by Geri Kittrell and Season Irwin

Luke arrived on Corellia in search of Season Windstar, whom he had received word was injured in the battle. He had just arrived back from his excursion to the Rim where he had been in search of a new Jedi pupil. His ship had become damaged and he’d had some time getting what he needed to get it repaired.

Luke wheeled around and saw a bedraggled person, bloody from head to toe.


"LUKE, is it really you, Laddie?"

Then he noticed that the bedragglement once had been grand finery. He peered more closely. "Is that really you, Kiri?" He was so surprised that he had not realized he had echoed her words.

"Aye, Laddie, tis meself. I be not lookin me best. I were all dressed up fer this dance, but me dancin clothes be ruined. Wha brings you here?"

Coming closer, Luke answered, "I came to see about Season. Is she all right?"

"Aye, they got her inna bacta tank on ona the Alliance ships hoverin above. Did she call ya? Tis been a terrible, fierce battle fought here."

"Are YOU all right? How much of that is your blood?"

" I be fine. None o’ this blood be mine." Then she noticed a small gash on her arm. Upon examining it, she saw the marks of a iron burn. "Well, not much of it is mine, anyway." She then got a little bit woozy from the iron. "Season fought like a veteran Jedi on this battlefield."

Stepping forward suddenly, Luke asked, "Can I help you with some Force healing on that?"

"Nay, Luke, nothin can truly hurt me anymore, remember. I can only have these kind o’ hurts mended by Sidhe magic now. Mortal healing, even if it be through the Force, hae no effect on my kind." Kiri falls forward, not in pain, but in her exuberance to hug Luke.

Luke grinned and hugged her back. "I've missed you, Kiri."

She stepped back and made him twirl about so she could get a good look at him. Then she commented, " Ye havena changed, Laddie. Is the Alliance treatin ya right? Oh Luke, I miss you verra much, but it seems so long since I was in ..."

"...yes?" Luke prompted.

"It all seems like now a dream ta me, bein in the mortal realm and all. Time moves so differently here, I canna recall how long ago I was in the Alliance."

"It has been several years since you went over to the Other Side. I have been away or I would have been a part of this battle. I got stranded with a ship I could not repair while seeking out another Jedi pupil. I have a Jedi Academy now, you see."

"Tis alright, Laddie, I know ye woulda come if ya could. I wouldna let Prism be here. Had tae keep her safe."

Luke nodded in understanding. "Exactly what was the outcome of this battle?"

"Well, Laddie, ye can see the devastation. The Keeps be in ruin and many be dead on the field of battle, but the Highlanders no be subjected. In time, we of the Sidhe can

mend all the Keeps and crops, but we ha tae gather our strength for the task. We willna let the Imps hae their way wi’ us."

She looked around, gesturing to the scenic view. "Luke, come awa’ home wi’ me tae the Isle for a while."

Knowing that Season was in good hands, Luke replied, "I can't think of anything I would rather do. I have a few days I could spend with you."

She took his hand and led him to the shore line where he could see a beautiful sea ship, finely carved and with a dragon head prow, the sail of iridescent shimmer silk. Luke marveled at how much like a young boy he felt in Kiri's presence since her 'change'.

Kiri pointed to the ship and said teasingly, "Come on, I'll race ya." They reached the ship and Luke saw those of Silverflight that had crossed The Veil with her. Tylen was playing his favorite harp. He, too, was bloodstained

"Tylen! Hello! I trust you are also unhurt." The music was causing Luke's feet to twitch a bit. He waved to the others, truly glad to see them again.

"Aye, Lad, no more than a wee scratch tae me cheek. Come aboard and relax; there be a feast waitin for us back at our Keep."

Luke clambered aboard alongside Kiri.

The wind died down and the ship sailed directly into a very heavy mist. The others began to row with finely carved oars while Kiri stood at the prow, her arms spread wide: she was directing the mist to hide them

Luke stood behind Kiri at a distance, watching closely all around himself.

Suddenly a breathtaking view came into sight, amethyst and gold colored cliffs. They beached the ship and walked along the forest path to the castle. Luke saw many Sidhe at play, some locked in combat, some dancing and some playing at various games.

As they neared the gate of the castle, Kiri's guards come running to her side. They bowed slightly and acknowledged Luke. "Welcome, Milord Skywalker."

Luke bowed his head in return and smiled.

They entered the castle and climbed the short stairway to the Great Hall. There was much food piled high on golden platters. There were tiny lights everywhere and tall ornate candelabras. Kiri showed Luke to the seat of honor next to her king and sat on the other side of him. The king greeted Luke warmly. Luke turned to view the room and saw 'the old guy' and his lady also sitting at the high table

"Greetings Sir, and My Lady." Luke would never get used to the grandeur of Kiri's life with the Sidhe folk.

Tylen and Brax sat next to Kiri and Luke,. with Brax's da Lochnagar a bit further down sitting next to Kiri’s da Jarek.

Suddenly after all was quieted down Kiri's piper began to play a battle march, food was served--lots of it: fine roasted meats of many kinds, roots, greens of many types and the ale never seemed to run low.

Luke turned to Kiri and raised his goblet. He suddenly noticed that even though they’d never left his side, Kiri and Tylen were now clean and dressed in new finery. Luke glanced down at his own ordinary Jedi gear of solid black and then at the rest of the throng. No one seemed to feel he was out of place at all in his dress. Indeed he wasn't--he was the honored guest.

He saw many shields, swords and banners hanging on the walls as well as finely embroidered tapestries. He was glad no one tempted him with Faerie wine..!

Luke took in the long room and wondered at the ancient design of its decorations.

Kiri read his thoughts about the decor. "It hae all been here for thousands and thousands of years, as mortals reckon time."

Luke nodded slowly. It was hard for him to fathom. Even a Jedi Master would have a hard time with that remark!

"Luke, the Sidhe made this place long ages ago. Look, here comes the entertainment." Jugglers and many dancers and musicians started performing in the middle of the hall.

Not getting to hear or see such sights very often, Luke was soon tapping his feet.

Kiri saw what his feet were doing and pulled him very quickly up to dance, amid cheers of delight. He knew better than to resist. Luke joined in wholeheartedly. In a few seconds he was copying the steps. Kiri wouldn't let any of the maidens cut in.

After a few tunes, all of Kiri's boys led them off to her and Tylen's private dining hall where they lounged by a roaring fire to talk. Tylen played a flute very softly in the background.

Later that night, Luke had a tower room to himself with a high bed and as many fluffy pillows as he could desire.

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