The Reunion

by Jilly Harris, Armand Banooni, and Lady Viper

Lon sat at a table in Griffon's Luck, a game going on around him. His
eyes were intent on the game, but he was aware of everything around him,including his mother who was in the office working. He felt rather then heard or saw the bartender come up beside him and taking him a drink.
"S'Lara wishes to see you," the bartender murmured.

Lon nodded once, acknowledging he received the message. He continued
till the end of the hand before rising to his feet. "Gentlemen," he
said. Weaving his way through the crowd, he knocked once on the door,
entering when he heard S'Lara's voice. He walked in, glancing at his
mother. "You wanted to see me?" he asked. Wordlessly S'Lara passed him a
message she received and Lon quickly read it. "It's been a long time
since we've seen her," he said, a far off look on his face along with a
gentle smile.

S'Lara nodded, steepling her fingers in front of her face. "Yes it has,
I'm wondering with all that has happened if this could be some sort of
trap?" she said.

"Mom, you think everything is a trap. It's in her code... 'sides she has
to come here to us remember?" Lon said.

"Yes I do.. but remember I won't take chances especially right now,"
S'Lara reminded him.

"You think they want to try to lure me back?" Lon asked.

"I think a lot of things, your safety is one of them," S'Lara said. She
noticed a newcomer walk in. The woman moved to through the cantina,
disappearing from the doorway.

Lon sat down, the energy suddenly draining out of him. "You're right of
course, mom, what do you suggest?" he asked.

S'Lara smiled glancing at him. "Why not go and greet her?" she

Lon stood quickly. "Greet her? Oh yeah, greet her!" he said moving
quickly towards the door. Slowing himself down he put a little swagger
in his step. "Yeah, greet her," he said walking out of the office.
S'Lara smothered a chuckle at his reaction.

Midalah was sitting at a table near the farthest wall, her back to the
corner so she could watch everything around her. Lon walked over to her
table. Midalah watched him but made no attempts to move or acknowledge
him yet. "Buy ya a drink?" Lon asked.

"Sure," Midalah said.

Midalah tilted her head as Lon motioned to the bartender then sat down.
"Come here often?" he asked.

"Not usually, haven't been around here lately," Midalah said. "You?"

"When I can, nice hair clip. Where'd ya get it?" he asked.

"I'm not really sure, but I'd hazard a guess that I got it from you,"
Midalah said with a small smile. She could almost sense in a way that
Lon wanted to believe her and yet not.

"If that's the case, how'd you come by it?" Lon asked.

"It was left on my ship before I left all those years ago," Midalah

"What was the name of that ship?"


Lon relaxed visibly. "I hoped it was you… I mean instead of some
trick," he said.

Midalah nodded. "I can understand, I was worried about you and S'Lara,"
she said.

Lon tried not to visibly flinch, he signaled to the bartender to cancel
their orders. "Let's adjourn to the other room, she's waiting for you,"
he said, rising to his feet. Midalah nodded, rising herself. Lon let her
move ahead of him, taking in her scent as she passed him. Midalah
glanced at him as she headed to the office. She could sense he seemed
off but couldn't explain why. S'Lara was watching them approach but then
looked down, keeping herself busy.

Midalah walked through the door, which Lon closed behind him, shutting
any possible prying ears from their conversation. "Hello, S'Lara, it's
been a long time," she said.

S'Lara looked at her smiling a bit. "Midalah, what brings you to our
little corner of hell?" she asked. She stood and took Midalah's hand,
shaking it.

"I heard something and grew concerned for your safety. And Lon's as
well," Midalah said.

"What was that?" S'Lara asked.

"That Lon was brought before the Emperor," Midalah said softly. "I've
heard of his less then stellar reputation and hospitality as well."

"I'm fine," Lon said in a strong voice.

S'Lara nodded. "Yes you're fine for now," she said. "I won't go into
that now, Lon."

Lon looked at her. "I'm fine," he said in a deadpan voice.

Midalah frowned at their words, but she looked at Lon, smiling softly
to him. "I'm glad you're okay," she said softly.

"Midalah I'm sure you've heard about all the horrors of the court, but
as you can see, I'm in one piece," Lon said.

