Ramblings of the Mind

By Katy Cargill

Okay.. I can't believe I am actually writing in a journal... how lame. Oh
well.. I guess this is my new way of showing feelings.. without.. umm..
hurting anything or something. I don't know. This feels so strange.. and
I feel like an idiot doing this but.. here it goes.
     Day one.
     What to write.. well.. Raven is no longer my master. Geez.. never
figured that would happen, but things of unexpected nature happens. I
feel betrayed for some reason. Raven was supposed to be my way to start
over and to train. Well what a lovely job she did. Seems more like Darana
is the one training me. I guess that means no more seeing Jerrid. Though
it was nice to see him and talk to him. But I guess I won't any more.
Michael.. hes rather cute.. to bad hes taken. Gah.. even if he wasn't..
he wouldn't be interested in me.. I'm just a scrawny little girl who can
barely keep up her own in a lightsaber spar. Grr... blasted things,
lightsabers. Just another annoyance. Its all Raven's fault! Darn it.. I
can't even get this stupid thing out right.. stupid journal.. what a
stupid idea... then why am I still writing? Geez.. this is addictive.
Well.. I guess it can't really hurt. I guess I can safely say tomorrow I
am going to work my butt off! Hmm.. I wonder if the new fashion magazine
has come in.. I seriously need new clothes. Will Darana let me go to the
market and buy clothes? I seriously need new ones. Pink! Gah.. why on
earth do  I have a sudden desire for pink clothing? Strange. Oh well..
hey! Maybe I can make a design and get it made! Nah.. that would be
stupid.. hmm.. well I'm a sith trainee and I take dance classes and art
and music classes.. so why not. Oh well... won't be the first time I had
a stupid idea. Oh well.. Guess I will end this before it winds up as a
book. Maybe next time I won't babble on so much....


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