The Beginning

By Carla Rodriguez

It had only beed a couple of days since Col Percival Bay had taken over 
command of Alliance Security, Setling in had been interesting, but now the 
real work was to begin.

Percy looked up as the door slid open and admitted his new second in command. 
He hadn't had a second since homeworld, and this was someone he new almost 
nothing about. Would he be able to trust this man, and would this man be 
able to understand him? Percy was not sure, but the game was getting 
interesting and with all the work ahead of him, this man could prove useful.

"So." Percy began before the other could speak or salute, "What do you think 
of the new decor?"

Gone was the utilitarian beige office furnature, the room now looked like a 
sitting room in a wealthy house of Percy's world. All functional, but with 
alot more style... and color. The walls were a pale green, couches and 
chairs a soft tone of rose, the tables a dark wood, and the desks a lighter, 
but matching, grain of woods. Tasteful tapastries of scenes from Percy's wor
ld adorned the walls, if the scenes were to be believed as real, it was a 
beautiful world indeed, green and lush in vegetation and color.

,"... Um... Intersting choice. Not sure it sets the right tone but it is 
more... entertaining than it has been." Furgus shruggs and settled into the 
chair Percy motioned hm towards.

Percy grins "Lud, finally someone with some fashion sense!"

Furgus changes his skin tone to match the bue of his new chair "Yes I could 
get used to this"

"Sink me..... what an oustanding ability. One must always be in the correct 
color!" Percy grins like a delighted child.

"It does make it eaiser for me to accesorize..." He changes back to his 

"Oh yes.... one must always were the proper acoutremont. I do say...... 
however did you deal with all these drab earth toned uniforms.. no sense of 
proper style at all..." Percy says with a grmace of disgust.

Furgus chuckles, "Perhaps I became duled to it, but after a while you can get 
used to it. I find it better than the black and gray of the empire"

Percy shudders "Entirely too much black.... like an eclipse... I prefer to 
blend into my surroundings in my own way, not to wash myself out in all that 
sameness.. don't you agree?"

"Very much so"

"So what is your opinion of the security officers here? Anything lacking?" 
Percys voice is mild almost to the point of indifference.

"Besides a proper uniform?," Furgus smiles, "They are an excellent bunch, 
they still feel the loss of their old commander, they were very much loyal 
to him, he built this service pretty much from the ground up. Over all they 
are a good group. There are stations here and there than need work, but I 
suppose that is to be expected"

"I too have notices a certain lassitude in some of them.. they need to be 
reminded there is still something to be fought for.... AND you are correct me 
must do somethign about these DREADFUL uniforms..."

"Well that will be your battle to fight with them," Furgus smiles

"Sink me if you aren't the clever fellow.. your quite correct... where are 
the duty schedules? I think a little re-arranging is in order" Percy looks 
arous the office as if unsure of where everything is.

"On the terminal, sir, under 'Duty rosters' " Furgus points out patiently.

"Oh yes.. so it is.. I do hate these silly things you know.. but I suppose 
they are useful in times of crisis" Percy snorts in disgust.

"I have a way with them it seems, and they do have their uses, but the case's 
color dose not agree with your new desk," Furgus adds with a big grin

"Indeed..... then one will HAVE to change it won't one" Looks pointedly at 
Fergus.... but you see smile hiddin under the severity "so... one changes a 
few things here.. and a few things ...there.. and here you have it... a 
little chaos to sharpen the world. This should be interesting to see what 

Fergus shakes his head. "The command staff will adapt well, or should, 
dispite some new people in high places. Some of the stations will stand out 
for their lack of readiness I'm sure"

"Lud, but it will show me what they are willing to adapt to.... I do so like 
adaptability in those around me..." Percy shakes his head, trying not to 
compare the people here to those on his planet. 

Fergus changes color again, "We'll do our best to live up to your 

Percy laughs "If the others are HALF as intriguing as you , my dear Sir, we 
shall all get along splendedly and work well togather for the good of the 
Alliance.. or so the theory goes." 

"For the good of the Alliance, in spite of itself" Furgus states in a 
teasing tone.

"I once served my world to the ruinment of my own life.... one must hope this 
will not be the same madness, " Percy turns towards the window. So much was 
different.... but he would adapt as he alwasy did. Percy turned back towards 
his new Second and the daily business. 

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