Reality or Dreams?

Ginna Wilcoxen, July 2001

Octavia couldn't tell when she slept or when she was awake. Was she back in 
the arena? Did Medenna fight Victoria and if so who won? 

"Is anyone there?" Octavia questioned not sure if she only thought the 
question or did she speak it. As much as she wanted to hear something only 
silence greeted her. 

The darkness began to clear and Octavia once again saw the blinding light of 
arena the crowds yelling for blood anyone's blood. The scenery then began to 
change to the corridors of Port Lansing. It was a shock to see Psylocke in 
the hallway, she as well as the other prepared to stun her yet there was 
something wrong with Psylocke, she seemed to be ill. They moved passed her 
with incident. That was when she heard her name, it came from Psylocke but 
it wasn't Psylocke's tone. 

Octavia fought against the idea that her and Psylocke's destinies were 
intertwined. There had to be a way to break out of that prophecy. The Force 
wasn't set in stone was it? The Force  what made it work and why did she 
give in to believing it? 

The image of her father came to mind. A soft spoken man with semi sad eyes. 
She wondered what he looked like when he was younger. Were his eyes happier? 
Did he resemble his father? Dark hair and eyes as well as a beard and 
mustache. She saw herself standing in front of her father yet it was a 
younger self. She was listening to his voice and his instruction. 

Laughter seemed to surround her, Octavia went to turn around but couldn't, 
the laughter seemed to surround her. She knew that laughter she had heard it 
in her dreams before. It belonged to the Emperor, he had invaded her dreams 
. Got through the shields that Luke had helped her form. Octavia put her 
hands over her ears but the laughter still surrounded her drove her to her 

"You will be one of us just like Victoria." The voice told her. 

"NO!" Octavia yelled. "I will not give in." 

"You enjoyed killing in the arena didn't you, you would have killed Psylocke 
to survive wouldn't you?" The voice seemed to penetrate through her body. 
"YOU will be one of us." The voice took voice took form and Octavia found 
herself staring at her father, he was standing in front of her mother, before 
she could shout a warning a lightsaber pierced his body. Octavia watched as 
she watched herself use her own lightsaber to kill her mother. Enjoying the 
feel of the kill and the power that giving into her hatred gave her. 

Dropping her lightsaber darkness once again surrounded Octavia. Maybe she was 
dreaming, maybe she could lose herself from the reality going on around her. 
The reality that she was capable of killing for pleasure. There had to be 
someplace safe, someplace where death wasn't a regular part of life. Yavin 
. Master Skywalker was there, the Electria where Roc was still Captain, 
Octavia tried to think of Yavin and the forests there, the changes that were 
taking place, but she was tired maybe she would go there when she woke up  
maybe she would remember  remember what? 


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