A Strange Meeting

By Ginna Wilcoxen and Amanda Wilcoxen

News spread fast that a Jedi Master from the past and her Padawan
were on route to Yavin to meet with the Jedi Council.  Octavia Jinn
remembered hearing that these Lost Jedi had sent their challenge to
the Emperor.

She would have loved to have seen the Emperor's face upon receiving
their message.  Octavia found out that gossip traveled fast on Yavin,
especially among the settlers. Smiling to herself she turned her
attention back to the data pad and her current studies of the
archives.  How did these Lost Jedi survive the Purge? Where had they
been hiding? And why had they waited so long to reveal themselves?

Octavia remembered NikVie from Port Lansing from last year, the same
year she discovered the Force and took her first step on this new
journey.  This year at Port Lansing she had met this Master Alida and
her Padawan.  Octavia searched her memory for the Padawan's name and
knew it started with a K, but there were so many names to remember
from the confrontation between the Alliance and the Empire.  Shaking
her head, Octavia knew she would have to work on improving her

These Lost Jedi had stood next to her when Psylocke had ^ had become
possessed by the spirit of her grandfather.  They were concerned that
Psylocke was lying, trying to trick her.  Yet Octavia knew that the
voice coming from Psylocke was that of Qui-Gon Jinn and somehow her
destiny was intertwined with that of Psylocke, the granddaughter of
Darth Maul ^ the man who killed Octavia's own grandfather.  It was a
game of destiny that neither Octavia nor Psylocke would be able to
escape.  With that bit of information, so many previously unanswered
questions were answered, such as the reason she had felt such hatred
from Psylocke in the arena battle.  It only made sense.

If Psylocke could channel the spirit of Qui-Gon, couldn't she channel
her own grandfather's spirit as well?  Yet Octavia was able to touch
her grandfather ^ talk on a more personal level.  Octavia vowed to
find a peaceful resolve between them, for she knew that they would
meet again; she felt it.  She had hope for Psylocke, the evidence
that she had tried to kill herself showed that there was a chance for
Psylocke's salvation, and thus proved that she was not to be a puppet
to be used by Palpatine and his goals.

"You always study this way?"  A young voice asked.

Octavia turned to see a young girl standing next to a tree.  She smiled
at Octavia and walked toward her.

"There are many ways to learn."  Octavia answered. "I still have much to
learn.  No Jedi ever stops learning. You will soon learn that.  After
all, you are only 13 years old."

"You always search the past.  What can you learn from the past?"  the
girl asked, sitting next to Octavia.

Octavia studied the girl. Her auburn hair was pulled back and tied
high, letting her natural waves hang over her shoulders. She was
dressed simply in tan pants and shirt, but it was the questioning
look in her eyes that caught Octavia's attention.  Turning off the
datapad. Octavia gave the girl her full attention.

"To know the past helps you deal with the present as well as the future."

Octavia said calmly. "You are full of questions."

"I'm Medenna,"  the girl answered cheerfully.  Standing, she turned to
face Octavia. "I know who you are."

"You do?"  Octavia questioned with a slight smile.

Medenna nodded. "Yep, you are Octavia Syn Jinn, granddaughter of a Jedi
named Qui-Gon Jinn. Tell me, was he a person who liked to study, too?"

"I...I don't know,"  Octavia answered. "I don't know much about my
family."  Octavia was taken off guard by the girl's straightforwardness.

"How is it you know so much about me?" "I listen.  After the rescue
of the Force users, I made it a point to know what I could of the
ones who survived."  Medenna stated.  

"Medenna!"  Another child called. "Come on, we'll be late for class." 

Medenna glanced at Octavia and smiled. "I hate science class, it's so
boring.  I'll find you later and we can talk more."  She took off,
then stopped and looked back at Octavia. "You need someone like me."

Octavia rose from her place on the rock and watched as the girl ran

Medenna was so full of life and full of questions. Pulling her robe
around her Octavia watched as Medenna disappeared from sight.


