Prince, Pauper & Jedi Part 1 - Long Night's Journey

By Ron Wilcoxen

Erastus Tagish looked out through the portal in the depths of cold space.

His thoughts were on his homeworld of Skookum and his mother, Ornella the Keishite Queen. His youthful features were hidden under a wide brimmed straw hat as was his stately origin by the commoner clothes he worn. From head to toe he was stepped in soiled garments which kept most people at a distance.

He was unaccustomed to the smell, feel and look of how he was dressed. Most of his life was spent in silk robes and his nose buried in his books.

Now he was in a world more real than he could ever have realized from reading his books. As a young boy he was never allowed to travel, so he did so in the books he read about off world. He was mostly intrigued by accounts of the Inner Core System planets. He dreamed one day of traveling to Coruscant and seeing the planet that was one large city. For now he would have to settle for a smaller world, one that was neutral between the Empire and the New Republic. His mother had felt this would be the safest way of trying to contact the new Jedi Council. If his missing presence was discovered by the Refarndorf Mining Corporation, a price would be put on his head.

The ship was coming out of hyperspace as he saw a planet appear out of the portal. Here upon Seyruun was the Ohtori Academy where his mother had told him a distant cousin was attending. His heart began to race as the ship began its entry into Seyruun's atmosphere. He had no way to prepare himself for the sheer exhilaration of the experience of space travel. His eyes were wide as the ship passed through the cloud banks and curved inward as it made an approach for the spaceport.

Erastus checked his forged credentials once more as the ship swung into hanger bay 110. The landing struts of the passenger ship deployed as the retro gases began to expel from underneath to guide it to a soft landing. He rose from his seat in the steerage compartment with his ID in hand. The wait to disembark was a long and tedious one as he watched first class passengers being unloaded, while others like himself waited. This was another class distinction he was unaware of. The day had been a long one, filled with such lessons.

He was ready for a warm bath and a refreshing meal, however he must find his cousin first. Erastus had almost fallen asleep standing, when someone nudged him from behind. It was another traveler who was tired of the long wait and who had little patience for anyone holding them up from debarking. Unaware of just how long he had been napping on his feet, he was shoved to the floor by a large ogre of a humanoid. He began to worry if he could complete his mission. So many people's lives and freedom depended on his contacting the Jedi Council. He pulled himself up and was the last person to disembark the ship.

Looking around he searched for directions to the academy, finally he decided to set off. After all, just how lost could he get, he wondered. He walked through the darkened spaceport, trying to keep his eyes and reactions to himself as to not draw attention to himself. Shortly, he made his way out into the main street, which was bustling with a hive of activity. He had disembarked during shift change for many locals and was caught in the traffic of swelling bodies that pressed by him. How in all this confusion would he find the academy, let alone his cousin?

To be continued in Prince, Pauper & Jedi Part 2 - Directions

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