The Gift

By Robert Smith and Dora Furlong.

~Finally.~ Shade thought to himself. ~Finally, I can rid the universe of
more Jedi.~ He moved through the building silently, passively sensing
where the Force users were. Losing himself to the rage, he knew they
could not feel death coming for them.

Moving next to him, Michael kept pace. Watching Shade for the subtle
movements that would signal danger, he mentally prepared himself for the
coming slaughter, while practicing the shielding techniques Darana had
taught him.

When the signal that they'd reached the end of their journey came, both
dark men paused for a moment to verify the timing was right. They needed
to attack at the exact moment as the other teams. Sidra, Rachel, Darana
and Shadow were all to attack at the same time so that the light-siders
had no chance of warning the other groups watching the Cairnfell

*Now!* ordered Darana via the links and all moved in as one. Three
different doors were burst open, 6 guards collapsed as 5 sabers and one
dagger took their lives in a moment. Several confused mental shouts were
thrown to the unhearing minds of others who were also shouting of the
attack. There would be no help for any of them.

It was over all too quickly for Shade's tastes. The teams' efficiency
removed any chance of savoring the pain they had caused. ~But, at least
their bosses will know better next time. The very idea they could watch
us without us knowing. Insanity.~

Michael began to pull on gloves, preparing to carry the body of one of
the males. Darana had ordered the body be left somewhere as notice.
"Don't bother." said Shade as he TK'd the body in the direction of their
74-Z speeder bikes. "No stray fibers this way." he explained. "Get those
data chips. Never know, we might get lucky."

Once they reached the bikes, Shade placed the body across the back of
one and then mounted the bike himself. ~Wish I could stay to see her
face.~ he thought to himself as Michael climbed onto the other bike.

Quickly, both took off and sped to the drop off point.

Arriving there, both parked nearby and Shade lifted the body off of his
bike with a gesture. Maintaining their respective shields, they quickly
move the body to the chosen doorway. Gently, Shade lowered the body in
order to make no sound. Passively sensing nothing that indicated they
had been seen and seeing no cameras nearby (the reason for this door
being chosen) both men quickly moved back to their 74-Z's.

Mission nearly complete, both men took off to return to the house. The
waiting ship would whisk them off-planet, with no one ever knowing they
had returned from where they had gone three weeks prior. The bikes sped
off through the night, giving no chance of identifying the men riding

Once back on the ship, Shade and Michael examined the chips. Most was boring
stuff, letters home, etc. Suddenly, both Shade and Michael sit up,
look at each other and say, "This has to get to Darana immediately." at exactly
the same time.

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