Realization, pt 1 July 2001

By Ginna Wilcoxen, Based on Roleplay by Phaedra Whitlock and Ginna Wilcoxen, Amanda Wilcoxen

Another day in the dream world or the bacca tank revisited. 

Octavia is leaving the restaurant with Medenna. Going down the street she 
couldn't stop herself from looking around the streets, the memory of being 
watched in the restaurant. 

Medenna watches Octavia. "We're okay. Whoever was watching in the restaurant 
was properly just curious about us." 
She watched as the street becomes misty and the streetlights flicker. "Why 
didn't you go with your former crew? I'm sure they would have liked that." 

Octavia smiles. "I'm sure they would, but to be honest that life is behind 

"It must be an exciting life to travel around." 

"A Jedi doesn't crave excitement." Octavia replied. 

"True, but it does come looking for some Jedi." Medenna answered. Octavia 
could only nod the child was more prophetic than she knew. She could only 
watch the scenery as her and Medenna walked there was something familiar 
about this place. 

"Medenna what do you feel?" 

"I feel I'm going to get a lecture when we get back to Yavin." She 
looks at the sidewalk. 

"Yes, I'm sure you will. After all you did leave without permission. What 
would you have done if I took a different transport or asked permission for 
the Electria to come to Yavin?" 

"Well, I would have found a way. But come on you got to admit you need 
someone like me. YOU are too gloomy and absorbed in thoughts for a Jedi." 

Octavia looked up at the sky. "There is much I have to come to terms with." 

Along the street by a vacant alley is an alien beggar with a twisted foot. 
The beggar looks up hearing their footsteps. He is old and weak from hunger. 
Medenna noticed the beggar and walked toward him, bending down she gives him 
what credits she had. "May the Force Be With You in the future." Medenna 
says softly. 

The beggar gives Medenna a smile and gently rubs her hand. "Force be with you 
child." Medenna smiles and returns to Octavia. 

"Why does the Empire allow such misery?" she asks Octavia as she watched the 
beggar stand and slowly limped away into the alley. 

"It is the way of things, not one anyone would like." Octavia answers. 

The beggar screams a hoarse warbling cry and staggers back out of the alley. 
Octavia turned toward the alley where the scream came from. The alley was 
full of darkness and she watched as the alien beggar limped away holding his 
side. Octavia moved toward the beggar 

"Is something wrong?" Octavia asked the beggar drawing her lightsaber to her 
hand. Medenna seeing this followed. Octavia noticed a thick liquid dripping 
along the beggar's clothing to the ground he fell to the pavement moaning. 

Medenna stood behind Octavia while she bent down to see to the beggar. 
"Medenna, go back to the restaurant get Roc, this man needs help." Octavia 
glanced at the alley wondering what had happened in there to do this to this 
poor beggar. 

The alien's face is a rictus of pain. He looks past Octavia's shoulder, mouth 
working trying to speak only letting a gurgle escape from his throat. 
Medenna saw figures moving out of the alley. 

"Octavia we have company!" She yelled as the Dark Hunters spread out in a fan 
shaped wall. 

Octavia roses to her feet saber ignited. "Medenna get out of here! NOW." 

A woman's lightsaber activates with a snap hiss, glowing white in the 
gathering mist. "I think not." 

"Who are you?" Octavia questioned looking at the distance between this woman 
and Medenna. 

The lightsaber blade points to Medenna. "If she leaves, she dies. If you come 

"You kill her anyway?" Octavia questioned interrupting the woman. She 
looked familiar yet Octavia couldn't place her. 

"... You will be well treated." The woman finished. "I am the Princess 
Raven Palpatine, Jedi. My word is good." 

"Let the girl return to Yavin and I will come with you." Octavia counters. 

Raven smiles in the streetlights. "You will do that anyway. What else will 
you promise me and mine." 

"I will co-operate with you in what ever way I can without protest." Octavia 
deactivates the saber and replaces it on her belt. "What use can you have for 
a child?" 

Raven tilted her head to Medenna. "And you little one. Will you allow her 

"No. I will not leave her." Medenna answers following Octavia's actions and 
replaces the saber on her belt. "Where she goes, I go." Medenna smiled at 
Octavia. "You will come to realized we were meant to travel together." 

Raven smiled, "You see? She is brave, perhaps I want her and not you after 
all Octavia." 

"I won't let you harm her. I will not lose another child to the Palpatines." 
Octavia moves closer to Medenna 

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