Split Personality Chpt 1 A Painful Beginning

Those involved thus far: Armand Banooni, Pat Betz, Mark Cogan, Dora Furlong, Patrick Furlong, Kathy Kehoe, Rachel S., Rob Smith, & Lisa Van Houten.

The small ship made its way through the V'Laasian systems easily. Its lone 
passengers, Serris and Darana Suragar, sat silently contemplating the events 
of the past several days--the trial of the killers of Daranas father, Asher 
Belleronte. It was during this trial that Darana discovered that the 
'look-alike' who had been roaming around claiming her own true name was, in 
fact, her older sister.A sister that Darana never knew she had. 

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted. She felt a brief mental contact, but 
then it was gone. She started to ask Serris if she had noticed the presence 
when, all at once, it felt as if the essence of her very being was being 
ripped apart.  

Instinctively, Darana reached out to the minds of all those she could reach. 
Serris was there instantly, and then the others. Others whose names and faces 
she could not remember. Darana tried to speak to them but words were forgeign 
to her. Her identity quickly slipped away. She existed only as a primal mist 
now. Mist fighting another mist in a primal void.

Electrical impulses flashed and darted.Only pure energy existed here. Chaos 
attempted to rise, mixing the attacker and victim into one. But it too lost 
as the void went dark and silent as quickly as it had grown. 

Arcturus is sitting in his office at 'Void Space', his new nightclub, going 
over some final details prior to opening.  He is the only person in the 
place. Most of the club is dark, save for the light in the office and a few 
marker lights that lead to the exits. In the background, some opera music is 
playing--a far cry from the type of music that will soon be filling this 

He smiles as he sets down a pad and walks over to the one-way glass that 
the main dance floor. This place is his. He realizes that this has become a 
sanctuary for him, a place where he can go and be away from everything.

Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain in his head, like someone inside screaming to 
get out. Dropping to one knee, overcome with the effort, he struggles to 
silence the noise; but soon realizes what...no, WHO...this is: Darana! 
Something is horribly wrong.

He kneels on the floor, focusing his mind on their link. Bizarre: He is 
getting the impression of two distinct presences. This does not make sense; 
but he tracks each one. The first is
heading toward Alliance space; the other, beyond any known trade regions. 
Straining, it takes all his strength not to lose that link; but in a few 
moments, he pinpoints the planet that the second trail leads to. It place is 
outside the Empire's normal sphere of influence, but not unknown to him. He 
knows that there are many powerful force users there.

Arcturus heads to the docking bay and programs a route to take him back to 
the household. It's going to take all of us on this one, he thinks grimly. 
As he travels, his mind wanders back to the other presence. Headed for 
Aliance territory? Hmm, I wonder if Katherine might know something about 
this. I know she has worked for Darana many times before. Perhaps she can be 
of help.

Shade glares at the two servants before him.

"Did you really think I wouldn't find them?" he growls. "Did you think you 
could hide them from *me*?"

Nervous "No Sir!"s are the response that Shade barely hears as he drops to 
his knees in pain...

"Sir?" one servant dares say quietly.

A barely whispered, "Leave me or die," comes from the inky black shape on the 
floor. The first servant scarcely opens the door before the second pushes him 
through in his haste to follow this latest order. Both are thinking: "I'll 
never try to hide a litter of kittens in the servants^ quarters again!"

Shade ignores the hasty exit of the servants as he identifies what has caused 
this pain Darana. Something has happened to her. He is aware that part of her 
call seems to be heading for Alliance territory, but he ignores that for now. 
He tracks the other point of identity to, and into, a strongly dark-force 
protected area that he remembers from reports and his own searches through 
the force.

He feels the rage boiling. *How dare they! They will pay for a long time.*

He projects to all force users in the house: "Come to Sub-Level 4. Debriefing 
Area. Now." He remembers to hold back the rage so as not to hurt the others: 
*Must control the rage. They mustn't see it yet.* Shade looks over to the box 
on his desk. Snapping out with the Force, he brings the box to him, terrified 
mews coming from within. As he exits his office, he hands the box to the 
first servant he sees. "Make sure these are placed where they belong. In the 
woods with their mother." He then moves quickly to the conference room and 
waits for the others to arrive...

Michael held the knife reverently. It was exquisite in the truest definition 
of the word. He flipped it end to end several times, savoring each moment. 
Finally, with deadly precision, he threw it at that target on the far wall. 
It sunk in deep passing the through the target and embedded itself into the 
wall. Casually, Michael walked over and easily extracted the knife from the 
wall and the target. He ignored the howls of pain emanating from the target 
and inspected the wound closely. It was clean and exactly where he wanted it. 

Suddenly his mind filled with pain unlike any he had ever experienced before. 
Michael collapsed to the floor, perspiring from his efforts to understand 
what was happening to him. He got a sense Darana, and the idea that there 
were others present as well; but the contact vanished all too quickly for him 
to make any sense of it.

When he came to himself again, he put his target back in the single cell his 
'lab' contained. If he, a non-Force user had been affected, then Shade and 
Arcturus must have felt it. Michael Suragar Cairnfell locked up his space on 
the fourth sub-level and headed for the elevator.  

As Michael exits his lab, he sees Shade moving quickly out of the office next 
door. "Come with me," says Shade. Michael figures that Shade has read his 
intention and silently follows.
Once they arrive at the conference room, Shade signals for Rook and Takara to 
join the meeting.

There is a beep of a communication station, and an incoming message for Shade,
text only: "I know, and I'm en route as we speak. Arrival in about two hours. 
Silver was sitting outside among the trees. Eyes closed, mind focused, she 
was doing her TK exercises.  She is getting good at this, she is holding and 
moving several objects at different speeds and levels and but is still very 
aware of the world around her.

Drawing upon the deep, cold power that grows silently from her past rages, 
she picks up another rock and adds it to the dance.  She can feel everything 
around, and takes a bit of pleasure and pride at how far she has come in the 
months since her gift was discovered.

All of a sudden, a wave of anger and rage floods through the compound, 
followed by a message to assemble.

Silvers concentration shatters. The rocks fall, and she covers her head--not 
from the rain of rocks tumbling, but the power of Shade's summons. Taking a 
breath, Silver finds her feet.  Shade pulled back quickly enough as not to 
harm anyone, but she was still a rather reactionary creature. She grabs her 
staff and bolts towards the house.

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