The Plot Thickens

by Mark Cogan and Janice Mergenhagen

Lord Vader left the interrogation chambers and, although weary,
decided that the Emperor would want to know the results of the Jedi
interviews immediately.  Soon, he found himself again in front of the
throne room doors.

Even though the Emperor was seated with his back to the door, Vader
sensed he was expected.  "My Master," Vader said as he walked into
the audience chamber and knelt.  "I have come to report on the
interrogation of the two Jedi."

"What have you learned?" The Emperor asked as he swung to face Vader.

Rising, Vader said, "Lt. Wingates conducted both interviews,  and
although she was most thorough, it was determined that neither Jedi
knew anything about Commander Lexor's death."

"That much is obvious.  I was hoping to find something more, but I
did not expect the Jedi to give up anything.  For now, we can presume
that the Alliance will keep the whole truth regarding Mira Lexor from
us.  Therefore, we shall have to teach them a lesson.  We will make
an example of these two Jedi.  We will hold a trial of our own.  And
when they are found guilty, we will have them publicly executed.  See
to it our 'guests' are secured until the trial.  I do not want them
escaping before we can see 'justice' done."

"As you command, Your Majesty.  Do you wish them questioned any
further?  I believe that Lt. Wingates was unhappy when I put an end
to her questioning," Vader responded.

With a wave of his hand, the Emperor said,  "No, they are of no
consequence.  Not any more.  You have done well, my old friend.  It
pleases me to see you back here on Coruscant."

"I am glad to be back.  If I may ask, Your Majesty, what are the two
Jedi to be charged with?

"Conspiracy to commit murder of Imperial citizens. . .namely Mira
Lexor and Xanatos DeCruet."

"Have you met this Xanatos?"  Vader questioned.

"No, not personally, but it is irrelevant.  We need only charge them
to hold them.  You and I both know that the trial is only a sham, and
the two Jedi will be executed anyway...  This is to make it as public
a spectacle as possible."

"Is there anything else that I can do at this time, Your Majesty?"
The long interrogation was beginning to tell on Vader.

"Yes, there is.  See if you can find this Xanatos person.  Perhaps we
can get him to make an appearance at the trial."  The Emperor showed
a rare smile.

"Do you wish me to begin the search immediately?"

"As soon as the prisoners are secured."

"Perhaps they can give me some clues as to where to begin my search.
I shall visit them before I leave.  Good-night, Your Majesty."

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