The Wyvern


Phaedra Whitlock


Rebecca Miller


John Medkeff

Jerrid sat the tray of cookies on the night table. “Do you need anything else?”

Mikala lay on her sleep couch several pillows propped behind her to support her back. She gave him a small smile. "Thank you. I'm alright."

"And not at all bored hmm?" He smiled easily leaning against the doorjamb.

"I'm supposed to try to meditate," she said, making a face. "I'm going out of--" her voice trailed off a moment and a pained expression crossed her face, which she quickly hid. "I am bored, but I think I pushed my luck trying to sneak out and besides that, everyone has me bugged," she said. "I've given up trying to find them all for the moment."

He chuckled. "And you haven’t had an opportunity to do the same."

She smiled. "Soon enough."

He considered something then straightened. "Close your eyes."

Mikala frowned, but after a moment’s hesitation, she closed her eyes.

Jerrid moved to the bed then away again to the door.

Mikala's features twitched in suspicion and a bit of apprehension, her left hand shifting to slip under the pillows.

"You can open now."

Mikala's eyes snapped open.

On the bedside table sat a small metallic creature, like a miniature dragon or wyvern with wings and spiked tail, a tiny droid.

The eyes were tiny gems, the neck swiveled around to her and it arched its wings, shivered them then curled them back up.

Jerrid watched her face carefully.

Mikala smiled and reached up her left hand to touch the tiny dragon.

The little creature cooed, trilled, and hoped to her finger on repulsers. The head bent to stretch out along the back of her hand and blink at her.

She chuckled. "What is it?"

Jerrid crossed his arms. “Tell her she's a good girl' he prompted. 'If you wish to keep her.”

She laughed and then looked down at the little droid on her arm. "You're a good girl, little one."

"I heard you were into poison, and thought you might like a pet. She serves as jewelry with the right command words. My personal hobby."

The dragonette cooed again and listened, carefully recording Mikala's voice for future voice activation orders.

Mikala raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Had to do something on a Friday night on Coruscant.... There’s an AI inside for limited commands. You have to train her I'm afraid. She only responds to you now."

Mikala looked down at the little droid. "Does it have a name?"

"I always called her pretty girl, but she will accept whatever you choose."

She let the little dragonette hop on to her lap so she could pet it. "We'll just have to figure something out, won't we, pretty girl."

Jerrid approached and pointed to the slender spiked tail. “Poison injector. Or friendly drugs if you prefer.”

"Interesting," she said and then looked up at him. "Why are you giving her to me?"

"I made her for you." He looked embarrassed

Mikala gave him a surprised look. "Thank you, but why?" She looked around at the sleep couch. "There's not much I can do for you right now. I'm kind of stuck here, but when Sandy lets me up--"

"This isn’t about that Mikala. "

She frowned a bit.

"It is a gift to someone I like. Not an obligation."

She felt her cheeks warm. She didn't know what to say, but she managed a shy, "Thank you."

He smiled at her. "I'd better let you meditate before Sandy finds me."

Mikala looked up from the dragonette nibbling her fingertip. "You like me?" she said almost too softly for him to hear.

"Yes." He stepped back into the room.

Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "What do you want?"

Jerrid frowned. "Nothing. Why should I."

She sighed deeply. "I'm sorry. I--kindness usually comes with a price."

"Sorry Mikala. If you're not inclined, that’s all right."

She frowned again. "Inclined to what?"

"I need to go. I'll be back later to see how you are."

"Wait," she said, shifting the little dragonette off her lap to get up. "Stay."

He paused.

She got unsteadily to her feet. "What did you mean by 'if I'm not inclined'?"

He looked concerned and stepped forward. "You shouldn’t be up should you?"

"Tell me what you meant," she said, clinging to the side of the sleep couch.

"Just, if you would like to go out when you are cleared to."

"You mean a date?"

"Yes." He smiled.

A pained look crossed her face swiftly. "I…I don't know. I don't know if I'm ready for that," she said softly. She looked down at the little dragonette and then back at him. "I don't know."

"That's a start then. Rest and get better Mikala."

She nodded, leaning heavily against the sleep couch. She paled a bit.

Jerrid stepped up to help her, the Force flowing out from him faster and closer. He lifted her with the Force putting her back in bed on the couch.

She closed her eyes tightly in pain and then slowly relaxed. "Thank you," she said softly. "My legs doesn't quite work right yet."

He reached out to place a hand on her forehead. "You need a painkiller?"

She shook her head. "I'll be fine."

He looked doubtful. "Sandy doesn’t like us to kid ourselves about our health."

“I can handle this," she said tightly.

"It isn’t about handling things Mikala." He said matter of factly. "Sandy is the best doctor you'll find. If you are in pain I'll tell her to come down."

She looked like she was trying to word another excuse when she flinched and then nodded. "Okay, tell her."

He nodded and smiled at her on his way out.

Mikala felt the little dragonette crawl up and curl up against her.

Jerrid sent Sandy a message telepathically.

*Yes, Jerrid?*

*Mikala stood up, she may have hurt herself and is in pain.*

*Again. I'm coming.*

“Again?” He smiled and pulls a chair up by the couch.

Mikala lay very still on the sleep couch, trying very much to look asleep.

Sandy entered the room a minute later. "What did you do this time?"

Mikala flinched and then tried to hide it. She opened her eyes. "Jerrid got you, didn't he?"

"Your aura is too active to get away with that." Sandy pointed out.

She sighed deeply. "I stood up, but just for a minute if that."

"Not even fully up." Jerrid added.

"Yes. Jerrid this time, Darien last time. Are you practicing your damsel in distress act?"

Jerrid grins.

Mikala felt her cheeks warm and that only made her more frustrated and angry. Sith! What was it with the men on Zoron that made her blush like a schoolgirl! The pain in her back only served to focus her mind.

"I just stood up. Is that such a crime, Lady Steele," she snapped.

"Not as such. But your back is not ready for the strain yet. And every time you over do it puts your recovery off a little."

She ran her hand down Mikala's back, feeling for damage.

Mikala tensed, but struggled not to show any pain. "I'm sorry I'm causing such an inconvenience," she said tightly.

"I'm used to it. None of you siblings is a good patient and you Father could give you lessons."

Jerrid raised his brows.

Mikala slipped her hand under her side and balled the comforter up tightly in it. Her face placid as she struggled not to show any pain. "It's just a little sore now from getting up, but I'm fine."

Sandy went over to a cabinet, opened it and picked up a tube. "Not to bad this time." She walked back. "I'll rub some of this in and you'll feel better."

Mikala's defensive posture slips a bit. "What is that?"

"Just a modest painkiller. It'll only affect the area I put it on. It will feel a little funny as it wears off."

She relaxed a bit. "Okay," she said.

Sandy applied the cream. "Now stay put until I tell you your back can take it."

"Fine," she said trying to sound annoyed, but she sounded too tired for it to be of much affect.

"Allright. It’s sleep for you. Come Jerrid. She needs her rest."

"Yes Sandy?"

Jerrid stopped, winking at Mikala on the way out.

Mikala heaved a sigh for affect, but smiled little at Jerrid as the little dragon curled up tightly against her side.

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