RESURRECTION : Awakening - part 1

By Mark Cogan, Dora Furlong

Note: This takes place starting sometime in October last year. Sorry for the delay getting this out...

     It was dark, there was no sound.  It wasn't sure where it was,
only that it couldn't see, hear, or even feel anything.  It couldn't
even find the strength to move.  Did it even have a body to move?
It couldn't tell.  All it knew was that it was in dark.  It was
thinking, trying to remember who it was.   Images flowed through its
mind.  Places, people, somehow they were familiar, but where, who
were image, one person...somehow it could FEEL
something.  This one, female, black remembered...SHE
KILLED HIM!  Anger flowed, and it could feel that it DID have a
body.  It could move, but not much.  Wherever it was, it was a close
space.  It was lying on its back, like it was in a box.  NO, it was
COFFIN!  Anger grew, and with it came strength.  It had to get out of
this place, get back to the outside.  It knew what it had to do; it
was going to do it NOW.

     And with an inaudible scream that resounded throughout the
galaxy, a hand burst out from the ground....


     Takara was sitting, feet up on the console, watching the
security monitors.  The household was pretty much empty, everyone else out
doing.something.  Only other person around, other than the servants and
such, was Tina, and she was keeping to herself right now.  Takara sighed,
leaned back, and started to close her eyes for a moment.  Suddenly, a
security alert went off.  She sat up, and proceeded to track the source of
the alert.  A brief scan of the monitors pinpointed the alert.  It was ON
THE HOUSEHOLD GROUNDS.  Takara sprang to her feet, "Aw, Hell!", as she
grabbed for her blaster and bolted out the door.


     Standing next to the grave, he looked down at it, then at
himself.  His skin was rough to the touch, scaly, brittle.  A quick
test with his fingers found that the skin was also starting to peel
off.  "More time to deal with that later, I need to find some things
first."  He looked over his surroundings.  Then turned to face the
main structure of the compound.  "Yes, there, I remember now.  Wait,
someone's coming.  Have to find another way inside."  And he moved
toward the side of the building.


     After several minutes, Takara arrived where the sensors alerted
her to the disturbance.  She found herself beside the now empty
gravesite of Arcturus.  "I didn't know she buried him here.  But the
coffin's empty?  How?  Grave robbers?"  She began to scan the area
for any trace of those who would desecrate this place.  The only
thing she found was some dried skin on the ground near the grave, and
footprints heading back toward the building.  "I've got a bad feeling
about this", and she started following the trail.


     Arcturus knew nothing but rage at this point.  He was focused
on only one thing right now though, getting his equipment (and
clothes for that matter), and getting away from this place.  He could
see the hangar area, and his ship, Bloodwing, in the hangar.  But
first, he needed some items from his room.  "Can't go in the front
door, I'll just have to MAKE my own way in."  And with that, he
walked up to the wall of the building.  He closed his eyes and
concentrated for a few seconds, summoning up the terrible power he
was privy to.  Slowly, the space around him started to distort, like
being viewed through a drop of water.  The distortion slowly grew in
size, and started to push up against the wall.  The wall, however,
put up little resistance, and started to tear as if it were made of

     Arcturus entered through the newly made hole in the wall, and
moved down the corridor.  He knew where his room was, just down this
hall, and to the left.  Inside the building, warning claxons screamed
their high-pitched wail, emergency lights came on, and servants
scrambled for cover.  One was unfortunate enough to run right into
Arcturus.  With little more than a thought, he pushed the Chaos
through the servant, contorting his body in grotesque ways, before it
slumped up against the corridor wall, dead.  Arcturus continued down
the hall, seemingly oblivious to the carnage.

     When he reached the door to his room, he found it locked, and he
was not able to open it by normal means.  "Hmmph, Not the way I
wanted to do this."  Again, the wall gave little resistance to the
effect of Chaos.  Arcturus entered his old room, only to find it
empty. "What is this!", he roared, and began to tear the room apart
by hand looking for.something.  "Gone!?!  I must find it."  Enraged,
he threw furniture about the room.  He soon composed himself, "This
won't do any good.  I have to get out of here quickly."  He opened a
closet, and found a black Sith Apprentice robe still hanging there.
Quickly changing, he discarded his tattered clothes, and made his way
out toward the hanger.


     The ship lurched as she entered a steep turn. The control panel
warned her that the engine was about to cut out. She increased the
throttle and steadied her pitch, smiling to herself as the engine's
hum began to even out. Suddenly, startled by the alarms around the
household, Tina watched as the shuttle took a nosedive into the
surface of the planet below. 'Great,' she grumbled, 'I was just about
to get it too.' Four successful maneuvers in a row and Eric would let
her try it for real. She sighed and pulled herself out of the
simulator. Since the alarms hadn't stopped blaring, she decided to
investigate the disturbance.

     Cautiously she made her way out into the hallway from the
hangar. 'Odd.' She wondered aloud,  'Where are all the servants?'
Blaster in hand, she started to move down the winding corridors.
Tina turned a corner to see a figure, down the hall a ways. Not
immediately recognizing the it she called out, "Who.who are you?" She
could barely make out what it was. Everything around the being was
distorted. The dark-robed figure, ignoring the question, walked down
the hall toward her.

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