Realization, Pt 2 July 2001

By Ginna Wilcoxen, Based on Roleplay by Phaedra Whitlock and Ginna Wilcoxen, Amanda Wilcoxen

Another day in the dream world or the bacca tank revisited. 

"Walk with me then, both of you." Raven gestures to the Hunters to approach 
and take the sabers. Medenna and Octavia hesitated to part with their sabers 
but handed them over. Octavia moved Medenna to her outer side so that she was 
the one closer to Raven. "You still haven't answered what you want with 
either Medenna or myself?" Octavia watched were the Hunters placed her saber 
as well as Medenna's 

"Why, to talk, to walk a bit. To deliver you to others who like to talk to 
Jedi." Raven gestures to the alley. "Move," 

Octavia places her hand on Medenna's shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze. 
"After you, you seem to know where we are going." Octavia turns toward the 
alley followed by Medenna. "If you wish to talk to Jedi, why not speak to 
the new council?" Octavia asked. 

Raven walked beside them, the Hunters and mercs falling in behind. The alley 
is dark and covers them. Raven chuckled. "Ah the Council. I doubt they would 
allow me to speak to them. The Alliance is very untrusting of my motives." 

Octavia crossed her arms in front of her. "You give very little reason to be 
trusted. After all wasn't it the Emperor that destroyed the other Jedi?" her 
voice was calm and even. 

"Just what are your motives?" Medenna asked. 

"Sins of the Father? I didn't think you would judge someone so unfairly." 

Octavia bowed her head slightly. "I do not judge, I only state what could be 
possible truth from a certain point of view." 

"Why, to help people. I've always helped people." Raven paused. "Don't mince 
words Octavia. 'From a certain point of view' often means one is lying." 
Raven studied Octavia. "Sometimes one must be harsh to be kind. I excel at 

"I have no reason to lie to you. I do not even know you." Octavia replied. 
Researching her memory and remembered Roc talking about rebel that were 
returned in a state of carbon freeze 

"You will. I love to talk to people." Raven's voice seemed so sure of her 
words. The group left the alley at the spaceport and started across the 
landing field. 

"And, what do you wish to talk about?" Octavia asked. 

"Jedi. Yavin  Yavin Security. Your training, your past your future..." 

Octavia smiled slightly. "I am afraid that will be a very short conversation. 
Yavin is new to me; I am still learning the forests. As for training, still 
achieving it." Octavia places her hands behind her back "As for my past that 
isn't very interesting." 

The group passes the outer line of ships assembled on the field, passing 
through the shadows of other larger ship silhouetted against the starry sky. 
Raven glances back. "I'm certain you will think of something. I can be quite 

"WOW look at the size of that ship!" Medenna exclaimed 

Raven chuckled and some of the mercs grin at Medenna. 

"I am sure you can be, but I'm afraid you won't like the answers." Octavia 
states calmly. 

They approach the ship steadily; Raven tilts her face up to the breeze. 
Outside the ship dark shapes appear in the shadows. 

Octavia stopped and glanced around warily carefully. Raven glances at the two 
Jedi. "Now or never. Will you try to escape?" Raven stops a few paces ahead. 
The Hunters stop a few behind. "You know what I want. If you will not give it 
you will not enjoy your journey." 

Octavia glances at Medenna who nods. "We will not betray the Alliance any 
more than we will betray the Jedi." They both turn and use the force to pull 
their sabers to them. 

"WE will die JEDI." Medenna yells. 

"Everyone breaks in the end Octavia. Me, you, Medenna. Death will not free 
you." Raven's saber ignites and she steps back into a fighting stance, sabers 
ignite all around and blasters the sound of the blasters hummed as they were 
thumbed to full power. 

//Show them how its done daughter// Palpatine's voice spoke inside Raven's 

"Not every breaks, and not everyone has a price." Octavia states turning 
using the force to throw some of the Hunters backward 

Raven grinned. //Yes Father. As you wish// 

"EVERYONE breaks. In the end." Raven slashes high at Octavia. Medenna stood 
back to back with Octavia guarding her as Octavia parried Raven's attack. 

"You mistake me for someone else." Octavia replied 

Raven slides past, parrying and slashing another four hunters moved in also. 
The mercs move back to give the fighters room 

Medenna using the force to keep some of the mercs back as she gives Raven and 
Octavia room to fight. 

Two Hunters engage Medenna; three hang back and watch Raven solo Octavia. 
Octavia focused on Raven keeping her center and letting the Force flow 
through her. She knew Medenna was engaged with the hungers keeping them 
between her and Octavia. 

The lightsabers clashed and hissed, sparks flew. Raven tangled her blade with 
Octavia's and pushed with tk. "Surrender!" 

Octavia stumbled but quickly regained her footing. "I do not believe so your 
highness, with all do respect." 

