Return To Yavin

By John Medkeff

Darien had been on Zoron now for about a month and a half. He had
to admit that he was enjoying himself. But it was time for him to find some
way to get back to Yavin.

Kieren was a talented and enthusiastic student. The boy been well
trained for his age in all the purely practical skills of the Force, before
Darien arrived. Far better than Darien had been at his age. But then most
of the adults in the boy's family were fully trained Sith. Telekinesis,
telepathy and the lightsaber were the same on both sides of the Force. It
was the intent of the user that mattered.

He'd have to travel light. He took only his lightsaber and the
clothes on his back. Then in broad daylight he slipped out one of the side
gates and started walking toward the center of town. It was a nice day. For
half an hour he had a pleasant walk. He'd just come in sight of the
transport station when the speeder pulled up beside him and stopped.
"Do you need a ride to the starport, sir," the chauffeur asked.
"Its a bit far to walk, and you forgot your luggage."

With resignation Darien got in, expecting to be returned to the
Manor. Instead the driver drove to a major highway and headed south, away
from the Steele home. He looked back with the Force. The concentration of
Dark auras was receding just where it should be. Cassandra must be letting
him go.

Thirty minutes later they were entering the city of Zorport,
which was built around the planet's main starport.

When they reached the starport the driver pulled up at the Torion
Starlines Terminal and stopped. He got out opened the trunk and pulled out
a set of luggage.

Darien left the car and approached the driver.

"Here you are, sir." the driver said. "All your things should be
in the bags. And her ladyship said to give you this." He handed Darien an
envelope. Then he touched his hat, bowed, got into the car and drove off.

Darien stood there watching the car disappear until it had been out
of sight for a minute. Then he opened the envelope. It contained first
class tickets to Yaven with a change of ships at the neutral planet Achani.
And a note.


Thank you for helping Kieren. Please feel free to come
back anytime. Let me know if you need something.

May the Force be with You

PS "Thanks for opening doors for me. I don't feel
quite so alone anymore. K"

Evidently she was serious about letting him leave.
And he would miss Kieren too.

Three days later Darien sat at a view screen on a small passenger
ship and watched the surface of Yavin come closer. He was back. Soon he
would be surrounded by Jedi again. That would be a relief. All that
Darkness had been a mild source of stress.

But he couldn't help thinking that in the long run he could best
serve the light by helping Kieren remain in the light.

Once on the ground at Yavin's small space port Darien hired a
speeder cab and went straight to the Academy, dropped his bags at his room
and went looking for Master Rionni.

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