Every New Beginning

Chapter 2 Back to the Places You will Be From Part 2

It could have been hours, or days she lay there, Darana did not know.
Gingerly she sat up, feeling the blood rush up to hear ears as she did
so. Her head hurt and her body ached.

Out of long established custom,  Darana reached out with the force to
determine her surroundings. It was all different somehow, she became
dizzy.  Her body not yet used to it. It took her a moment to
understand and overcome the truth of what had happened to her, they
were gone. All of her deeply embedded links were gone. Only a feint
resonance still hummed where each one used to be. A phantom reminder
of what had been taken away from her.

Darana sank back into the bed, wondering who it was that would be
strong enough to remove such links and still keep her, and the others
alive.  Instantly her concern grew. She couldn't be so sure they were
alive. In brief panic she cast her mind out towards Coruscant, they
were light years away and her body reacted violently. Something else
had changed, but she didn't know what. It was as if she suddenly had
the force opened up within her full blast. Her body just was not
adapting properly any more.

Across the room a glass lifted, then fell as she tried to TK it to

The door opened and a medical droid entered.

"Good you are awake. The master said that you are to take this the
instant you awoke." It stated matter of factly, preparing a hypo
spray as it spoke.

"Who ordered?" She inquired, her  concern no less abated.

"I am not at liberty to say." The machine took her arm in it's cold
metallic hands, briefly Darana considered destroying it, more out of
annoyance and anger than anything else.

As if it had sensed her thoughts, "It is to help you to adjust."

"What was done to me?"

Seizing upon her confusion, the droid administered the hypospray. "I
was not informed. Only that this would assist in your recovery and
orient you in your force use again."

Darana nodded, knowing that it was unlikely now anyone would, could,
find her. If there was anyone left alive to even try to do so.

She watched, as the droid exited her quarters, sinking back down into the
bed, feeling lost, alone, and abandoned.

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