Persis Devyani

By Phaedra Whitlock, Bernadette Crumb, Dora and Patrick Furlong - August 2001

From: Leia Organa-Solo, Jedi Academy, Yavin
To: COL Floyd Clarke, Alliance Counter Intelligence

A hologram shimmers into existence. Princess Leia Organa-Solo is seated in 
a blue upholstered chair looking straight at the transmitter.

"Colonel Clarke, I'm sending you a datacard with information provided by 
one Persis Devyani who has approached me about smoothing her way to attend 
the Jedi Academy here.

"The difficulty is that Ms. Devyani is an Imperial citizen. What is more 
is that her current employer is Regional Governor Thromm.

"She assures me that she has no intentions upon coming to Yavin other than 
to learn to use her Force abilities, but she has requested that we supply 
her with a promise of amnesty for anything she may have done in the past 
against the Alliance and New Republic. Now, based upon the background 
check that my aide, Winter, has performed, I can see no reason why Ms. 
Devyani would require such amnesty, despite her employment. However, this 
is a condition she requires to be filled before she will enter territory of 
our control.

"She has also requested that she be able to live on Yavin under an assumed 
name (Jenefer Moranne) to protect her from persecution upon her return to 
the Empire. Now, I admit that I am not happy about her stated intention to 
come to Yavin to study with us and then to return to the territory of our 
enemies once her training is complete or she chooses to leave the Academy, 
but I am inclined to think that once she is in the Academy environs, she 
will discover that she does not want to go back, and will hopefully leave 
her former political alliances behind.

"If you would be kind enough to investigate Ms. Devyani as quickly as is 
practicable, I would appreciate it. Once clearance is obtained, Master 
Skywalker will be sending a Jedi Master from the Academy to escort her 
here, and to perform an initial evaluation of her Force skills beyond that 
which I was able to do when I first met with Ms. Devyani. Upon her 
arrival, she will be sequestered at the Academy, and restricted from going 
elsewhere, particularly to the NR government onworld offices or the 
military bases, without appropriate permissions and escort.

"Thank you for your time and efforts on this matter. I look forward to 
hearing from you soon."

Leia reaches out and the holo fizzles into nothing.


Hash: SHA1

From: Col. Floyd Clarke, ACI
To: Leia Organa-Solo

I have begun a back ground investigation in to Persis Devyani, and have
enlisted Alliance Intelligence resources to gather information. I will
contact you as soon as I have a complete report.

I must admit that I am concerned about this person coming to train with us
and then leaving to return to the empire taking such training and then using
it against the Alliance.

While it is not my place to make decisions on such things, it is my opinion
that allowing her to enter our space would put us at great risk, considering
that her avowed intent is to take the knowledge gained here and return with it
to the empire.

I will send you my full report in a few days.

Yours in service to the Allied Armed Forces of the New Republic
Floyd Clarke

From: Leia Organa-Solo
To: COL Floyd Clarke, ACI

Colonel Clarke,

Thank you for looking into this matter. In a discussion with Master 
Skywalker last night over the issue of Ms. Devyani, the point came up as to 
whether the Jedi Academy could deny a student on the basis of political 
affiliation. Such discrimination appears to go against the tenets that the 
Academy was founded upon and will need to be discussed. One suggestion 
that came up was that the assigned Master would NOT bring her to Yavin but 
remain at the neutral site and do the testing and training there. We will 
continue to sort out alternatives and will keep you posted on the decision.

Respectfully yours,
Leia Organa-Solo


From: Leia Organa-Solo
To: The Jedi Council

As a relatively new full-time student at the Academy, I may be presumptuous 
to bring up the topic of this communication, but I do feel that it is 
something that needs to be discussed and a decision made about it.

You may be aware that I was contacted by a prospective student who desires 
to train at the Academy. The difficulty lies in the fact that this student 
is an Imperial citizen and has stated that, while she in no way intends to 
use her sojourn on Yavin for anything but training of her Force abilities, 
she does intend to return to her former home and employment.

The question arises whether an individual who petitions to train at the 
Academy may do so regardless of political affiliation. While one would hope 
that exposure to Jedi training and all it entails and the philosophy behind 
it would eventually direct such an individual to abandon their former (and 
unfortunate, from some points of view) political allegiance, do we have the 
right to say that political affiliation determines the right to attend the 

I bring this up now, because if the current state of affairs between 
Alliance and Empire continues, we may be faced with more students in the 
future from the "other side." It would behoove the Council to have a policy 
in place when that occurs.

Leia Organa-Solo


TO: Leia-Organa Solo
FROM: Nicolai Rionni

I do not speak on behalf of the other council members...indeed we have
not had the opportunity to convene since you have sent this transmission.
I regret the state of affairs we are in politically. A student from the
Empire should be welcome. The difficulty lies in our security. If we
accept this student and they return to the Empire how much of our
security is compromised. 

If we accept the student and they remain, there is no issue. In these
circumstances however, that is not the case. Even if this student intends
us no harm, we have seen the information ripped from the minds of others

The other concern we must address is once she is trained and has a firm
grounding in her abilities and the light side, we have effectively
assisted her in signing her own death warrant if she returns to the
Empire. How can we allow this to happen? 

Has this student gained proper clearances to enter Alliance territory? 


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