Saturday Night at the Silverstorm, Introduction

By Courtney Kraft

Greetings everyone. This is the official openning roleplay of the
Silverstorm restaurant and cantina. It is located on the planet Seyruun, a
neutral world, in the quiet neighborhood of Ithaca, just down the street
from the Ohtori Academy. Caution: there are many college students in the
area. The Silverstorm is an open roleplaying forum for anyone who needs a
setting for some roleplay, introduce characters, excercise NPCs, or who
just wants to hang out and have a good time with the locals. we go!

With an incredible swiftness, Haruka Silverstorm sliced a Grabo fish into
thin, neat slices and slid them into a pot of boiling wanter. Then she
whipped around and yanked a baked macala out of the oven, dropped it on the
counter, and sprinked some vanice cheese over it. "Luna!" she shouted.
"Order's up!"

A moment later, a bright eyed, red haired young woman appeared on the other
side of the counter. "Chill out, Haruka," she said, picking up several
plates. "I've got it covered!" She flashed Haruka a wide grin and turned
away to deliver the order.

Haruka growled and turned back to her cooking. Within less than a second,
she heard a lound, multiple impacting crash in the dining room. Her hand
tightened on her cleaver. "Luuuuunaaaa!"

She stomped out of the kitchen after a quick glance at the boiling fish.
Before her eyes were several customers covered with their dinners. Haruka
smacked herself on the forehead and took a deep breath. Her eyes fell upon
the clumsy waitress who was grinning sheepishly and trembling. "Heh heh

Haruka's eye widened with rage. "Oops! Oops? That's all you have to
say?" Her left eye started to twitch, and her knuckles turned white with
her iron grip on the cleaver. Slowly, she started to make her way over to
Luna, raising the hand with the cleaver. "You...are so..."

A hand grabbed Haurka's wrist as she started to bring down the cleaver.
She whirled around to strike whoever grabbed her, and stopped suddenly.

The wolfman before her pulled her into his arms and deeply kissed her.
After a long moment, he let her back up and swept a locke of blue hair off
her face. "Haruka, really now, you can't go killing all the waitresses who
screw up."

"But...but Luna--"

"No buts! The last thing you need is to have her sister come in here and
Dragonslave your butt."

Haruka frowned slightly, but visibly relaxed. "You're right," she sighed.
She looked back at Luna, who had turned white as a sheet by then. "Clean
them up and apologize," Haruka ordered, "and maybe you can keep your job."

Luna's bright smile returned. "Oh Miss Haruka!" she squealed. Then, she
quickly turned and started to pick up the broken plates.

Haruka turned back to Kyro. "I'm glad you're here. Saturdays are big with
the Ohtori Academy kids."

"Aw, you can handle them."

"I hope so...I just have a feeling it's going to be a long night."

(OOC: Okay, people go for it! Bring 'em in, and have a great time!)

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