The Request

By Ginna Wilcoxen and Debbie Casselbury

This takes place at the end of Port Lansing:

Mira Lexor looked around her quarters; they seemed so empty without Tahirah.  
Who would have thought that the shuttle they had discovered near the 
HERESIARCH discovered would hold such valuable cargo.
She sat down and thought about the pass events of the time on the station.  
While presenting the Emperor with a prized bodyguard, she had also been given 
a reward -- a promotion.  That was a great surprise -- one she didn't really 
want.  She had seen too many take rank increases and then become careless in 
their duties.   No she liked the rank of Commander - but now how to convince 
the Emperor to give her that title back.  Did she even dare to approach him? 
Especially after seeing his unusual behavior at the dance at Port Lansing.  
She had been given a personal invitation from his Majesty to sit at his table 
-- an honor Mira never thought she would have been given.  She had the 
opportunity to meet Lord Steele who she thought an interesting person, and he 
was as concerned as she was over the Emperor's actions that night.  
Mira had expressed concern that someone somehow was controlling the Emperor, 
but Lord Steele ruled that thought out and she was inclined to believe him.  
She had wished she had stayed longer at the cantina, but she had wanted to 
make sure that Tahirah still secure and safe.  Sometimes duty could get in 
the way of fun.
Later at Port Lansing, Mira was surprised to have discovered herself 
protecting the Empress as well as the Emperor.  How she concealed her 
nervousness she wasn't sure, perhaps it was the training that took over or 
her undying loyalty to the Empire and it's rulers, perhaps it was both.  
Regardless it was an honor to be that close to the Emperor and Empress. Mira 
was stricken by the Empress's wisdom as well as her point of view of certain 
situations and her point of views on many subjects.  
Deciding to tempt fate Mira sent a request to the Emperor asking for an 
audience with him.  She felt a need to talk to him about her recent promotion 
and her hopes to have it withdrawn.

Mira stepped foot on the Emperor's ship the ECLIPSE. Compared to the 
HERESIARCH it was huge.  Not only had the Emperor granted her request for an 
audience, but had also surprised her by extending a dinner invitation as 
well.  She wondered if she was doing the right thing asking for a reversal of 
the rank award but Captain just wasn't for her -- at least at this time.
Mira was led to the dining area and noticed that the red guard she remembered 
seeing at the throne room was there she remembered her name to be Psylocke 
Lammashta.  Quietly, she showed Mira where to sit. The long glossy table was 
already elegantly set for a multiple course meal and Mira rose when the 
Emperor and Tahirah entered.  In many ways Tahirah looked like she couldn't 
defend herself let alone the Emperor of the Galaxy. 'How deceiving looks can 
be' Mira thought to herself.  After the food and drink that were served, she 
decided to approach the subject.
"Your Majesty, I do not wish to seem rude, can I request something from you?"
"What is it?"  The Emperor's voice was gritty when he spoke.
Mira lowered her head briefly then rasied it up to look at the man who 
controlled an Empire.  "Your Majesty, I am flattered by the rank you bestowed 
upon me when Tahirah was presented to you.  But I request that my rank remain 
as Commander."
The Emperor studied her closely.  "Why would you make such a request?"
Mira swallowed, then continued. "With my background in biology as well as 
certain drugs that can alter health and mind.  I believe that I can serve you 
and the Empire better if I remain unknown."  Mira paused. "I am not afraid 
for my life your Majesty, but with the Alliance regrouping I believe they 
will be searching out your higher ranking officers to try to cripple and gain 
control of systems that are rightfully yours.  My work in the labs for you 
would proceed without interruption.  That is if they think I'm nothing but a 
mere scientist."
Palpatine studied the woman for a few moments.  He could sense her discomfort 
at asking him this, but knew the request was honest and without alliterative 
"A valid point."  He said at last. "You have convinced me to grant your 
request based on that reasoning.  I will give you back your previous rank of 
Mira lowered her head briefly. "I am honored your Majesty."
To her relief, the Emperor smiled. "Now let's enjoy dinner and we can discuss 
business before you return to your ship."

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