Split Personalities Epilogue

By: Dora Furlong

Darana was recaptured from luke Skywalker by Avon and Shade. She then had
both sides reintegrated by the core household members, luke Skywalker and
Serris Surragar.  

Darana began the next morning by questioning all of her household
individually then called a full meeting with everyone present. This is
the her second morning from Darana's view point.


	Darana lay awake in her quarters at Port Lansing Station. Eventually, 
she would have to get up, but for now she preferred to remain in bed. Shade
continued to kneel at the foot of her bed, while Klaw lay silently curled up
beside her. 
	Darana was not unused to being surrounded by her personnel while she
slept, it was simply that she did not have full control over Shade. Since he
insisted, "For the good of the household", on following her twenty
four hours a day, seven days a week, he was, is, and would continue, to
learn far more about her than she was comfortable with.  
	She stretched and absent mindedly began to pet the huge white
tiger next to her. Normally, Klaw was the only one she ever allowed in
her quarters while she traveled and in the house itself...well he had
access only to her quarters on the higher level, but no one invaded her
personal quarters on the lower levels. There she was guarded by her most
trusted of all, her personal servants and hand maids.   
	Darana trusted them completely; she oversaw the conditioning of
each individual herself. She had their tongues cut out, and they were
blinded and deafened. She had nothing she wanted to hear from them and
they had nothing to say to her. They knew the world through perfect,
controllable cybernetic senses. It was not appropriate for anyone to know
her in her private, and most defenseless, weakest moments. 
	People were unpredictable and therefore could not be completely 
trusted; they are the weakest link in any security regime and droids
were programmed by people. She never felt safe. Her path was dangerous and
full of deceit. The Sith might object to her acts of lightness, and 
the rebels simply objected to her on principle. So, Darana allowed 
those who were predictable to guard her. 
	It never used to be that way for her, but ever since her capture 
by Daniel Tarkenien, Darana had became a very difficult person to access. 
She vowed to never again be used as a weapon against the Empire she served. 
	The household guard claimed it was an honor to be chosen as her
personal protectors and servants, but to their private relief she chose
none of them. The guards knew that once a person disappeared into the lower
levels, they tended not to reappear. Her personal guards were always those who
had been rebels or outlaws, and those who had attempted to kill her. She mind
burned and reprogrammed them herself, it amused her to have her would be
assassins as her protectors. 
	The process was irreversible for them. Those who had been rebels
and outlaws, she could someday release if she chose; not that anyone would
ever notice and if they did, well, that was her business. If they
questioned further, they could always find out first hand how her system
	Her thoughts turned back to Shade. She would have to deal with
him, but now and by making him another mindless drone was not appropriate. She
was too weak and incapable of defending herself against him if required.  Which
was another reason why she had called for Lilith. She realized how bad things
had gotten in the household. Shade had been the one to hold off Arcturus and
see to the reunion of Darana's two sides, but he wielded to much power in the
household alone and he was too close to the circumstances to assist her in
taking back control. He had to be a part of the situation, not separated from
it. Shade would always flank her to protect her and that alone would be
separation between him and the rest of the household.
	Lilith had served Darana's purpose perfectly. The majority of the
household did not know her and Darana didn't bother to introduce her. She
merely gathered the household together and began questioning them about
their activities while she was away. When the meeting reached a point
that Darana would no longer be able to continue, she simply handed it over
to Lilith to run. The thought of inflicting pain on any member of the
household disgusted her. The orders she gave to Lilith to break Regina
had been difficult enough. When it came time to test Arcturus,  Darana
barely had the strength to stare him down when he spoke against the death she
was about to impose upon Regina.
	Shade's stoic presence gave her the strength to continue and 
Darana turned the meeting back over to Lilith. She focused her attentions 
mostly on the household; reading their reactions to the events going on. Lilith 
emphasized her main point perfectly; Darana was in charge, in control 
and would be obeyed. Lilith also served to redirect the household's 
attention away from her and her current weakened state. It worked, they 
all believed she was stronger than she really was.
	In truth, Darana despised the circumstances and used that to project 
back at them. The actions Lilith had taken at that meeting and
the thought of executing Arcturus made her ill. So instead, she used their 
fear, anger and concern, to add to her own dislike, emphasize her own darkness.
	When it was almost over, she focused in on Takara. What had the
girl done this time for her to be so concerned about. She admitted the
truth but only through her own sweet time. Darana was going to have to
work on the girl's acceptance of responsibility for her actions. Which was
in part why she assigned her as Rook's apprentice... to learn how to run
the household. If she wanted to play with the security system computers,
let her learn what it is like having to handle the administration she was
placing at risk. Wasting computing cycles, on any machine, is poor judgment.
	In the end, it all came back to Arcturus. She was going to have to
execute him and there was no way around it. He gave her no choice. If she
allowed him to live, the household would start questioning her. His
loyalties lie above the Empire, the household, and Darana. She would lose their
respect. This was going to be the most difficult thing she ever had to do.
	Darana sighed and sat up. Shade opened his eyes and watched her
move about the room. He could feel the conflict within her. He wanted
to reassure her but, this was something she had to work through on her
own. He realized she was not comfortable with trusting him completely and
wondered when, where, and how she would act.
	Time passed. Darana presented herself at Court, was welcomed back, 
the Jedi trainee Darana had released on her word returned and the 
household, plus several additions, returned to Coruscant. The Jedi trainee even
understood the reasons for the execution and attended it, which took place,
only appropriately, on household grounds.
	The path was now set. Darana began slowly to heal. With her, so
did the household. Old and new members  alike each filling a portion of the rift
that Arcturus' death left.

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