Rablings 5

By Katy Cargil

Hello again.. well.. so the pink dress thing still hasn't happened. I
wonder when the Emp's birthday is.. send him a little unmarked present.
You know what it is? Thats right.. A rainbow colored robe! Complete with
matching walking stick! Hmm.. going to have to work on that one. Oh I
know! The ugliest robe contest! And the winner gets to see the Emp
wearing it for a day! Oh that would be funny. Though.. the winner might
wind up fried.. but it would be funny. Right? Oh wait.. I forgot.. the
journal can't respond.. to bad.. it would be pretty crazy to carry on a
conversation with a journal! People might start questioning my mental
stability.. I wonder.. do they do that anyway? I know Victoria does...
what with that pink dress stunt. Though I am beginning to question my own
stability. Is it normal for a girl my age to be writing in journals?
Shouldn't I be out doing martial arts or trainging or something besides
trying to think of dumb pranks. Yes! I should be trainging and its all
Raven's fault. I wonder what's for dinner.. I hope its something I can
pronounce and know whats in it. Yeah yeah.. and I wonder when the next
time I can go out shopping is! Oh I'll have to drag Victoria with me for
my next idea! Well.. then again it would be interesting to see how long I
can stand just sitting around here doing nothing but training and going
to classes. Okay well I'll let this thing end before it takes over the
whole book.


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