By Debbie Casselbury

It was a quiet night on the ECLIPSE as it headed toward Zoron. The
Emperor sat before his desk to check up on his transmitted mail. Scanning 
through his  datascreen carefully, he paused at one letter with a curious glance..

To: Emperor Palpatine, ESD Eclipse
From: Empress Azarra, Imperial Palace


I sent this via the regular channels since it wasn't urgent, but does need to 
be taken care of.

I realize that you are still deeply enmeshed in the training of your new 
apprentice, but I recall from our late-night conversation that you still are 
concerned about your "public image". The timing of this communique, then, 
could not be better. I hope you will give this the consideration it deserves 
and let me know if I can be of any assistance in setting the wheels in motion 
for this bold venture.


Palpatine pressed the button for the next screen and began to read...

Corporate Headquarters

Emperor Palpatine
Imperial Palace

Your Imperial Majesty,

As GalactiK-Mart is widely acknowledged to be the supreme retailer in all 
sectors of known space, we feel it only appropriate that YOU be our new 
spokesperson for the Blue Light Specials for which our stores are renowned. 
Your unique blue lightning talent will highlight the promotion of our 
products while emphasizing our electrifying values. Of course, you would be 
generously compensated for your endorsement, either in merchandise or a 
donation to the Songlark Foundation, widely known to be your favorite charity.

We await your answer on this monumental opportunity.

Shaemlus Plugg
Shaemlus Plugg
Chairman of Marketing

Palpatine's gritted his teeth as he sat stunned, staring at the
datascreen for a long time. "Azarra is behind this, there is no doubt." 
he murmured. He touched the dictation bar on his console and 
immediately began a reply - not to the business letter,
but to Azarra's...

To: Empress Azarra, Imperial Palace/Coruscant
From: Emperor Palpatine, ESD ECLIPSE 

I think it beneath you to connive these ridiculous schemes, Azarra!! You
knew very well that I would have NO interest in being some "Blue Light" 
endorser for some obnoxious retail chain! And the LAST donation I would 
make would be to that *idiotic* Songlark Foundation of yours! The mere 
idea of your forwarding such a letter is clearly...

The Emperor paused angerly, rose from his chair and paced the room,
his dark robes billowing around him. He suddenly paused and turned around 
and stared back at the blinking datascreen on his desk. Various words came 
to mind as he considered how to finish the last sentence - and then he kept 
thinking of the wording in the business letter..."unique blue lightning talent"....
"electrifying values." Mental images played in his head and slowly a smile 
began to form on his ancient face. He moved toward the elongated viewscreen 
of the star-studded universe that his office provided and found himself 
chuckling to himself. Soon he was doubling over in uncontrollable laughter.

"Azarra..." he said aloud, shaking his cowled head, "You may be the
most infuriating woman I have ever known, but you at least keep my life 
*interesting*!" Then, with a grin, he returned to his desk to clear the 
screen and begin a letter of response to the President of GalactiK-Mart 
and Mr. Plugg's superior to reject the offer and to make certain that the
head of Marketing was terminated but good.

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