The Visitation

By Amanda Wilcoxen

(This takes place after Victoria kills her father) 

Victoria lay on her bed trying to get some sleep. The past night of taking 
her father's life had, well...hadn't let her sleep in quit a while. Visions 
of the killing passed through her mind. The girl rolled over, and brought her 
knees up to her chest, reliving the murder. Finally she shot up from her bed 
like a fire cracker. 

"When is these dreams ever going to go away?" She questioned herself hastly. 

"You learned to take life at a young age," A voice suddenly spoke. Victoria, 
surprised by the sudden voice, fell out of her bed. 

"What-who's there?" 

"Someone who cares about your future." 

"SHOW YOURSELF!" The young girl shouted. She watched as an old image of a 
man, dress in old jedi robes, with long brown hair pulled back, and gentale 
blue eyes. 

"I am your great grandfather, Qui-Gon Jinn. The Emperor knows of you." Scared 
and not sure what to do about the ghost, Victoria, raced out of her quarters 
to Tara's. Running so fast, she almost slammed into the door. Quitly she 
knocked on Tara's door, and kept looking back. 

"Tara we need to talk..." SHe whispered under her breath. 

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