The Capture

By Ginna Wilcoxen

Roc sat at the rear table in the cantina he was still debating if he should contact Octavia or not.  Perhaps he should just forget about this stupid cruise after all it would be quite an expense and he should pay off some of his debts.

"Looking for company?"  A female asked taking a seat across from Roc.

"Sure, my name is Rocasy though most people call me Roc."  Roc looked at her. "So, are you looking for work?"

"Not just yet.  I'm looking for a drinking partner."

"Then you've come to the right place.  Have a seat."  Roc motioned for the waitress  so he could get a refill and his new companion could get one.

After they finished a couple of drinks she spoke again. "So what type of business are you in?"

Roc let out a breath then smiled. "All types, The Electra never refuses any fare, well not anymore."

"You use to?" The woman asked.

"Yeah, my former engineer though damn good stopped my transporting of slaves."

"You say former did you fire her or was she killed?"

Roc shook his head as he chuckled. "No, she left of her own free will.  She was experiencing nightmares and felt the need to move on." Roc took a long swallow of his drink.  "Dropped her off at Port Lansing last year.  I think she went on a magical quest of some kind.  I think she's found her way to Yavin IV or something like that."

"Have you contact her?"

Roc stared at his drink. "I was thinking about it.  I was thinking of seeing if she was ready to come back, or if she would like to accompany me on this cruise I was thinking of taking."  Roc finished his drink. "I could use a good engineer, hell I rasied her since she was ten.  She owes me something."  Roc removed a disc from his pocket. "I have a way to contact her.  It's a communication device I gave her when she left."

The woman waved the waitress down for more drinks.  Holding the glass to Roc she motioned to see the disc.

Roc eyes her carefully then hands it over to her. "It's a special design that Octavia and Ad'Hins my first officer and computer expert made.  It's just for the crew of the Electra and to date no Imperials have been able to break it."

The woman looked at it carefully.  "They would need help, but anything can be broken."  She watched Roc carefully and handed the disc back to him watching where he placed it.  "So where and when is this cruise going to take place?"
Roc shakes his head. and pulls out another disc that holds the Empress's announcement laying the other disc down on the table.  "It doesn't say. Guess that's why you have to go through an agent." He hands the advertisement to his companion as he drains his glass.

Recognizing the ad the Merc whistles. "That must be expensive. If my next job falls through I've worked as an engineer here and there. I could use a lift into the Alliance sectors if you want to ask her in person." 

Roc, nodded.  "Could always use an engineer.  Octavia was the best, she knew before something broke.  If your next job falls through I'll take you on.  Just as for Roc.. or the Electra.  We're easily found."  Roc's winks. "Pay isn't bad either." 

The Merc salutes with a glass before draining it. "So I see. I'll keep it in mind. I'm Arianna." 

"Glad to meet you..  Well I need to get to a sabbac game. "  Roc rises to his feet a bit shakey. "Talk to you later."

Arianna finished her drink then noticed that Rock left the communication disk on the table.  Staggering out of the bar, she made sure that she copied it before she returned it to the Electra. 

Arianna showed up at the Electra a few days later.

"You're the one the Captain said might show up. Your other job not pan out?"

"Seems my employer forgot a payment to his boss and is now missing one of his heads (he had 3), recovering in a bacta tank."

Ad'Hins watched her. "Well come on and I'll take you to the Captains' office."

 After the meeting with Roc, Ad'Hins showed Arianna where she could stay and where the engineering manuals and such were. "You'll find the last engineer kept a clean log and up to date repairs.  If you have any questions, just let me or any of the tech or droids know."

"I will."  Arianna went to work in catching up with the engines and what she would need to make it on the Electra.  After a while she had a list of parts needed and submitted them to the Captain.

Arianna found a way to monitor communications to see if anything went out to Yavin IV, and smiled when she found out that the Captain did send a communication to his former engineer. 
She made arrangements in case the Electra needed a job to make sure they got into Alliance territory.  A shipment ore would be waiting if the need arose and Arianna made arrangements to inform Roc of the possible job waiting on Gaisheeda.

Roc made plans for the Electra to go to Gaisheeda and sat back.  He was happy to know that Octavia had agreed to at least meet with him.  He was sure she'd come back to her position here, and if not would go on the cruise with him and he'd be able to make sure she got into some solid line of business.

