By Courtney Kraft and Debbie Casselbury

Psylocke remained utterly still. She pulled her eyes away and let out her
held breath. Slowly, she raised her hand to cover her mouth, trembling.
"No one told me...anything....How do you know this?"

His eyes locked onto hers with a controlling gaze. "They would never have
told you the truth. You would be threat to them. In this matter, the truth
is important. You must be able to make a choice. I want freedom
to go where you yourself...well -- this is what you are and you
must train as a Sith. All these things will come to you, just as you
dreamed it would--"

"What things." Psylocke muttered under her breath.

The Emperor continued. "When I saw you practicing your physical art,
something stirred in me. Your movements were so much like Maul's that I
had to investigate...I always suspected that my apprentice's seed would
reveal itself. Your father was Maul's offspring."

Her expression changed, as she felt a flame of anger start to burn. Her
eyes start to water. "So that's why you want me...for him?"

"Yes...I want you. Not for him, but for me. I will make you the finest
Sith champion that ever lived..." He gave her a sudden rush of a bolt of lightning it blinded her and pushed her onto the

"Ahh!" She hit the floor with a thud, then slowly pushed herself up,
shaking. She softly muttered under her breath, "Just like everyone want me because of somebody else..."

He walked around the desk and looked down at her. "This is as you are
now...this is your place at this moment--but it will change...everything
will will change." He smiled wickedly. "Use your force
ability [and lift this chair. Do it] , Psylocke. You can and you will..."

Appalled and horrified at his approach, she started to crawl back away
from him. "I don't want to be a Sith..."

"Your physical talents and stamina serve you well, but there is more to
you. Look inside, young one.

You have great potential. I have seen it! You may not want to be
Sith...but at this moment you have begun to walk that path."
"It can't be...this can't be my destiny..."

He took a step in closer. "Unlike your foster parent, I welcome your
anger as a source of strength. You cannot avoid your destiny, my future were meant to be a great Sith, and you will enjoy your new
life. There will be many who look to you in awe."

"She stops inching back. "Did Master Annan know?"

"Master.? Ah yes, Master Annan.He kept the truth from you."
She shook her head. ""

"Look at me, Psylocke. I am your master now."


The yellow eyes seemed to become two angry flames as he stared down at
her. "I expected some disbelief from you, but not resistance! I expected
much more. Do you think you can shun who you are, what you are made of?
The Emperor's voice lowered to a menacing pitch. Give me your
confirmation. Now."

Psylocke didn't look at him. The Emperor frowned at her. "You will serve
me. Indeed! I have foreseen it , Psylocke!"

"Leave me alooone!" Her final word pierced the air with a
glass-shattering shriek. Her chair, the desk, and the floor under her
started to vibrate; then fly outward in a bubble around her, denting the
desk, and slightly caving in the floor beneath her. The Emperor didn't even
flinch as he detoured the chair and debris that flew in his direction.
Slowly, an excited smile started crossing his face.

Psylocke grasped at her chest, gasping for air...stunned at the power that
erupted from inside her.

"It appears you are stronger than I thought. And even stronger than you
though," he said, dryly Relax, my dear. I will train you how to do these
things and feel at ease."

"What...what happened?"

"Do you even understand what you have done? You have utilized the force,
controlled the elements around you, and your anger made you powerful You
used the dark do you think I became Emperor, my dear? I have
the same talents you do...only more, much more...

Psylocke was trembling by then, tears streaming down her face. She
briskly wiped them away with her hand, trying to hide them. "I don't know
if I'm ready for this...."

"Force users are usually discovered at a very young age. You are much
older but your intelligence and skill will make up for that. You are still
the same young woman you were when you walked in that door, only you have
discovered who you are and what you are capable of."

Slowly, Psylocke pulled herself up, walked over to the chair, straightened
it, then slumped back down in it. "Tell me more...about Darth Maul."

"He was my apprentice. The most highly trained Sith in the history of the
order. Obedient almost to a fault...his face was tattooed with symbols...he
was tall and had vestigial horns on his head. It frightened his opponents
but his strength and skill was what made him great. Watching you in the
arena, He would have been proud of you, Psylocke. He was unbeatable too."

Her brows furrowed, and her hand unconsciously feels her head for horns.

The Emperor's proud memories started to fade, as did his nostalgic smile.
"Until those meddling Jedis showed up."

Psylocke finally looked up at him, suddenly feeling his shift in mood. Her
voice dropped. "And this Kenobi killed him? You said there were two Jedi."
"Yes...there were two Jedi knights. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Maul
killed the first one, but died under the hand of Kenobi. The Jedi Council
then knew that we Sith had returned...suspicious eyes were upon us."

"Jinn....that Octavia woman!" Her eyes darted around. "No wonder!"

The Emperor turned to Psylocke and smiled again. " noticed her in
the arena. So did I. I want to fight her to the death...isn't
that so?"

Psylocke didn't respond.

"This Octavia Jedi student has obvious skill. She survived the fights,and
she used the Force, or didn't you notice that?"

"I...I noticed. A part of me sees no logic in killing her...but...I feel
something deeper. I feel...a balance." 

"You must learn to use the Force as well. The dark side of the Force is
stronger, Psylocke...much stronger. She would be no match for you, but you
must learn and train as my apprentice."

Psylocke sat there, so overwhelmed by everything that had been revealed to
her. "I...I don't know. I need time to think about this." Suddenly, her
thoughts drifted to someone else in her life, then she quickly pushed him
out of her thoughts, knowing the Emperor could sense her feelings.

"Ah yes...I expect me to stop you, but you are mistaken, dear.
I will let you think about this. You will come to understand who you are
and what you are meant to do. By serving me, you will go places, be someone
others look up to. It is your choice. I don't believe anyone can
influence you to reject this choice. You are Maul's granddaughter...a
Sith...and I am your master."

"...master....?" She let the word roll off her tongue. 

"Yes. Master."

"I'm's just so much to take in." She sighed, trying to calm
herself. "So you really think I can live up to him?"

"Yes. I believe you can live up to was plain to me, watching
you in that arena, that you are Maul's granddaughter! I was most
impressed! I do understand your state of mind. It is a shock to discover
these profound things, Psylocke. Just ponder over are an
intelligent girl. You will make the right choice."

"Silently, she stood, and crossed over to him until she was only a foot
away. "I'm not his granddaughter. I'm Psylocke Jago Lammashta...his
successor. "I'll prove to you my skill is of my own doing, not his," she
said very matter-of-factly. "I will make my own name. I don't need his."

The Emperor didn't move an inch. "I'm not asking that you to change your
name, my dear...and your boldness only shows your sense of will. You can
reject your association as Maul's granddaughter and state yourself as his
successor if you wish, but you must accept me as your master."

Psylocke kept her eyes locked on his. "I'll train under you," she uttered
defiantly, "but I will do it for myself, not because of him."

"I may have wanted you because I knew you had Maul's genes, but I am
confident that you will surpass him, you will win my approval not as Maul's
descendent, but as yourself, Psylocke. You will become my finest
apprentice! Just say you will obey me as your Emperor and your master."

Psylocke paused, unflinching to the outside observer, but inside, the
clockwork of her brain was working away. "Where do we begin?"

"I will give you a month and then you will come directly to the capital.
When you have completed your training. Concentration and focus will be our
goals until you have finished your Sith training. I won't prevent you from
going. You are not a prisoner."

"I'd like to return to home. I have some business to take care of before I

(end of story as well)

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