"...a Taste of Things to Come" Part I

by Courtney and Viper

The morning was bright when Psylocke walked into the Pet's R Us. She had changed out of her pajamas, clad in jeans and her usual white tank top, and armed with only her wallet in her back pocket. The night before was still bothering her, questions finally nudging at her mind. Why had Jennifer lied about the roses? Was Lon somewhere on Coruscant? How did he find her?

She was greeted by little a little old lady who smiled sweetly. "Good day.. can I help you find something?"

Deep in the back of the business, in a sound proof room a lone person watched the monitors. Watching the comings and goings of each patron, a sinister smile crosses the lips of the woman as she watched.

"Umm...I just got a kitten. I need food. The vet said something for kittens, not grown cats."

The lady shuffled off to a back wall where Psylocke could see all kinds of bags of food and toys the lady pointed with a shaky hand. "You'll find, many kinds of food for a kitten here. Fresh or dry? And of course you'll need some toys for you new pet."

In the back the woman knew that soon she would have Psylocke. The plan was working. The information she had paid for proved correct.

A slight look of panic started to cross Psylocke's face, but she held it back. "Uh...I don't know! My roommate always bought the cat food. The vet didn't say anything about fresh as opposed to dry. What's the difference to my cat?"

"Well honey, in my experience. It depends on your nose. Fresh can spoil quickly and smells, but dry can last for days." She smiled. She paused a moment to think. "Well they gave me some samples at the vet. I want it to last a while. I'm pretty sure that the stuff she eats is crunchy, so I guess dry should be fine." She glanced over the brands, wondering why so many were necessary.

"Excuse me Honey, I got a book on kittens. That maybe you should read." The old lady wandered off toward another isle.

In the sound proof room the woman watched as the old lady exited into a hidden secure room. The monitors showed Psylocke was alone. Knowing the old lady was safe the figure monitoring the events hit a switch setting of Sonics.

Psylocke jumped at the sudden noise, reflexively covering her ears. She looked around, trying to find its source. The siren pounded into her skull until she vainly shut her eyes, and bright colors flashed under her lids. With a scream of pain, she collapsed on the floor.

Before exiting the back room, the woman flipped a switch stopping the Sonics and darkening the store windows. The doors automatically locked. She moved quickly to Psylocke's body, binding her hands tightly behind her back, then her feet. Then she blindfolded her. Once this was accomplished she motioned for some of her hired hands to help her move the body. The little old lady came out from her safe haven. "Check the store for others. If there are you know what to do." The woman ordered. The old lady nodded moving off to attend to her tasks.

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