"...a Taste of Things to Come" Part 2

by Courtney and Viper

Psylocke always hated the feeling of coming around after being knocked out. The disorientation was all the worse this time. She couldn't tell if she was in a dark room or if she was blindfolded. She tried to hold still, unsure if there were others in the room who were waiting for her to wake up. She could tell that she was lying on her left side, but not on the ground. The surface wasn't hard enough. She gently moved her hands, and found them tightly bound. Whoever had done this was smart enough to tie them behind her. She slowly moved her feet next, realizing that they too were bound. Whoever did this is pretty smart...and pretty dead once I get my hands on them.

S'Lara entered the small secure room in her ship. She didn't say anything as she approached Psylocke's body on the cot. She quickly pulled at the binders, checking their strength. Then she pulled at the blindfold to make sure it held firmly in place.

Psylocke pulled back. "You owe me an explanation."

S'Lara's soft voice responded, "As to what?" Barely a whisper, it almost sounded mechanical.

"Oh just the basics," she started sarcastically. "Who you are and why you've kidnapped me."

"You were on someone's wish list. I just decided I'd help," the voice was still too soft of a whisper for Psylocke to recognize. She smirked, trying to look in the direction of the voice. "You must have been very well paid. It takes someone with a lot of guts and skill to get me. Abduction of an Imperial officer will get you at least six years."

S'Lara smiled inwardly. "You'll need to find out who I am first," she said in a soft, sarcastic whisper. "We'll arrive soon. Enjoy your stay." Psylocke growled under her breath and struggled with the binds as S'Lara left as quietly as she entered.

Once the door closed and was secured. S'Lara lifted the small door, that hid a switch. Flipping it the room that contained Psylocke slowly released an odorless knockout gas. She knew that would keep her unconscious for a few days. Long enough to make her delivery to the courier service on her destination planet.

Once at the delivery point S'Lara had check on her package. She had gassed the room again before she removed the binders that held Psylocke. They were voice coded & imprinted with her DNA. Couldn't have those getting into the wrong hands, she thought, as she replaced them with the new ones the courier service had provided. Once she had hers back she locked them securely away in a hidden compartment.

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