Polly's Arrival

By John Medkeff

It was still morning when Polly pushed open the door to Molithauv's
Cantina and went in.  She scanned the room for a moment, finding
nothing suspicious.  The most interesting person was the girl alone
at one of the tables.  The one who couldn't keep the Imperial Space
Academy from the top of her mind.

Ristack was already at one end of the bar, pointedly ignoring another
Rybet, probably male, two seats over.

Vouz, sat at the other end, watching everyone, and tearing some kind
of meat apart with her teeth.  The Shistavanen looked up, sniffed the
air and returned to her meal.

Polly crossed the room, her tattered brown cloak billowing slightly
behind her.  She was of middle height and wore a green tunic and blue
pants, both patched.  A knife was visible in each boot, and a blaster
pistol hung from her hip.  She carried a battered leather shoulder

Polly sat down at one of the booths, one with a good view of the
room.  Once seated she lowered her hood, revealing short blond hair.
When the waiter appeared she ordered ale, and breakfast.

As she waited for her meal she watched the room, with eyes, ears and
passively with the Force. It always felt good to get out and talk to
her contacts.  She was still most at home in dives like this.

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