"Octavia is full of questions, Wai Cha.  She will be quite a handful as
she matures."

"Mother, Octavia is already a handfull.  I wish the Temple was still here
for her, she would learn so much."

Tahl turned her sightless eyes to her son. "It was a difficult choice
to give you to the Temple.  Qui-Gon and I were lucky we were able to
watch your progress."

"I know you did what you felt was right for me."  Wai Cha watched his
daughter. "She will have to survive the darkness that is slowly
covering the universe."  He knelt down in front of his mother. "Telos
isn't safe for you anymore."

"No place is safe for the Jedi.  The Emperor is making sure of that,
he is intent on killing all Jedi and whoever stands in his way." Tahl
turned her orange and gold-stripped eyes once again toward Octavia.
"Octavia, come here."

"Yes."  The young Octavia watched as her grandmother looked at her.  Even
though it was clear that she was blind, there was humor and love in her

"So much like your grandfather you are.  I am sorry you didn't get to
know him.  Soon you will be a Jedi, if you live long enough."  She
stretched out her hand. "Give me the 'saber your father gave to you."

Octavia looked at her father who nodded.  She did as she was told.  Tahl
took the 'saber and held it. "Do you know the history of this saber?"

"Father said it belonged to his father."  Octavia replied.

Tahl nodded. "It was returned to me after his death on Naboo." Tahl
closed her eyes. "His life was taken from him by a Sith.  So many
mistakes the Jedi have made.  WE were too safe in our world and
didn't think any would oppose us.  Know this Octavia, you are to be
mindful of the future ^ but don't do so at the expense of the
present."  Tahl handed the 'saber back to Octavia and pulled the
child close to her. "The Force will be with you child.  Difficult
choices you'll have to make, but I'm sure you'll be able to do them."

Tahl released Octavia and led her to the back of the house. Pressing
her hand in a certain area, a small panel moved. "In here, Octavia,
are my records of missions and the way of the Jedi.  If anything
should happen to me, come here and you will have instruction.
Someday people will need to know that the Jedi were real and not

"You will be able to tell yourself, Mother.  Nothing is going to
happen to you.  You have chosen a simple life of retirement, just
like some other Jedi Masters have chosen."  Wai Cha stated firmly.

Tahl smiled and she knelt down in front of Octavia. "Octavia, you need to
remember this always."


"Peace over anger. Honor over hate. Strength over fear.  This will help

Tahl paused. "You must not speak of this visit to anyone, your mother
wouldn't understand."

"I can't lie, Father says it's wrong to do so."

"True, but do not speak of me.  WE will meet again on Calamai.  I have a
friend there who is anxious to meet you."

"Bant?"  Wai Cha asked. Tahl nodded. "She is very wise, Octavia, and very
much like your grandmother."

"She is wiser."  Tahl chuckled, resting her hand on Octavia's shoulder.

"It's time for you to go outside, Octavia, there is much I need to discuss with
your father before the dark overshadows us."


Octavia held onto the image of her grandmother's face.  The
olive-tinted skin, the soft, yet firm tone of her voice and her
orange and gold striped eyes.  Information had reached her at Port
Lansing that she was still alive, but a governor on some unknown
planet.  Was there a chance she had survived the Purge?  Searching
her feelings, Octavia reached out with the Force but couldn't find
the answer she wanted ^ at least not yet.  Walking toward the
gardens, to meditate Octavia looked up and smiled at the sun.  Beauty
and life were all around her.  Yavin was a beautiful place and it was
peaceful, at least as much as could be expected for the times they
were living in.

Torn once again, Octavia looked around at the people and the life she
was part of.  She was part of this world, yet she wasn't part of it.
Every Jedi was connected though the Force, but ^ she felt as if she
was being drawn someplace else.  It was so hard to grasp and when she
thought she could almost touch it, slipped through her fingers.
Octavia went in search for Jerella and the other children. Perhaps a
game of murderball was what she needed, then again perhaps Medenna
would be there as well.

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