Senses or Lack Thereof

By Amanda Wilcoxen, Ginna Wilcoxen

Octavia knew she was awake but her eyes refused to open or if they were 
opened she couldn't see anything but darkness. Trying to move a hand in 
front of her face she didn't feel anything. Perhaps her limbs weren't 
responding after all she didn't feel the elbow bend. 

Memory  what had happened? The restaurant  the feeling of being watched  
then  they were attacked. Medenna? Where was Medenna? They were attacked 
after they left the restaurant and Medenna crying out in pain, then blaster 
fire and pain and the overwhelming feeling of darkness. 

Octavia tried not thinking about not seeing or feeling instead she tried to 
stretch out with the Force to see if she could find Medenna. Only she felt 
nothing, the Force wasn't there. Just like Mykr it didn't exist. 

Whoever attacked them had placed them in a force dampening cell Octavia 
remembered feeling one of those at Port Lansing just before the Emperor  no 
she needed to stop those thoughts. Calming herself Octavia tried to think 
clearly, it was so hard. The people who attacked had been prepared for Jedi, 
but one question still remained if she was restrained why couldn't she feel 
the restraints? 

Panic threatened to rise in the pit of her stomach, yet it never fully rose. 
Could it be happening again? Were they going to be taken to another set of 
gladiatorial games? What of Medenna? She wouldn't be able to face such 
games; she was to young  too innocent. Just like Victoria too innocent. 

Octavia tried to relax and to push what panic she felt down. She needed to 
keep track of her senses and to stop it from overcoming her, yet her thoughts 
wondered to Medenna, she had to stay strong for her, had to help her but 
first she had to help herself. 


Medenna couldn't understand why she couldn't see, where was the Force? Why 
couldn't she feel the Force? Where was Octavia? Is this what if felt like to 
be dead? 

Medenna tried to move but couldn't feel anything, no floor; walls not even 
her own fingers or body. What was happening? 

She tried to think of the lessons that the teachers drilled into them, but 
how did you accomplish those tasks especially the mediation without the use 
of the Force? 

'Octavia!' Medenna screamed in her mind. 

Medenna tried to move, but soon became exhausted at trying, Dark sleep 
overtook her and she felt herself floating. 


Medenna felt like crying, how long had she been like this? Why hadn't anyone 
talked to her, or asked her any questions? Was she truly dead? Or was this 
some sick joke? 

Medenna saw the other student's back on Yavin they were laughing and pointing 
fingers at her. Finally Medenna's eyes came to rest on Octavia, Medenna 
tried to yell to her but couldn't hear herself speak she couldn't talk! 

Octavia went to say something to her, but Medenna couldn't hear her. Panic 
once again tried to creep into her thoughts. 'Stop it!' Medenna yelled at 
herself, 'This isn't real  this isn't real.' 

Memories, what did she remember? A beggar who needed help, she had given him 
a few credit he thanked her and rose to leave that was when the blaster fire 
who had done this? 

Medenna felt horrible, she wanted to scream but she couldn't hear if she did 
by the Force what did she get herself into? 

"Medenna you'll never make it as a Jedi you can't control yourself." Again 
the voices from some of the students from Yavin yelled at her. 

Medenna tried to put her hands over her ears but couldn't feel her hands. 
'Stop it!' Medenna yelled 'Stop it!' 


Octavia was tired. She was tired of trying to make sense out of this new 
situation, tired of fighting to feel something anything. 

How many days had she been here? She never thought she'd miss the feeling of 
the Living Force what she wouldn't give to feel it once again. 

'Medenna.' Octavia spoke the name in her mind as if by saying it the young 
girl would appear. 

Octavia stared out into the darkness she heard the roar of a crowd the cheers 
were extremely loud. 

"Next we have a young inexperienced Jedi straight from Yavin, Medenna will 
face one Victoria Syn in a battle to the death." 

Again the roar of the crowd filled Octavia's ears. "NO!" Octavia tried to 
scream. "NO! Medenna can't face her, she's not ready to face the dark!" 


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