Phase 1 Complete

By Ginna Wilcoxen and Debbie Casselbury

Continuation of Plans for Revenge.

Mira studied her mother's notes, the more she studied the more she
was convinced that someone didn't want her parents to succeed in
their research.  There were on their way to discovering a way to stop
the rise of the Jedi or at least their use of the Force.

Mira rose and stretched she needed to get some sleep if she was going
to be alert and to be able to continue in her research.  Checking on
the progress of her plant she stopped when she noticed that the
latest animal was in the late stages of the poison, it had taken 1
week for it to die.

"I need a living walking person before I can go any further." Mira
spoke out loud, but she knew the person would have to be trustworthy
and besides the Captain there was none that she trusted with the
possible results this next phase of the test would take.

Mira reached out and plucked one of the leaves off staring at its
beauty she walked over to her desk and sat down.  The Captain was
thinking of sending her results of this poison to the Emperor, she
had to have more information than it can kill any animal you want
within two weeks.  Rolling up her pant leg Mira broke the leaf and
watched as the white milky substance dropped onto her bare skin.

Mira took in a breath seeing how quickly the skin absorbed the
liquid, being careful not to get any on her hands Mira squeezed the
last of the liquid out on the leaf. Turning on the holo recorder Mira
began to document the next phase of her experiment.

"The liquid is absorbed the moment it makes contact, there is no oily
residue left behind where it was place.  In many ways it acts like a
lotion only quicker."  Mira paused. "Test subject Mira Lexor, good
health and good shape.  Attitude at time of application tired, up for
over 33 hours."  Turning off the recording Mira rose and looked
around her office.  She would request a droid from the Captain that
can be used as an assistant and that would answer only to her.  She
would do that when she woke from a needed nap.


Mira entered medical her leg was making it difficult for her to walk
without a limp.  She needed to see if the doctors could discover what
was wrong with her.  If it was easily detectable then she had
failed.  She couldn't stand anything to touch it and had to resort to
wearing a skirt instead of her regular uniform pants.

"Commander is something wrong?"  the Medic looked at her as she entered.

"Yes, my leg is on fire and it hurts when I walk on it."  Mira explained.

"Come over here and let me take a look at it."  The doctor raised the
skirt over her knee and Mira saw the frown form on his face. "Did you
cut it on anything, get bit by any of those animals in your lab?"

"No, I'm more careful than that, nothing bites unless I allow it."
Mira snapped. "There's been no injury to the leg at all.  It started
to hurt and then the ulcers appeared."

"Let me run a few tests and see what we come up with."

"Sounds good to me, I can't continue to limp it's slowing me down in
my work."


Mira waited for the doctors announcement for it would tell her if she
succeeded or not.  "I'm at a loss Commander.  I can find no reason
for the infection you are suffering from.  It seems from the small
time we had the leg in the bacca tank it did nothing more but
aggravate it."

"So we just have to wait and hope that it runs its course?"  Mira

"Some medical technician."

"I've done what I can I will of course continue to see if we can find
the source.  Until then we will double on antibiotics and vitamin E
supplement to help fight this infection."  The doctor hesitated. "I
would recommend that you stay off of the leg as much as possible and
raise it when you are sitting."

"Thank you for your help doctor."  Mira took his offered hand and
stood on her feet. Pain shot up to her hip.  "It would seem I need

"I'll help you back to your lab Commander."  The doctor offered. "I
will of course alert the Captain to your condition."

"Of course."  Mira held her smile in check these were some of the
Empires' best medical teams.  She never thought that the healing
bacca tanks would increase the poison that was a surprise.


Mira laid on her couch and looked at her leg.  It reminded her of a
balloon that was ready to burst.  Her temperature hadn't dropped
below 103 for the past three days. "2541 how long have I been out?"

"You have been asleep for 17 hours."  The droid replied.

Mira wiped sweat off her forehead. "Begin recording."  Mira waited
until she was sure. "Doctors of the HERESARICH can't figure out how
to fight this poison, they believe it's an infection.  Exposure ^"
Mira took in a breath.

