Ramblings 2

By Katy Cargil

Alright! Here we go again.. well.. whats new to report? Well.. I got
Victoria to go shopping and where the crap did she get Lady Alderson? Oh
well, I'm not even going to try and question it. Last time I did.. I got
in trouble.. sooo.. well. This is going to be sooo sweet! Actually
getting Victoria into something Pink.. and a dress no less. Maybe I
should have taken it a step further and insisted on the hat.. who knows..
maybe over kill in pink might have been funny. Oh well.. its still going
to be funny. Ah.. I can see it now! Victoria walks into  dinner in a pink
dress and a matching purse to match. Hair up in some fancy hair do with
pink ribbons and black boots! I can just see the jaws drop and eyes
widen. Man.. I am so going to get it after this. so what? its just a
dress! Besides.. she  needs some color in her wardrobe.  Who knows.. I
might get a few laughs out of it. Well.. I better get off and start
training some.. OOO maybe I can get Victoria into ballet.. or dance
classes.. won't hurt her. Then again.. it IS victoria we are talking
about. Hmm.. well I guess this ends this session of babbling..


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