Plans for Revenge

By Ginna Wilcoxen

Mira Lexor sat in her lab pondering the events of the past months.  
Starring at the lastest results of the golden trim leaf planet Mira

The juice that was in the leaf would infect the area of the skin that
it touched leaving a sore that would not heal and slowly infect the
blood system of the injured causing the blood to slowly clot.

Mira thought back to the Jedi who questioned her ^ who had invaded
her mind and pulled out information.  How dare she mind probe her!
throwing the data pad against the wall Mira shut her eyes against the

"Damn Jedis."  Mira cursed out loud.  'Focus' she told herself.  Picking
up the data pad Mira sat back down behind her desk staring out into empty
space what was the name of the Jedi who captured her?  Alidia that was it
looking back at her planet Mira wondered how she would like such a gift?
Perhaps it was something that could be given to all the Jedi, no loss
if the wrong one died.  Besides the Jedi there was something else at
Port Lansing that bothered Mira, she met another Lexor ^ and some
woman and told them both that they were sister! ^ impossible! Mira
cursed.  The woman looked nothing like her sister.

Leaning back in her chair Mira closed her eyes and remembered the
woman's face.  They had to be cousins ^ that was it ^ cousins.  Too
bad they didn't have more time to talk Mira didn't even have time to
ask her first name.  Opening a channel to the family labs still on
Telos Mira waited for the connection to be made.

"Mira Lexor, about time you checked in.  Starting to think you forgot
your friends and your profit report."

Mira smiled. "Forget you Leon? That would be very hard to do, besides you
keep me informed on how well my stocks are doing.  I need a favor from

Leon's smile grew wide. "Name it."

"I need my parents private files on their research into the Force as well
as personal correspondence forwarded to me."

Leon's eyes narrowed. "You're going to begin your search for your sister
again aren't you."  Leon shook his head then stared at holo image of

"Why start that useless search again.  You'll just hit a dead end again."

"Perhaps I am starting up on the search again ^ I've crossed another
Lexor lately and I want to know how she fits into the family structure I
don't have her first name, but so far approx age and her rank could be
close to that of my lost sister."

"I think you're heading for more disappointment, but I will do as you
ask.  But why do you want to research the Force, only the Sith and Jedi
can understand it."

"Let's say there has to be a way to understand a part of it ^ besides
the Jedi have crossed my path and there has to be a way to stop
them.  Especially the new Jedi that appeared at Port Lansing."

"Be careful Mira the Jedi have many supporters even here on Telos many
remember how the Jedi helped save our planet not once but twice."

"Bedtime stories."  Mira scoffed. "I'm sure many support the Jedi, that
is only because they are ignorant of the truth of the true danger the
Jedi represent to the free citizens of the Empire.  How do we know the Jedi
are using their mind tricks on their supporters?  They are capable of
invading minds."

"It doesn't seem to be their style Mira, but I will get what you request
out to you.  But think on this ^ if your sister was still alive why
hasn't she contacted anyone?"

"If she is alive Leon I intend to find that out for myself."  Mira
answered coldly.  Ending the transmission Mira turned to see Captain
Avell enter.

"Am I disturbing you Commander?"

"Not at all Captain, how may I serve you?"

"I want you to explain how your rank is still Commander even after the
Emperor honored you with a promotion?"

"That is easy to explain Sir."  Mira smiled. "Can I get you something to
drink while we talk?"

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