"Exposure to bacca tanks ^ increase the effects of the poison."
Licking her lips Mira leaned back on her pillow and closed her eyes.
"Temperature is slowly rising which causes the body to seek sleep. I
will push this a few more days. 2541 knows what to look for in case I
under estimate the effects."

Mira closed her eyes letting sleep claim her once more.  The droid
continued to record shutting down only when it was sure Mira wasn't
going to speak anymore.


Mira opened her eyes and noticed that she was in medical, how did she get
here? "Where am I?"

"You are in medical and out of danger." The doctor answered. "What
ever you had is slowly leaving your system.  It almost killed you

"Almost being the operative word."  Mira closed her eyes, hoping the
droid recorded everything when it added the antidote.  Besides the
fact that it worked she needed to know how long. "How long have I
been here?"

"About four days.  Lucky you had that droid or we would have never
known you had taken a turn for the worse."

"Yes, very lucky."


"Explain to me Commander how you got ill."  Nysa ordered watching
Mira take a seat in front at the briefing table. "It had something to
do with what you are working on didn't it?"

"Yes, Captain.  I needed a test subject."  Mira answered slowly as
she sat down even though the infection was leaving her body it still
hurt to walk and to move fast.

"We could have found a prisoner or alliance sympathizer for you."

"I couldn't trust the results to that type of scum."  Mira smiled.

"I will send a report to the Emperor on your progress, until we hear
from him I do not want you experimenting on yourself again."

"Of course not Captain."  Mira rose slowly and headed for her lab.

Once back in her lab Mira reviewed the holo vid of her experiment.
It had took a full week for the effects to work on her, and that was
with the help of the bacca tank, so without it approximately a month
for the results.  Nodding Mira sat down.  It was a success, looking
at the plant on her desk

Mira touched the aloe that was getting ready to drip from the leaf
and rubbed it between her fingers.  The smile that crossed her face
was one of sheer joy.  She had the antidote and most of all she was


Coded and Encrypted.

TO: His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor

Your Majesty, It has come to my attention that Commander Lexor has
developed a very interesting plant. The aloe from this plant is quite
dangerous and could be very helpful in our fight against those who
oppose us.

Though she is still working on the final results, what I have seen so
far is quite impressive.

Captain Nysa Avell

Nysa sent the transmission and rose from her desk.  She only hoped
that if the Emperor found this of interest that Mira could deliver
what he may want.


Mira looked up from her family records when she heard the USS
HERESIARCH Communications Commander's voice announce the summons over
her speaker in the lab.  

Leaving the journal open Mira walked to the front of her desk.

"I'm ready to receive." Mira announced wondering who would be sending
her a message, her mind went to Leon was there more information on
her parent's research?  She looked up as an enlarged holographic
projection of the Emperor's head appears over her work area.

"Distracted, Commander?"

Mira bowed to the Emperor. "I am distracted by my work your Majesty."

"I understand you have been developing a new kind of
substance...something lethal."

"Yes your Majesty. It's quite a harmless looking plant at least until
the aloe touches your skin." She picks up the plant on her desk.  The
dark purple plant was trimmed in gold along its leaves.

"A handsome specimen. So am I to understand that once it's leaves
touch flesh it proves fatal?

"Not the leaves your Majesty, the aloe it produces.  Once the aloe
touches the skin it is absorbed quickly, the victim would almost
think of as a lotion. It takes approximately three days for the first
sign of the effects."

Mira sat the plant back down. "The victim suffers from swelling in
the area that was touched.  As the poison continues to move through
the system it slowly starts the blood to clot.  Doctors think that it
is merely a skin infection."

The Emperor smiled down at her as if he carried a secret pleasure.
"Can it be extracted into a liquid solution also?"

Mira nodded. "Yes, that is how I use it on the animals that I have
tested it on." Mira frowns slightly. "As far as I can determine the
speed at which it acts depends on the size and health of the
subject.  Bacca tanks increases the poison potency."

Palpatine rubbed his chin with a pale bony finger. "And are you
certain this discovery is yours alone? We must make sure there is no
known antidote"

"Yes your majesty, the only other person who was working on cross
breeding the four plants that were required is dead."