Octavia made the arrangements required for her to leave Yavin and go to Gaisheeda.  She didn't expect this meeting with Roc to take more than twelve hours, even though it was going to be good to see her former Captain she felt uneasy about the meeting.

"You're leaving?"  Medenna asked  breaking Octavia out of her thoughts.

"For a little while I should be back before the evening meal."

"I can go with you if you want."  Medenna offered.

"No, you have studies here and you are way too young to leave Yavin just yet."  Octavia watched as Medenna turned to walk away.

"You need me Octavia, when will you realize it?  This meeting is more than you think it is."  Medenna turned and walked away.

Octavia boarded the shuttle and took her seat.  It would be good to see the crew of the Electra, after all Gaisheeda was within Alliance boundaries and she would be safe.  Octavia closed her eyes as she felt the shuttle take off.  Feeling a presence near her Octavia opened her eyes to look at Medenna sitting there.

"What are you doing here?"

"Keeping watch over you."  Medenna answered.

"Do your teachers know you've left?"

Medenna lowered her head. "They will shortly, I left a note."

"That is dangerous and is not a way a Jedi would behave."  Octavia scolded.

"IF they told you that you couldnít leave would you still have left?"

"No, I would have let my friends know that it was impossible for me to do so, and if they wanted to still meet it would have to been on Yavin."

"You're serious aren't you?"  Medenna asked.

"Yes, Medenna, I am.  If you are to continue on this path of a Jedi you have to understand there are certain things that are done for a reason, and you've broken one of those safety rulings."

"I won't do it again."

"Let's hope not.  I'll inform the council when we reach Gaisheeda that you are with me so they donít worry."  Octavia was rewarded with a smile.  She wasn't sure what she was getting herself in for, but like Medenna she felt they was something growing between them, but at this point it wasn't safe for her to think along those lines.  Medenna was too young and Octavia still had her own training to complete.  

When the shuttle landed Octavia recognized Ad'Hins waiting for her walking over to him she smiled and gave him a hug.

"Who is the young one with you?"  Ad'Hins asked.

"A friend, Medenna I want you to meet Ad'Hins he's a very special friend and he's a computer expert."

"Hi!"  Medenna answered.

"How is Roc?"  Octavia asked.

"Roc is Roc." Ad'Hins answered. "He is anxious to see you though.  Tell you what when we reach the Electra I'll take Medenna on a tour and show her what you use to do."

"Good, it will give me time to talk to Roc and see what his problem is."

"No problem, not really.  He's a little over in paying some gambling debts but that's it."

Octavia smiled when she saw the ship that she called home for so many years, with everything that had happened over the past year, this was her chance to go back to it.  To feel safe within it's metal walls.  "Medenna behave Ad'Hins, I won't be long and we'll be back on Yavin before dinner."


Octavia nodded and headed toward the Captain's office she knew where she would find Roc probably sitting there with a drink in his hand.  Knocking once on the door she opened it.

"I thought you would have contacted me before now Octavia."  Roc said offering her a drink.

"I thought about it," Octavia confessed. "But my path lies along a different path than yours.  Why did you want to speak with me so badly?"

"I want you to come back to the Electra, It was wrong of  me letting you go."

"You've always done what you could for me Roc.  But like I told you earlier, I've found what I'm suppose to do."

"What try to be some kind of Jedi?"  Roc nodded. "Yes I've heard what you've been up to, more than the crew especially Ad'Hins, I think he still has a crush on you."

Octavia folded her arms. "I've been through a lot Roc, and a lot of it not pleasant."

"Then perhaps you'll join me on this."  Roc handed her a disk.  He watched as Octavia read it then looked at the ceiling of his office.

"YOU'VE got to have lost your mind."  Octavia blurted.  "DO you know the danger you are thinking of putting yourself in?"

"It's just a cruise."

"With the Empress of the Empire, and there's a good chance that the Emperor will be there as well.  He's not one you want to meet up close."

"You don't know what you are talking about Octavia."

"I know more than you know Captain.  DO NOT go on this cruise.  The Emperor is as wicked as he's claimed to be."  Octavia pulled her robe around her.


Ad'Hins led Medenna through the ship. "This is the engineering section.  This is where Octavia spent most of her time?  Can't believe she'd give it all up."

"She's more than an engineer."  Medenna stated calmly.

"What makes you say that?"  Ad'Hins questioned.

"She's studying to be a Jedi, that's better than an engineer."

Ad'Hins stopped by a pair of feet sticking out. "This is Arianna, she's our new engineer now."