Raven spun kicked at Octavia while she was still off balance, her boot landed 
to Octavia's stomach. Raven's blade spun in her hand and came forward to 
crash against Octavia's. Octavia flipped over and landed on one knee to face 
Raven bringing her saber up to block. Raven's saber flashed in from the 
side, battering at Octavia's defenses. 
Octavia blocked and tk'd a hunter into Raven's path giving Octavia time to 

Raven hurriedly draws her blade back before the hunter gets carved in two and 
throws him out of her way. "That was good. Very nice." 

Octavia prepared to meet Raven again. She watched as Raven blew her hair out 
of her face and circled Octavia, blade between them. "How far along is your 
training Octavia?" 

Medenna rolled away from one of the hunters slicing at his feet. 

Octavia stood keeping her saber up. "Far enough to know my path." 

"If you knew your path you would not need Medenna to keep you on it my dear." 
Raven lunges in a feint, spins and brings her blade in a fast arc through 
where Octavia's chest should be. Octavia rolled out of the way at the last 
minute. She could feel exhaustion trying to claim her. "The Jedi keep each 
other safe and on their course. It's the way." 

"You don't look very safe. Raven steps past to run her saber through 
Medenna's back while Octavia is out of position. 

: "NO!" Octavia screamed, as she seemed to remember another scream from 
another time another place. "MEDENNA!" 

Raven pulls her blade out slowly and steps back. Raven smiles. "I told you. I 
am a woman of my word." 

Octavia watched in horror as Medenna falls to the ground. She fights the 
rising anger and pain, trying to control her breathing. 

"If you came along quietly, Medenna would not be harmed." Ravens saber spins 
in a blinding circle of light and around in her hand casually. "You have 
such lovely anger in you Octavia. Life is unfair is it not." 

"She would not to have been forced to betray the Alliance anymore than any 
Jedi would." Octavia kept her saber ready. "So, do you kill me next?" 

"Medenna was a child. She knew nothing. You did. That is the difference." 
Raven watched her carefully. "And as I said, death will not free you." 

"She was wiser then either you or I. For a child she knew much." Octavia 
smiled. "Death is not the end I've learned that much." 

"Yes she did. And now you've lost her. Another one. You lose your family 
easily Octavia." Raven's saber twirls, cutting patterns of light in their 
retinas as it dances. She smiles slightly. 

Octavia looked over at Medenna then back to Raven. "Perhaps." the pain in her 
voice is clear. 

"Embrace your pain Octavia. Your anger. You're hurt. I can save her." Raven's 
saber comes to her side, blazing in the night casting shadows on her serious 

Octavia embraces her pain then lets it pass through her as her father had 
taught her so many years ago. "Medenna is safe from you and the Empire. If it 
is her destiny to die, then she will be one the Force. I will not give into 
the dark." 

Raven shakes her head. "Like water off a rooftop.... She is dying. Stay with 
her then. Through the end, and then it will be you and I and no others." 
Raven waves the Hunters away from Medenna and waits. 

Octavia stares at Raven then walks over to Medenna. She lowers her blade and 
kneels next to her. "I am the cause of this forgive me." She could feel the 
weakness, the darkness, and the very ebb of Medenna's life slipping away. 
She never wanted to feel death again. Moving the hair out of Medenna's face 
she looked down into the girls eyes. Octavia remembered her father, her 
grandmother and her grandfather's ghost. 'Death is a part of life Octavia, ' 
her grandmothers' words come back to her. 'Do not run from it, do not fear 

"You ... are not to blame. We stand for ... light ... do not forget that." 
Medenna gives a slight smile. 

Octavia lets a tear roll down her cheek "The Force is with you young one. I 
wish we had more time." Octavia was overcome with grief, but knew she 
couldn't give into it. The enemy was still close. 

Octavia roses to feet after Medenna dies and she turns to face to face Raven. 
"I believe you wanted something from me." 

Raven just watched her. 

Octavia ignites her saber and walks closer to Raven. "I will not turn I will 
not dishonor her or my grandfather with that cowardly action." 

Raven's still lit saber stayed loosely at her side. "Even if I let you kill 

Octavia took a step forward her own saber rising. Yes, she wanted to kill 
this woman, wanted her to pay for taking the life of Medenna. Octavia shook 
her head. "That.... That would be an act of revenge and one I will not take." 

Raven smiles slowly. "If you change your mind, I will be here." Raven's 
saber comes up and waits for Octavia. 

Octavia stood there weighing her decision, would she strike out in anger? 
Slowly Octavia disengaged her saber and knelt on the ground waiting. "Then 
you have a long wait your highness." 

Raven took Octavia's saber and gestures to the Hunters. They picked up 
Octavia and drugged her inside the ship. Octavia was barely aware that they 
put her into a cell. 

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