RESURRECTION: Awakening - part 2

     Tina stared at the figure moving down the hall toward her.  "I.I
know you." She stated, trying to remember just where it was she had
seen him. Then it hit her, "But're dead!"  How was it
possible? Was this a ghost?

     The figure stopped, and regarded her for a moment. There was
something about her, buried inside. She was close, so close to losing
herself forever in the darkness. Arcturus's lips curled up into a
smile, "And you will be too, very soon I am afraid.  Unless you come
with me."

     Tina snorted. The threat was nothing knew, she had been hearing
it since she her unwilling arrival in the Empire. She cared very
little whether she lived or died. Not that she was suicidal or
reckless, Eric had cured her of that, death was simply an inevitable
conclusion so in the end if she died, she died. "What are you talking
about?" she replied as casually as possible, but his actions and
demeanor sent spikes of unease through her. He was supposed to be

     "You know what I mean.  I died for what I am, and you will die
for what you are as well.  This place, it is supposed to represent
loyalty and service.  But it is a lie."  Arcturus moved closer to
Tina, and she could start to feel the effects of the Chaos he
commanded around her.  "I was executed for my loyalty.  I was
murdered for trying to protect them.  They will show you the same
'courtesy' when they no longer find you useful."

     Tina tried to resist the force of the Chaos pushing against
her.  It made her queasy, and put her off balance. The distortion
expanded itself to include her. She looked down at the floor; it
appeared to ripple under her feet. She had the distinct feeling it
was eager to open up and swallow her.

     "Come with me, NOW!"

     Slowly she looked back up at the man she had briefly known as
Arcturus.  He was just one more person who thought he knew what was
best for her; from Alliance Security and Luke to Annelis, the
Emperor, and now this. Her obstinate tendencies kicked in. "No." She
spat out. "I will not." She gathered her strength, frustration, and
the darkness that had been infused into her and attempted to unleash
it on her tormentor.

     Arcturus merely laughed, the creature before him was enjoying
such despair. As he increased the pressure of the Chaos upon her, her
struggles mixed in the spicy taste of fear and pain. "You WILL come
with me."

     Crying out in pain, Tina fell to the floor. She wasn't sure how
much longer she could take the effects of.of.whatever it was he was
using on her.  She tried to call out to Avon, but Arcturus had,
somehow, completely and utterly blocked her from using the force. She
wished she could reach out to Eric or Darana, any of the house's
other Force users.even Shade, but they were all away on various

    Keeping her word to Eric, Tina considered the situation
carefully. The tone of his voice informed her he had no intention of
killing her, or at least not yet. He was stronger than her. That left
her with two options, continue to fight him and lose, weakening
herself in the process, or surrender, keep her strength, and look for
the first opportunity of escape.  Besides, Shade had the tracker in
her and once Darana found out Arcturus was still alive, if the man
before her was truly alive, Tina was willing to bet Darana would go
after him.

     "Very well," She stated, "I will go with you."

     Arcturus stepped forward, lessened the chaos around his prize,
and held out his hand. It was a simple enough action in and of
itself, but his demeanor warned Tina that her acceptance would bind
her to him in a way she could not comprehend.

     Slowly she took his hand and stood. Fear shot through her as he
led her back the way she had come.


     Takara followed the trail of bodies and damage back out toward
the hangar area.  Running, she made it out to the tarmac just in time
to see Bloodwing rising up into the stars..

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