"Glad to meet you."  A grunt and movement of Arianna's feet greeted Medenna.  

"Engineers love only their engines, not people.  Donít you find that true with Octavia?"  Ad'hins asked.

"Are you curious or trying to get information out of me?"  Medenna asked.

"Smart kid."  Ad'Hins chuckled as he continued with the tour.


Medenna turned the corner and saw that Octavia was waiting for them. "Time to leave?"  Medenna asked.

"Yes, but to a hotel, it seems the shuttle is experiencing some technical difficulties I discovered it when I checked on our departure time, we are to be put up at a hotel until morning."

"Great, it will give me some time to talk to you Octavia how about over dinner?"  Ad'Hins asked. "The Electra will foot the bill, it'll be you, Medenna, Roc, myself and the new engineer Arianna.

"Come on, Octavia.  A real restaurant and not hotel or Academy food."

"I don't know."  Octavia stated.

"Might give us more time to persuade you to stay on."  Ad'Hins coaxed.

"I donít think that will possible, but I agree that restaurant food would be a good experience for Medenna."

"Then it's settled."  Roc smiled.  "Go get settled into the hotel and we'll pick you up there."

"OF course Captain," Octavia bowed and motioned for Medenna to follow her.

"They seem nice."

"Yes, they are and for many years they were my only family."  Octavia answered. "But that seems like a different lifetime ago."

"Is it?"  Medenna asked. 

Octavia looked at the young student. "Yes, you and I walk the same path a very difficult one."

 The Farfetch

Octavia stood and waited while Ah'Hins talked with the hostess to make sure they had room for them.  He returned with a smile. "It'll be a few moments."

Once they were seated Octavia took the seat next to the wall and was surprised that Arianna chose the same position.  Octavia then ordered tea for her and Medenna as well salads to begin with.  She was surprised when Roc ordered tea as well.

During the meal Octavia felt something from Arianna it was then she realized that Arianna was also a sensitive.  She looked at her questioningly, but didn't say anything.   Arianna nodded to Octavia but remained silent.

"It seems there is talk of you wanting your old job back."  Arianna said softly.

"I don't see that happening, the Captain drinks too much."  Everyone chuckled at that comment.

"So Octavia, if you're not an engineer now, what are you doing?"  Ah'Hins asked he knew what Medenna had told him but he had to hear it from her.

"Studying to become a Jedi Ah'Hins, as I'm sure Medenna told you."  Octavia paused. "It would seem that is where those dreams were leading me." 

"You're joking."  Ad'Hins stated looking at her then to Roc.

"No she's not, studying to be a Jed isn't a joking matter."  Medenna blurted out.
Octavia nodded slowly. "It's true."

"Why not stay longer Octavia, you can send Medenna back in the morning."  Roc suggested.

"I can't, we've been away from the Academy too long as it is."

"Is this so called academy a prison?"  Roc asks.

"No, but there is a routine to follow, and we each have studies to attend to."  Octavia smiles. "I have alot to learn if I'm going to achieve what I desire."

"So when are you leaving?"  Ad'hins asks

"When the shuttle leaves in the morning, until then Medenna and I will stay at the hotel."

"Stay on the Electra."  Roc suggests.

"Oh no,, I know you too well,"  Octavia chuckles.  "The hotel will be fine."  He tone changed slightly.
Roc nodded slowly "Fine ... the hotel will be fine." 

Octavia could feel that one of the patrons at another table watching them. She slowly looked around seeing if she recognizes anyone, to see if she can pin point who is watching.  She couldn't recognize anyone, but she felt the type of person watching, a Sith, she felt it when Jedi was mentioned.

Octavia slowly rose "Medenna and I should head back to the hotel.. The shuttle will leave early and we shouldn't hold you up from making money."

Medenna followed Octavia example and stood. "Nice to meet all of you."

Octavia notice a man look away but she couldn't get over the feeling that she was still being watched.  Hugging Roc then Ad'Hins. "Take care of the captain Ad'Hins.  May the Force Be With You."

"Now you are starting to sound like one of them."

Octavia nodded at Arianna. "It was a pleasure to meet you.  I hope you enjoy your stay on the ship.  She is a good vessel." 

Arianna agreed and wished them a good flight, "Maybe we can all get together next time we're nearby."

Octavia will pull her robe around but pull the lightsaber closer to her. "Keep your mind on the present Roc, and forget about the cruise.  Save your money and pay your debts."

