The Rescue

By John Medkeff

        Jan scanned the landing bay with her mind.  Twenty of the pirates
were spread around the large room, mostly at the doors.  Another group was
around their four shuttles.
    She reached out and touched the Pied Piper.  The yacht was undisturbed.
Jan touched her com unit and sent the signal that told the Piper to be
ready to let her in.
    Next Jan entered the mind of the second nearest guard.  To your left,
shoot she whispered.
    A moment later three blaster shots rang out.
    On the first Jan was in motion.  She ran straight to the Piper behind
the guards backs.  When she reached the Yacht she avoided the closed ramp
and grabed the chain that hung form another part of the hull. As soon as she
had the chain the ship's AI lifted her aboard and closed the small hatch
beneath her.
    Once aboard Jan hurried to the cockpit, sat  in the pilots seat, drew a
deep breath and sent out a telepathic message.  Pied Piper secured.
    Then she began preparing the ship to move.

    Pied Piper secured
    Tiri heard the words in her mind.  Then she looked across the cabin to
where Lonnie guarded the door.  Jan is in position,+ACI- she signed.
    "Good."  Her brother replied.  "Warn Attiles and stand ready."
     she sent, and joined Lonnie at the door,  blaster in one hand,
lightsaber in the other.
    Lonnie used the Force to throw the door open.  Tiri rolled across the
corridor, and shot one of the two guards at the Wardroom door to her right.
Meanwhile Lonnie threw the stun grenade the other way, dropping it in the
middle of the other group of guards.  Three of them went down.  Tiri took
out the second guard before he could react.  Then she followed Lonnie who
was already charging the remaining pirates at the other end of the
corridor, lightsaber ablaze.
    The two Sith apprentices cut their way through the pirates and kept
    Behind them they heard the sound of more pirates pouring out of the
    They rounded the corner and ducked into the third junior officer's
cabin on the right.  As they passed the elevators Lonnie telekinetically
activated the override devise he'd planted in the second one's control
panel, sending it to the bottom of the ISD Sapphire's conning tower.
    A moment later they used the cabin's viewer and the video bug they had
placed by the elevators to watch the pursuit follow in the other three.
    "Now" Tiri sent.  Then they headed back to the wardroom.

    Attiles heard Jan and Tiri's messages as he waited in the wardroom's
small serving kitchen.  He'd already disposed of the the two pirates
guarding the kitchen.  Now he reached into the wardroom itself, with the
Force. He watched as most of the pirates rushed out the other door reacting
Lonnie and Tiri's diversion.
    As soon as the door closed Attiles, kicked open his door, and fired.
He took out the two by the far door instantly.  Then he was on top of the
other two with his lightsaber.  The hostage screamed in panic.
    Attiles spent the next minute hearding her toward the door.
    The door opened and the other two joined him in hearding the hostage
down the corredor to the freight elevator.  Once there they dropped to the
hanger level and started forward, toward the hanger.  Lonnie, leading,
Attiles with the hostage and Tiri following behind.  They moved quickly
though minor passages avoiding contact with the pirates' boarding parties
and the stroom troopers who still resisted them.

    Jan finished starting the engines and began programing their exit.
While she worked she watched the pirates come and go.  About a third of
Them left by the main aftward corridor.  "Search party headed your way."

    Thirteen minutes later Lonnie and company were in sight of the Pied
    The pirates holding the landing bay had returned to the arrangement Jan
had found them in, minus the search party.
    "Jan, prepare to give us fire support."
    "Give me a minute."  Jan switched to the fire control system, and
instructed it to take out the four pirates she felt had the best line of
sight to her friends path to the ship.
    Jan switched to pilot mode.
    Lonnie and Tiri prepared to cover Attlies' dash for the ship.
    "Now" Lonnie sent.
    Tiri shot the nearest guard.
    Lonnie rushed part way and dove behind the first bit of cover.
    Attiles started dragging the Hostage toward the ship.
    A moment later the Pied Piper's four anti-personel turrents started
    Jan dropped the ramp.
    Tiri and Lonnie leapfrogged form cover to cover holding the pirates
attention so Attiles could get the Hostage aboard the Piper.
    Then Tiri dove onto the ramp, followed an instant later by Lonnie.  Jan
hit the close button, and lifted the Piper off the deck.
    By the time the yacht had cleared landing bay Tiri and Lonnie were in
the upper and lower turrets.
    Jan took the Piper out of the landing bay arched upward around the
Sapphire's port side.  She fire a torpedo at the pirates' ship as they
passed it.  Then she took off in a straight run to jump speed.  Tiri and
Lonnie demolished the port shield generator as they passed.
    Attiles finaly got the Hostage belted into a seat in the cockpit as Jan
hit the jump button.  They jumped, engaged the cloak, moved thity light
seconds, came out of hyper-space, pulled an Immelman, and ducked behind an
    They sat and watched for ten minutes.
    Then they recived the telepathic recall.  "All right kids, come back.
You win the exercise."
    "Coming, Uncle Tor" Jan sent as she shut off the cloak.
    Attiles turned to the Hostage.  "Mother, you could have been more
cooperative."  He demanded.
    "But you can't assume the damsel in distress will behave herself.  I
played the part as written, dear." she replied.

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