Single Humanoid Female

by Courtney Kraft


Greetings all! This story begins a series of short comic (mis)adventures about Psylocke. It will eventually lead into some roleplay, but for now...enjoy!

        It was too hot.
        No...maybe it was the bed. was the same one she always had.  Maybe it was the room.
        No, she'd been there a week already.
        Whatever it was, Lt. Psylocke Lammashta couldn't sleep.  Then
again, so many life changing events happening in such a short amount of
time could be the cause of insomnia for some.  She couldn't deny that her
life did a compete 180 within a matter or days.  The Emperor himself had
hand picked her for the royal Red Guard.  It was one heck of a career
change, working privately for Vice Admiral Metieh, then joining such a
prestigious group.  Fears of total assimilation had plagued her thoughts
at times, but she had to keep in mind that this was a step up in the
career world.
        Then there was Lon.  How could she have known that he was Han
Solo's son?  The idea hadn't even crossed her mind until he had
practically confessed to it.  Oh the irony.  It was like a play she had
read in the Academy but she couldn't remember the name.
        Coruscant.  Now that was a change.  Psylocke had been to the city
planet before, but it felt so different living there.  It was gigantic
compared to Cloud City, Bespin.  At least her apartment was nice.  It
lacked for the view, but it would serve its purpose.  But the cost of
living so was much higher here.
        Her blood pressure rose just at the thought of getting a room
        Perhaps that was just what she needed....companionship.  Oh boy,
that was a bit much.  She liked Lon and all, but with the new
complication in their relationship, it probably wasn't the best idea to
ask him to move in.  The problem was that she needed someone to keep her
from going crazy with boredom...and to also split some of the bills.  She
really didn't know anyone of Coruscant though.
        Maybe I should start smaller, she thought.
        With the depressing loneliness slowing her heart rate, she felt
her body relax as she started to drift off to sleep.  Then, as if a bolt
of lightning had struck her, she shot awake again with a terrifying
        I want a pet!

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