Ramblings 3

By Katy Cargil

Journal entry number three.. hmm.. Where are those dresses?! Gah.. they
take to long to make.. maybe I should of chose a simple evening gown type
thing. heh would of made a good show for vic. an evening gown and boots..
lovely. heh. Hmm.. lets see.. what would the Emp look like in a pink
robe? LOL I could just see the emperor waking up and putting on the robe
thats normally black and finding it pink! He would freak! ... either that
or figure some pink crazed fairy thingy came and painted it pink. Or
maybe a droid.. hmm.. nah! That'll never work. But its a funny thought. I
wonder if the Empress ever tried to switch his robes for purple or pink..
would be funny. Hmm.. me in pink.. why did I suddenly have a urge to go
buy pink? Of all colors.. pink.. why not sky blue or purple.. no pink!
heh.. can't stop seeing the emperor in a pink robe.. and secretly behidn
the robes a matching purse! Oh and pink shoes! Alright alright.. I'll
stop just so if anyone reads this.. I won't get into trouble.. No one
reads this right? Good! Then I won't get into trouble!  Ah! Food! Yummy!


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