The Plans Take Shape

By: Ginna Wilcoxen, Geri Kittrell

Continuation of Plans for Revenge.

"I want you to explain how your rank is still Commander even after the
Emperor honored you with a promotion?"

"That is easy to explain Sir."  Mira smiled. "Can I get you something to
drink while we talk?"

"Of course."  Avell replied.

Mira brought back two cups of tea. "I asked for a rank reduction."

"And you survived?"

"Yes Captain.  I'm not ready for such a rank and I'm here to serve the
as a scientist.  There are many Siths, and  Siths as well as Jedi,
especially these so called Lost Jedi."  Mira spat the word out.

"What do you have against Force users?"  Nysa questioned.

"The way they get inside your head and force you tell things.  It's not
users I'm objectionable to Captain, it's the Jedi.  I submitted to a
scan from the Emperor, but the Jedi ---."  Mira never finished her

"I see you point Mira.  Is that the reason you joined the service?"

"Partly." Mira stated. "There were some --- circumstances on Telos that I
needed to get away from."

"It couldn't have been anything criminal or you wouldn't be on this
Nysa stated.

Mira leaned back in her chair, "No, it wasn't anything criminal." Mira
herself smiling. "It was something a bit more personal.  I lost my
husband in
an attack lead by the Alliance."

"And you chose not to use your married name?"

Mira nodded. "I was also searching for my sister at that time, figured by
keeping the family name I would have a better chance of finding her.  I
guessed wrong."  Mira looked at Nysa. "I make mistakes Captain ---"

"Nysa. When we are like this Nysa is fine keep the Captain for the
business."  Mira nodded. "I am glad you kept your rank of Commander."
rose to her feet. "Thank you for the tea Mira and I also want you to know
that I'm glad you are a member of the HERESIARCH."

"So am I Nysa."  Mira agreed. "I feel at home here."


Mira studied the effects that the plant's aloe had on the animal.  The
was better than she could have hoped for.  Rising from the table to
her findings Mira thought about her next course of action.  It was clear
she needed to report her findings to the Emperor but would he authorize
sending these plants into Alliance Space or would he have other uses for

Setting a timer to see how long the animal survived.  Mira sat back down
review her parent's record's Leon had done his job well in making sure
got everything she would need or want.  She smiled at his letter asking
to resign her commission and to come back to the labs to work he had even
offered her the position of lead scientist.

Mira opened the first journal and began to read, in here was a clue to
parents' research, to what they had discovered and were working on at the
time of their death.  Mira doubted if there was a way to discover the
of this so called Force, but if there was a way to eliminate it from the
it would give the Empire more power.  

Mira pondered that thought.  Would the Alliance be able to stand without
Jedi?  Somehow she didn't think so.  It was the Jedi that kept them
 Rubbing her eyes, Mira closed the journal and leaned back in her chair.
Only a few more minutes then she would check on her experiment, then
she would retire for the rest of the night.


Two weeks, two weeks for the animal to die, Mira recorded the results,
depending on the size and build of the human it could take up to a month
die.  Which would give them time to try to find an antidote there had to
be a
way to speed up the process.  She didn't want to take the chance that an
antidote could be found before the subject died.

'What am I doing wrong?' Mira paced around her lab staring at the variety
animals before her.

"Commander Lexor, transmission coming in for you from Telos."

"Thank you, I'll take it here."  Mira waited to see who it was.

"Mira, I've sent all your family records to you, as well as the research
asked for.  Are you sure you'll be able to receive them?"

"Yes, my friend I will."  Mira smiled slyly. "Besides, it might be able
help me in my current project."

"If you need me, you know the labs are here."  Leon stated.


"Commander Lexor, will you come to my office?"  Captain Nysa Avell asked.

"Of course Captain."  Mira answered making sure all the cages were secure
Mira tuned down the lights and secured her lab.

Arriving at Avell's office Mira waited to be acknowledged before she
 "You wanted to see me Captain?"

"Yes, it seems we've picked up a few packages marked for your eyes only.
Care to explain Mira?"

"Simple they are my families records from Telos as well as some reports
experiments they were conducting at the time of their death.  If you wish
review them I have no objection.  Most of the information has already
downloaded to my computer what was sent to me were certain hardcopies
Leon thought I might need them."

"What are you working on Mira?"  Nysa asked.

"A simple plant that can cause the blood to clot and kill its victim very
slow and very painful."

"Have you reported this to his Majesty yet?"  Nysa questioned.

"Not yet, I wanted more information and facts.  Right now it's still at
unknown stage."

"I would suggest a preliminary report Commander, you have won some favor
the Emperor, we would not wish you to lose that favor."

"I see your point Captain, and I agree.  I will draft up a report today."

"Good, join me and a few other officers for dinner tonight?"

"I would be honored Sir."  Mira replied.  "I know I have to do one thing
though and that is figure out how to get them into Alliance space and
especially to Alliance Headquarters, especially the Jedi."

"I'm sure you'll come up with something Commander."  Mira nodded thinking
about the next step of her plan.  "I will have the report on your desk by
morning Sir."

Nysa nodded. "I will send it out as soon as I receive it."

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