"So, Midalah," S'Lara said motioning for Midalah to sit. "Do you have
business here or are you just visiting?"

Midalah sat, watching her. "Visiting," she said.

S'Lara nodded. "I see," she said.

"May I ask a rather candid question?" Midalah asked.

"Ask," S'Lara said.

"Apparently you no longer seem to trust me, why?" Midalah asked.

"It's not you, it's just how things have been lately," S'Lara said.

"The Emperor's name travels further now, it's how I heard of Lon being
taken to him," Midalah said.

"Midalah, it's really not you, it's everyone. I was taken into court by
someone I trusted," Lon said.

"What happened?" Midalah asked.

"Yes but now he knows you and who you are," S'Lara pointed out to Lon.

Midalah rubbed at her temples. "Can we back up a moment and clue me in
as to what you both are talking about?" she asked.

"I was a pawn in the Emperor's game," Lon said.

"For what purpose?" Midalah asked.

"Can we talk about something else?" Lon asked, shutting her out.
Midalah frowned a bit at how quickly he did so too.

S'Lara watched the pair. "Lon, why don't you get us a couple of drinks
from the bar?" she asked.

Lon gave S'Lara a look but complied. "What would you ladies like?" he

"You know what I want," S'Lara said.

"Just water," Midalah said.

"Be right back," Lon said, leaving the office.

"Okay you are bothered by something, what is it?" S'Lara said noticing
Midalah's distant look.

Midalah looked at her. "It hurt to have him shut me out like that," she

"Well, there has been a lot going on in his life. And I think he's just
not ready to share that pain," S'Lara said.

"I guess I should have kept in touch more."

"You have a life to live, but it would have been nice for Lon."

"I thought my… anger… was something he didn't need," Midalah said. "I
thought over the years it would have faded but it didn't."

"You will always have anger, we all carry anger. Some just use it
against you. You will have to control it or it will control you my
dear," S'Lara said.

Midalah sighed. "I try my best to control it, and I have--," she said
cutting herself off as Lon walked back into the office.

"Here's your drink mother, and your water, Midalah," Lon said.

"Thank you, Lon," S'Lara said.

"Thank you," Midalah said.

"Control what?" Lon asked.

"Midalah, needs to control her anger not take it into her soul, but
manage it," S'Lara said. Midalah glanced at her.

"Actually you should let it out for just that reason. Don't allow
feelings for others to lead you somewhere you don't want to go," Lon

"Tell me that when I find the person who killed my family," Midalah
said harshly.

"Why not talk about this later? You have traveled long, you're staying
with us tonight," S'Lara said.

"Great idea, you can tell me what you've been up to all this time," Lon

Midalah nodded. "All right," she said.

"Great. What do you want for dinner?" Lon asked.

"I've heard food is a popular choice," Midalah said grinning impishly
at him.

"Really. So all this time you must have been sticking your toes in the
mud trying to get nourishment that way?" Lon said. S'Lara shook her
head. She could have sworn they had grown up but they were acting like
the kids they had once been even now.

"Actually I was hoping you'd lick them clean like when we were kids,"
Midalah said sweetly.

"I never…! Oh fine yeah, just like that huh?" Lon said.

"Why Lon, are you blushing?" Midalah asked. S'Lara smiled, snickering.
It was going to be a long night.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Lon said.

"Maybe, just depends on where you are blushing," Midalah said sweetly

"Hmm, I thought you were the one who applied the blush, your worship,"
Lon said.

"Lon!" S'Lara said.

"You wish, Solo," Midalah said.

"Are you a bit flushed your highness? I can turn up the air?" Lon

"To quote you, wouldn't you like to know?" Midalah said grinning at

"Yes, who better to quote," Lon said, walking towards her.

"Okay you two, take it to the house, I have a business here to run and
contacts to make," S'Lara said. "Lon, escort her there please."

"Yes mother," Lon said, grinning at her, offering his arm.

Midalah rose reluctantly, taking it. "Don't flatter yourself, fly boy,"
she said.

Lon offered his arm, whispering to her. "I won't trip you, she's
watching," he said.

Midalah smiled, speaking through clenched teeth. "Just remember, if you
trip me I'm taking you with me," she said as the two left the office
together. S'Lara shook her head watching them go.

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