DESTINY'S CHILDREN:"The Revelation" Part I

by Courtney Kraft and Debbie Casselbury

Psylocke had never felt so tense before.  Knowing that the Emperor
walking beside her knowing that she was tense only made her more
tense.  It was difficult to maintain a professional disposition when
these thoughts were plaguing her mind.  She had been noticing these
things lately.  Ever since the Emperor had picked her out of a crowd
a few months ago, her world had been turned upside-down.  There was
something he knew something she wanted him to tell her.

She listened to the sound of her own dress shoes as they clacked
against the hard floors of the ESD ECLIPSE.  She had never been on
his ship before.  What was even stranger was how they got there.  A
few days before, Psylocke had received an invitation from Emperor
Palpatine to join him for a night of theater at the Baroness Riven's
new estate.   Overwhelmed at first, she had even bought a new black,
double-breasted suit for the occasion.  She pulled her hair back into
a sleek ponytail and even applied a little makeup.  After the
performance, they had been immediately escorted by shuttle to the
Eclipse.  Now here she was walking down the hall with the most
powerful man in the galaxy with no idea where she was going.

The Emperor glanced over at her and said, "I sense you are not quite
content in this environment, Psylocke."

Psylocke wanted to mention something about asking him to address her
as Captain Lammshta, but she decided to keep her mouth shut.  She
wasn't really on duty anyway.  Instead she said, "Your Majesty has
never invited me onto his ship before...nor anywhere for that

"You must adjust your expectations, my dear. You were meant to be
treated as such.  You have much to offer the Empire..."

"Thank you..." her voice trailed off as she summed up her bravery.
"Your Majesty, may I ask you something?"

"Of course, young one."

She stopped walking, and looked right at him, her eyes unblinking,
then blurted out boldly, "Why this sudden interest in me?"

"You will find out very soon.   Come with me."

All expression on her face fell, then she turned and began walking
forward again.  She followed his lead as he guided her down toward a
door at the end of the hall.  He waved his hand over the lock, and
the door slid open with a hiss.  They  stepped into his private
office.  Psylocke had never seen an office so immense.   It had a
cathedral ceiling, one large desk, and several strange sculptures
along the walls.  Her eyes drifted around, fascinated by the art, but
trying not to show it.

The Emperor beckoned her to sit before the desk. He stood on the
other side and leaned over to peer at her. "Your force ability seems
dormant, Psylocke. If I didn't know better, I would think you are
blocking it - hiding it from me."

Psylocke leaned back slightly, wide eyed, heart pounding.
"I...didn't realize I had Force abilities."

"You must have realized.... There may be...nightmares, strange
sensations in your life.  Are you experiencing any of these things,
young one?

"I have had odd dreams at times...sometimes even prophetic, if you
will. I once had a dream that I stabbed Admiral Metieh , of course
this was during the time that Princess Leia had been on our
side...never trusted her."  She shakes her head.  "But...there have
been other things...Sometimes, I'll think of something, then someone
will say it aloud...or I'll look at something and it falls over. I
never really thought of it as Force potential. Is that what you

"Yes...and you know this is part of you.  Such incidents show an
internal source of power..."

Psylocke looked away from him briefly.

The Emperor frowned at her.  "I sense you are reluctant to accept

"I wasn't exactly raised with it.  Never really interested me, I

"Oh, but you *must*, my need to understand where it came
from.  Why you can do all these things and...who you are....yes..."
His yellow eyes bore into hers.   "Who you are..." A wicked grin
started to cross his face.

Psylocke shifted forward, started to bite her lip, then quickly
stopped.  "So you *did* know Port Lansing."

"Yes I did...but there is more...much more.  How much do you
know...about your family?"  She looked down at the desk, frustrated
that she couldn't tell him yes.  "I wasn't raised by my parents. My
legal guardian refused to tell me anything."

"How much have you heard about the history of this galaxy before the
Jedi purge, Psylocke?"

"I know of the Clone Wars, and how Lord Vader exterminated most of
the Jedi."

"Were you ever taught about the Old Republic...what happened before
its demise?"

"I never had public education really. I received private tutoring
from my legal guardian until I got my scholarship to the Academy.
Even there, my education was very focused on my physical well as qualitative physics.  Even so, I don't remember
much of my classes in was never really my thing, so to

" must have been told about the Senate. There was
dissention, and Naboo was attacked. There was a duel between some
force users...two Jedi knights and...a Sith Lord named...Darth
Maul."  He looked at her intensely, searching for some sort of
reaction to the name.

Psylocke's eyes distanced from the scene, trying to think back to her
lessons from the Academy.  "I remember a few things about the Senate,
but I have never anything about those Jedi or a Sith Lord by that

"You should. Darth Maul was my apprentice ...and he is your ancestor
--you are a direct descendant...."

Her eyes slowly traced back up to his, her jaw slowly falling, and
her heart pounding... ""

The Emperor gazed at her with a brief smile. "Indeed.  Maul is your
grandfather, Psylocke. You have inherited his Force traits.  Maul
died under the hand of Obi-Wan Kenobi ...a terrible loss -- he was my
finest apprentice ...and it is you that will take his is
your destiny."


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