"I'll think about it."  Roc mutters.

"Come, Medenna it's time we leave."  She left but kept her senses alert as she passed by tables, there was an unseen danger but she wasn't sure if was fully directed at her or at the crew of the Electra.

Octavia waited until she was outside and pulled the Force around her.  Medenna felt the Force and looked at Octavia. "Why did we leave so early, they seemed like a nice bunch of people, though the woman didn't have much to say."

"She didn't feel totally comfortable around us, and that is to be expected, Roc takes some time to warm up to."  Octavia turned around and notice a man was paying his bill inside the restaurant but didn't sense anything from him he appeared to be a normal person.  "They are, in many ways they are family, but there was something else, I felt we were being watched.  The best thing is to get to the hotel and then back to the academy." 

Octavia put her arm around Medenna's shoulders and they began to walk toward the hotel. 

The man stepped out keeping to the shadows he followed them keeping them in his sight. They will be walking in a normal manner, but he noticed that Octavia turned her head every so often as if she was listening for something. Making sure he kept his distance.

Octavia couldn't shake the feeling that they were the ones in danger, and she had to make sure that Medenna was safe.    "Medenna if anything should happen I want you to leave me, head straight for the hotel stop for no one.  Contact the council and wait til they arrive or you can get on that shuttle."

"You're imagining things." 

"Perhaps."  Octavia smiles slightly. "If you would have told me that last year I might have agreed with you... Now lets pick up our speed slightly okay."


Octavia still felt they were being watched, but when she looked back she saw no one there.  Was Medenna right, was she imagining things?  She looked ahead they were getting near the port district and the hotel. 

Octavia lets out a breath and nods at Medenna. "We've made it.  Once inside we'll be safe."

"Of course we'll make it we're Jedi."

"I wish I had your self confidence." 

A begger with a maimed leg calls out to them for money. Medenna stops and looks in his direction then reaches into a pouch and hands him some credits.'

"Medenna."  Octavia calls after her 

The beggar croaked a thank you and stroked her small hand gently. Medenna noticed he was somewhat dirty. 

"You're welcome and may good fortune come your way."  Medenna turns and walks back to Octavia.  "People shouldn't be made to live like that."

"No, they shouldn't, but life isn't fair."  Octavia replied.  She watched as he bobbed away from Medenna into an alleyway slowly then back out more quickly. The watched feeling deepened and the feeling of danger hit Octavia sharply .

Octavia's hand moved to her belt where her lightsaber is and it remains there. "Is something wrong?"  she calls out to the beggar.  He never replied but kept moving as fast as his limp allowed. From the alley several blasters appear, then hands and arms and fire... 
Pushing Medenna behind her Octavia pulled her saber and began blocking the fire as she can  Using the force Octavia pushed one of the attackers backward giving them some room

"MEDENNA get out of here NOW!"  Octavia yelled.

As fast as the attackers fell another took his place.  Octavia felt as if she was back in the arena.  Who were these people and  what did they want with her or with Medenna.

Medenna pulled her saber from her belt as a bolt hit her arm numbing it. A slight cry of surprise escaped her causing Octavia to turn in her direction.  Octavia quickly tried to look for cover there was no way Medenna would be able to get out now.  They were caught in a crossfire.

Pulling the Force around her Octavia used it to turn the blasters on the attackers standing next to them.  She continued to block but all she saw were more taking their place.  Their attackers began to take cover and continue to fire at them.  One of the stun bolts hit Octavia in the shoulder immobilizing it.
Soon a blinding flash of light lighted up the night as something exploded.  Octavia tried to shield her eyes and Medenna at the same time.  A wave of darkness as well as a sudden harsh bolt of raw pain impact Octavia and Medenna's minds it was followed by a powerful TK smashing them to the ground.

Both Octavia and Medenna fell to their needs, Octavia's saber blade burned into the concrete before her as she fought to keep her balance.  Blaster bolts hit her dropping her to the ground.  Medenna cried out as the bolts hit her and she fell unconscious to the ground.

The attackers moved in quickly drugging their captives and removing the lightsabers from their possession.  Quickly dragging them into the alley so they wouldn't attract any attention they searched them for any other weapons or ID as well as loose objects.  Using force dampening straightjackets the attackers made sure the two Jedi students were safely bound before they removed them.

They quickly boarded their ship and contacted their employer to alert them that the job was done.

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