She glanced down at her hands.  They were shaking.  "This is
about my heritage, isn't it?  You knew that I had somehow found out."

	He nodded.  "I did, but I'm not sure how much you know."

	"I know that I had a grandfather named Darth Maul."

	Annan frowned, and his steel eyes narrowed at the sound of
his name.  "I've never met him.  I've only heard the stories.  Not
much to tell either.  He lived in secret from the Jedi for most of
his life."

	"All those times all those times I begged you to tell me
something.  You wouldn't even give me the name of my mother!  Why
now?  What is so horrible about knowing about my family?"  She
gulped, trying to keep face in front of the man who raised her.

	Annan glanced down at his cane.  "Ever since you were born, I
was determined never to tell you about your heritage because I knew
if would bring disastrous results but now now I think your awareness
is the only thing that can prevent disaster."

	Psylocke reached over, and pulled a pillow onto her lap.

	He continued.  "Your mother^she was the most wonderful woman
I have ever known."


	"Her name was Larissa.  That's where you get your hair color
from and you eyes."  He paused, sighed, and shook his head.  "She
loved you so much."

	"What happened to her?"

	Annan's eyes grew dark.  His hands clenched his cane tightly
and his mouth tightened at the thoughts running through is head.
"Your father murdered her."


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