Saturday Night at the SilverStorm

By Courtney Kraft

Luna slid an order slip over the counter to Haruka. "One house special!"
she called.

"I can read, Luna," Haruka growled as she snatched up the order slip.

Luckily, Luna had already turned away and didn't hear any of Haruka's usual
moans and gripes about her. She stolled about the room, checking in on the
customers. Usual gang...but these two men. They didn't look local. She
headed back to the kitchen.



"There are some guys out there, definately not locals...look kinda scary."

"Luna, to you, everyone looks scary." Haruka shoved two plates in her
hands with a wicked smile. "Here's their food. Why don't you chat with
them for a while? Maybe they're looking for a beautiful red-haired slave
girl to sell to the Hutts."

Luna smiled brightly. "Miss Haruka, you really think I'm pretty?"

Haruka's smile fell off her face. She had to remember that she just
couldn't threaten Luna with sarcasm. "If they give you any trouble, just


Luna returned to the dining room with the plates and gently placed them
down on the table before the two spacers. "Here you go, gentlemen," she
said lightly. "So what brings you to this part of the galaxy? I hear guys
like you are looking for young pretty red-haired girls to sell as slaves to
the Hutts. Haruka says I'm pretty enough but I don't know if I like the
Hutts enough to work for them then again anything is probably better than
working for her she's crazy and if you don't eat with good manners boy are
you going to get it have you ever eaten her food before she travels you
know all over the place to find exotic receipies and spices...."

Luna continued on for another minute before finally pausing to take a

Luna turned to leave and accidently knocked Leonard's drink over spilling
it all over him and Roc. "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! Let me go get you a towel." She
scurried off and returned seconds later with a towel.

She handed it to Roc. "There you go. Sorry again. Hey, you should know
that Miss Haruka does a LOT of traveling. She might be interested in going
on this cruise you mentioned." 

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