Split Personalities Chp2 The Meeting

Armand Banooni,PAt Betz, Mark Cogan, Dora Furlong, Patrick Furlong, Kathy Kehoe, Rahel Schmueter, Rob Smith, and Lisa VanHouten.

- --
OOC: This meeting occurred before Port Lansing's current... troubles started.
;-) Around the second week of January 2000.
- --

Shade and Michael enter the meeting room and immediately begin researching the 
renegade Sith's star system as well as Alliance space. Star maps are produced
and spread out, along with known planet environment data, nearest star
bases--even recent known localized traffic data is found and made presentable.
The others arrive and join in the research. Silver, Eric, Takara and Rook
arrive close together. Shade tells them that Arcturus will arrive shortly, and
he will start the meeting then. As they continue researching, they receive a
message from Avon saying that she is going after the Alliance "package."

When Arcturus enters the room, Shade closes the door. "For the non-Force
users," he says, "Darana is in trouble. She has been attacked in some way, and
her being has been split into two parts." His face is expressionless, but his
eyes burn.

"Is that why I don't feel her any more?" Rook asks.

"That would be my guess, yes. Her essence is split, so each piece is only so 

"Do you know where?"

"One "piece" is moving into Alliance space. Avon is going after that portion.
The other "piece" is headed towards this planet." He points at the star charts.
"That is ours to go after. I suggest that we send in a small force, preferably
two at most, to find and retrieve Darana. I want Michael and myself to be those
two, and here's the reason. Rook, you and Arcturus will be bringing in the
fleet of Star Destroyers about 12 hours after Michael and I land. We should
have located Darana by then. As you two attack the planet's defenses, we will
use the confusion to get Darana back and leave the planet. Once we're out, you
slag the planet. Drive these bastards into oblivion for daring to touch

Arcturus interrupts: "Bad idea. All of those ships showing up is bound to be 
disastrous. It will alert them before we have time to get in place. I suggest a
more subtle approach. There is a mercenary group of Zeltrons that have their
own ship, the Lovers Embrace.  I've had contact with them before, and I think
they can get you down to the planet without being detected."

Shade pauses for a moment, staring hard at Arcturus. "Very well. We'll get
revenge later. If no one has any further suggestions?"

Michael surveys the group. His eyes land on Arcturus. "How is it that you trust
these mercenaries? Are you certain they will not report this to the Alliance?"

Arcturus looks straight back at Michael. "They are neutral mercs, not aligned
to the Alliance or the Empire. If it's in their contract not to say anything,
they won't say anything.  As a former mercenary, I know what keeps contracts
coming in, and ratting out a former employer isn't it. A merc lives by their
reputation. If I had any doubts about them, I wouldn't even suggest it.
Besides, even if the Alliance DID find out, what could they do?  Do you really
think they would attempt to penetrate a planet controlled by rogue Sith?  As
for the 'other half' of Darana, I don't intend to let them know about that."

Michael considers Arcturus' words carefully. Arcturus was right. If it was in
the contract... He is still distrustful; but he could always kill them later if
need be. He nods to Arcturus. "I was merely considering all the possibilities."

"Michael," Shade interjects, "there comes a time when one must work with others
regardless. This is such a time. "

"Yes, Shade" Michael responds.

"Anyone else?" Shade queries the rest of the group. Rook seems as though he
might say something, but changes his mind and scribbles some notes on a pad of

"How shall I help?" asks Silver quietly.

"Silver, it is time for you to accept responsibility in the house. You will be
in charge while we are gone. Takara, you will stay to help and advise. Eric you
will be with us. We need you to brief us on everything you know about this
planet. You spent enough time infiltrated in the group that they may still see 
you as one of their own. Any information you have may be useful. Arcturus, can
you have the mercs meet us away from here? The renegades may be watching us for
a reaction."

"Yes, I'll make the arrangements," says Arcturus. "Katherine Winter will
probably be coming with the other mercs. Most of you know her; she's worked for
the Household before, and for Darana in particular."

Shade nods. "Then let's go get ready. Arcturus, will you take Michael and Eric
with you? Rook and I will meet you where we're to meet the mercs?"

"Since they would be looking for a reaction, surely they would be watching any 
ships in the household," Arcturus points out. "It's best that all but one
remain on their designated patrols. Any major shift in routine would be surely
tip them off."

"Rook and I will leave, headed for Port Lansing as if looking for merc help,
and then double back to the rendezvous," Shade says. "These folks are not dumb.
They know we are coming for them."

Michael stands, handing data chips to Arcturus and Shade, "Here's a secure
channel; send me the meeting coordinates. Since I normally travel alone, it
would be noteworthy for me to leave with any of you."

Rook does not rise from his seated position. He has his fingers steepled before
his chest.  "Silver, Takara, I will brief you before I leave in preparation for
your roles during our absence.  For now, you are dismissed."

Takarra shrugs. "Sure." She gets up from her chair and eyes Silver with a 
mischievous look. "C'mon, Silver. Let's go bake some cookies while our daring
men folk rush off into the heat of battle to rescue our fearless leader. It'll
be fun."

Silver looks worried as she follows Takarra out. "Isn't that what you said the
last time we worked together?"

"You know, you really do worry too much. Nothing's going to go wrong."

"You said that last time, too."

"Meeting adjourned," says Shade, watching everyone but Rook exit the room to
begin their preparations. Once everyone is gone, Shade looks at Rook. "She does
keep life interesting." Then Shade leaves Rook to his administrative duties.

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