Mira heard the Emperor emit a soft cackle. "Good...good - your
discovery will serve the Empire well!" He paused and peered down at
her seriously. "Did you have a particular purpose in mind, Mira

Mira took in a small breath, his gaze was one to make anyone
nervous.  "To rid you of the threat of the Jedi Majesty. The poison
from the aloe works slow enough that it should have any medical
doctor chasing false leads." She knew that it had the HERESIARCH's
doctors confused.

There was a great pause...enough to make her wonder if she assumed
too much and had crossed forbidden lines.  She fought to control her
nervousness that his stare was causing.  She could hear her breath as
it exited her lungs.

"Hm. It seems that, for someone who has no force talent, you are very
much in tune with my way of thinking, Mira Lexor. I almost never give
compliments, however; you have earned one. The Jedi....yes. Can your
plants survive travel over long periods of time?"

Mira let the breath she was holding. "Yes, there are two ways to stop
the posion. Either by doing giving the victim the antidote or by
finding someone who has built up an immunity."

"Then you have, of course, created an antidote?"

Mira nodded. "Yes, Majesty. It has also been tested to make sure it
works, first in animals then on a living being."

"You will give me a proven copy of it. In case you are mind
controlled or some other unfortunate event, we will both have it on

"Of course Majesty, you will have both before morning." She knew that
if he was interested he would want a report, that was a simple
request since it was almost done.

"And I want a DETAILED account of your experiments, including a
holorecording demonstrating both the poison and the antidote, if
possible."  Palpatine paused briefly. "I am most interested in the
symptoms from the poison."

"Yes Majesty, both have been recorded and documented." Mira paused
she didn't think he would want a holorecording, he would then find
out that she was the test subject.  It was a weakness she didn't
expect to allow anyone to know.  "It is quite painful for the person
infected it drives them to the point of delirium."

The Emperor eyed her soberly. "I'm getting the impression that you
somehow obtained that fact first-hand."

"I did your Majesty. I have built up an immunity to the poison."
Mira's voice remained  firm. "I was in need of living person, and
trusted no one else."

"Your dedication is commendable, Mira Lexor." Again he paused. "If
you can formulate the storage life of these plants, temperatures
etc., I will determine how to ship them to the Jedi and under what
cover. I will, of course, be open to any suggestions you may have,
Commander. Your talents have proven to be even more useful than I had
anticipated when I assigned you aboard the HERESIARCH."

"I will finish finalizing those facts your Majesty. I only live to
serve you and the success of the Empire."

"Your loyalty has, indeed, been proven many times, Commander. Do not
worry about how we will apply your new find. Leave that to me. Once
your storage information reaches me, I will contact you again. Until
that time, my well-wishes for your continued success." And the
Emperor's image flickers and fades out.

Mira leaned against her desk and took in a deep breath.  Storage
time.  She looked at her plants and knew it was back to the drawing
board leaning over to the plant sitting by her father's journal.
"How long can you stay alive?"

Mira quickly got all the information on the poison and the effects
ready for transmission, glancing at the holorecording of the effects
the poison it had on her caused her to hesitate a second.  Sitting
down at her desk she knew once she turned this over to the Emperor he
could have her killed or have her memory wiped like she did to the

Setting up the transmission process Mira held nothing back, if that
was his decision then so be it.  The safety of the Empire from the
Alliance and these Jedi were the foremost objective.


Coded and Encrypted

TO: His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor
FROM: Commander Mira Lexor, USS HERESIARCH

Your Majesty,  attached you will find all the research I have done to
this point on these new plants also you will find the attached
holorecordings of all experiments done with the aloe animal as well
as the effects I suffered.  Also the medical findings from the
HERESIARCH's own doctors are also enclosed.

It takes special note that the poison does increase it's efficiency
if the healing bacca tanks are used.

The storage life of these plants is undetermined as long as they have
water and soil to root in.  The are adaptable to any type of climate
except extreme cold.  The hotter and more humid the more they grow.

End Transmission

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