Regarding Transmission: Percival Bay

By Phaedra Whitlock

Cyn took her new uniform back to her bunk and slit the cord binder. Behind
her Raych was getting into hers, duty shift started in 20 minutes. "How does
it look?" Cyn was afraid to see for herself.

Raych smoothed down the front panels, adjusted the buttons and peered at
herself. Flaming red hair and pale complexion went well with her coloring,
the touch of green in the waistcoat highlighted her eyes and saved her from
looking washed out. She turned around to look at the coat tails. "It's...
interesting. Take a look Cyn."

~I knew it.~ Slowly Cyn opened the plain paper and knew, just knew, that
somewhere, Hawkwood was feeling the same as she was.

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